Pascal Pancake du Snorington

Updated on Nov 21, 2011
dark brown hat - army green TART Collections dress - ruby red Marco Santi heels
Army-green-tart-collections-dress-dark-brown-hat-ruby-red-marco-santi-heels Dark-brown-hat-army-green-tart-collections-dress-ruby-red-marco-santi-heels
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Cielle 's Thoughts:

A week and a half ago Tyler and I welcomed a tiny 4lbs Pancake into our family. :-) His full AKC name is Pascal Pancake du Snorington. He’s a French Bulldog and is the sweetest, cuddliest, most lovable puppy ever but wow what a lot of work! Haha We have been SO tired, even with taking turns, we’ve had to wake up every 2-3 hours at night to take him out to pee. It’s like we have a new human baby hahaha. He is so silly and playful and adorable though so it’s all worth it. :-) He’s even already learned to sit and stay, and is getting really good at remembering to use his pee pad; such a smart little guy.

We took these pics last night before going out bowling. :-) We’re in a Thursday night fall bowling league which is a blast, even though I suck haha. Last night was big hat theme night so I wore the biggest hat I had, which I know isn’t that big especially compared to some of them that were there, which were also hilarious, but I really wanted to take part! I also really wanted to wear my new Tart dress and Portolano gloves that I’m in love with, so yeah i know I don’t look like I’m going bowling haha, but it’s what I wanted to wear. :-D Let me tell you it looked awesome with bowling shoes! haha

More pics on my site @

xxxooo Coraleigh

Comments (3)

jehanprouvaire on November 23
this is sooo adorable! grea picture!! so cute and chic!!
Cielle on November 23
Thanks Stella!! :-)
boomloulou on November 22
the outfit reminds me of Holly Golighty! Love it! adorable pup with a cute name!!
Cielle on November 23
Thank you!! Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite movies! :-D
BowsandGlitterxo on November 22
me and my boy have been going back and forth on dog breed we should get. i want a fremch bulldog and this pictures just clarifys it even more he looks like such a darling. on the other hand fab dress, gloves and hat! veryyyy chic +1
Cielle on November 23
Thank you so much! Pancake is such a sweetheart, we are loving him! I highly recommend a French Bulldog. :-)
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