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Updated on Nov 19, 2011
This is an entry to Chictopia's Week of Giving sponsored by Chictopia.
romwe dress - coach bag - Gap sandals - moms bracelet - Beads etc necklace
Teal-romwe-dress-black-coach-bag-black-gap-sandals Coral-beads-etc-necklace-teal-romwe-dress-black-coach-bag Coral-beads-etc-necklace-teal-romwe-dress-black-coach-bag
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KayeRevil 's Thoughts:

The thought of being able to donate at least $1 to a charity by uploading an entry here is already enough motivation for me to join the contest. This is the first time I am joining one so I am really thrilled about it too. I hope you can help my urge to give a donation for this advocacy by making my photo entry a favorite. Thank you so much for the support! I am most grateful. =)

First, since this is Chictopia, let me talk about my outfit post. If you happen to read about my blog here before, I said something about not ever experiencing buying stuff online yet but that it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever give it a try. Indeed, due to all the influences I got from here, I tried online shopping and bought this dress at Click Here! . They have really nice stuff, glad to have discovered it here at Chictopia. Since I live at a Tropical Country- the Philippines, it’s mostly a sunny and hot day around here, so floral and summer outfit never get out of season for us, most especially in the Province where I come from- Masbate, which is an island. As for the accessories, most of them are from my mom, who got them from her recent trip to Europe. Charity begins at home as they say, and in this case, I am my mother’s recipient. =)The necklace is DIY by my very creative niece- Dimple. She made it and to support her venture, I have become an avid fan.

I especially chose wearing this outfit for this entry because I feel it looks natural, simple and most importantly it has a sentimental value for me. All that I’m wearing are “Firsts”. From the dress which is my first dress bought online, first item bought from Romwe too. The accessories from my mom are from her First time visit to Europe and my necklace is the First necklace that my niece made. My sandals and bag are from my First time trip to the US with my husband when he was granted a scholarship by the US State Department to join the International Visitor’s Leadership Program. All expense paid by the United States Government. Awesome!

Anyway, as for my chosen charity, this one is closest to my heart- the Real Life Foundation. I am an advocate of education for the youth. As our Philippine National Hero Jose P. Rizal once said “The youth is the hope of our nation.” I believe that for them to be that, they have to be equipped with the knowledge and wisdom that they can get from being educated. Real Life Foundation is a social and educational advocacy with a vision for transforming lives, families & communities through education. They especially give scholarships to the underprivileged youth. To know more about this charity group visit their website Click Here! or their Facebook account Click Here!

My photos by the way were taken at JZSES- my very own alma mater, a public elementary school in our Province. This is to emphasize that Education is an advocacy closest to my heart. The bracelet I’m wearing if you can check it out has a heart and a key. It symbolizes my heart for this advocacy which for me is a key for progress which our Country especially clamors to have.

I hope you can help me give a donation for this advocacy by making my photo entry a favorite. Thank you so much for the support! It really means a lot to me and most especially for those who can be sent to school if this entry wins. =)

Comments (38)

Katerina_K on December 06
just LOVELY!
MeritaMayet on December 04
like the bag
4everUSMC on December 01
Pretty and chic...the colors are so nice on you...very chic!
Style_Journey on December 01
l love the pattern of your dress sooo much!! awesome bold colors combination too, dear! pretty sandals and those jewelry are gorgeous as well!! wonderful necklace and pretty colorful bracelets!! soo chic!! +1xx
4everUSMC on December 01
Both of you are such an inspiration!
Mery_ivy on November 25
lovely dress !!
citysleek on November 25
Love the skirt!
Ykx on November 25
your niece is indeed very talented, the necklace is really cute =D
JoeyLiong on November 24
gorgeous dress girl! adore all the cute accessories as well! xx
maryiangge on November 24
filipino proud!
myxrodriguez on November 24
Congratulations! I love the necklace!
irieabbey on November 24
nice dress and necklace!
iamSHE on November 24
Congrats po. :)
curlybrain on November 24
wow!! Congratulations!!! Kaye.. Good Job..
jehanprouvaire on November 24
dear Congratulations!! i am so happy and proud for you and your charity!! that is amazing!! <3 this is amazing!! always love your style!!
editorspicks on November 24
Hi, you've been selected as our Home Page feature. Congratulations! You've also earned 500 Chic Points. Thank you so much for your amazing style and creative blog post!
Angelmoi on November 23
Very cute! You are very feminine and delicate in this outfit!
deathbyplatforms on November 23
cute dress!
ArielRevilAlcaide on November 22
love the look. less is more.=)
vanitychick on November 22
lovin the prints! following u dear!:)
aps on November 22
Love the shoes..the dress..the Bag..Good Luck Mare...
mikacipriano on November 22
love it Kaye!
roxx_lady on November 22
Love your dress! The florl print is beautiful! Voted :)
Krug_The_Thinker on November 22
Sweet dress, and sweet cause! Love it!
ZaneZanite on November 22
wonderful dress and accessories
jovi_chic on November 21
love it :) cool!
tauyanm on November 21
the necklace and bangles were so colourful!! full of colours like your dress hun!! thanks for always dropping by to my chicblog! your too sweet!! good luck to the contest!! definitely voted!! xx
moniqueaurora on November 21
I love your outfit mi amiga!!! Miss you loads!!! <3
districtofchic on November 20
Very pretty dress!
RJanine on November 20
in love with your dress and accessories!! <3
fernandafgm on November 20
Very lovely dress, specially on the floral print part!! Wonderful matching necklace and those bracelets are so cute! Great entry for the contest btw! Chic voted!
jehanprouvaire on November 20
this is gorgeous dear!! love the print on your dress so much!! gorgeous!! great necklace and sadnals!! amazing combination with the vest!! love your charity dear!! faved!!
jehanprouvaire on November 21
good luck with the contest hun!!<3
pure_win on November 19
woww..what a beautiful dress =)) so summery and fresh !!! chic and classy necklace as well.. =D xoxo
Lucyss on November 19
soo pretty!!!! that dress is gorgeous!!! amazing accessories as well:) +1
curlybrain on November 19
beautiful dress love the floral print.. and the necklace is just beautiful very creative pamankin ha.. I Love ur shoulder bag as well as ur sandals.. voted and faved..
cupcakecutie on November 19
I love the clustered flowers on the bottom!
shoeaholic on November 19
beautiful dress kaye! and I love your accessories too!
iamSHE on November 19
oh you look gorgeous. fab summer dress! love the bracelet and necklace too :)
emmieLGii02 on November 19
soo pretty :)
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