Help Give Hope to a Child With Leukemia

Updated on Nov 18, 2011
This is an entry to Chictopia's Week of Giving sponsored by Chictopia.
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HallieDaily 's Thoughts:

Got a letter in the mailbox a few days ago from somebody calling himself/herself “Neighborhood Volunteer.” The title in the letter is: “Help give hope to a child with leukemia.” It was asking for support for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a charity that helps children with leukemia and other blood cancers.

After reading the mail, I learned that every 10 minutes a child or adult is expected to die from blood cancers, and Leukemia & Lymphoma are the leading cause of death among children. All the donated money will help support patient services in the community and across America, and it will fund vitally important research that is searching for new treatments and cures for all blood cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. That will help people all around the world.

After becoming a Mom, I realize how important for parents to have a healthy kid, and how important for parents to get support when their kids need medical support. About 10 years ago, I knew a co-worker’s daughter, she was only 12 years old when they found out she had blood cancer. Although the whole company/society community donated money for supporting her, the poor girl didn’t make it to the end, and she was the only child my co-worker had. It’s a sad story. Thanks to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, children and adults with blood cancers have more hope than ever of surviving cancer.

Not only are we going to help with a donation, but we will always support all the charities who really care about the future—our children. We love our son, from the bottoms of our hearts!

Indeed, in our daily life, we are doing every little thing for lots of good charities. In addition to giving money, we donate the clothing/shoes/furniture we don’t use anymore; we buy things from thrift stores, not only because it costs only little money, but for the charity cause also (for me, at least). We go to animal shelter to bring a dog/kitty home to save their lives, and give them a Home. We go to church and donate money for God’s sake, and we make sure Red Bear buys toys to give to less fortunate little children through the Toys for Tots charity. They say, “It’s better to give than to receive,” and it really feels that way!

One fun way to support charity and to enjoy your “passion for fashion” at the same time is to donate our useless clothes/shoes and to shop for vintage clothes at a thrift shop operated by a good charity . Some of my favorite thrift shops here in California are those run by the National Council of Jewish Women. Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. These shops use their proceeds to support the good work of their charities.

This is the entry to the Chictopia’s Week of Giving. I hope you can join me here too!

Chictopia knows giving back is important. YOU CAN HELP! Chictopia is going to pick three charities for its community to support and donate to this year as part of the first ever Chictopia Week of Giving! (I will very appreciate if you can log on your account in Chictopia, and add this picture as your favorite) Or you can start posting your picture now, because just by entering, you’re adding $1 to the total Chictopia will donate! Thanks for Giving!

Comments (32)

Hantsa on March 06
this is awesome!!!
mimig on December 01
Love the bright pants!
mayziepop on November 21
I'm blinded by your style! In the best kind of way, of course
PSYCHO4FUNK on November 20
i adore this laid back smart look, and the shoes most of all!!!
maryiangge on November 20
amazing coat and im voting for your charity :) hope kids with leukemia get help.
shennie87 on November 20
love the bright colors in this outfit !
arraabella on November 20
Love the color blocking! Chic for a cause! :) +1
Ipeleng on November 20
i luv the luk
Mery_ivy on November 19
nice look
airishabella on November 19
I love the color combinations :)
parii_coleini on November 19
great look
Ari_Ari on November 19
cool coat
Lucyss on November 19
you look fab!!!! love all the colours!!!!! +1:)
Magagalove_21 on November 19
i love the primary color combo (:
filipina on November 18
i support you in this cause! favorited! :)
chyrelg on November 18
love the pants!
lharajavillonar on November 18
Very chic i love everything . you have a good heart miss really chic :)
katslovefashion on November 18
love love love this look!!!!
effervescentevelina on November 18
Stunning outfit! I love the bold colors. You chose a wonderful charity and cause to write about as well. :) +chic and +fav
RayC on November 18
Beautiful outfit and you chose to write about a very important cause.
Fashion27 on November 18
reallyyyyy awesome!! love this!! and great entry for the contest!!
melissago on November 18
cute colors!
bkgurl33 on November 18
gorgeous and i love the blazer, and love the mix
AimeeDelaCruz on November 18
beautiful colors on your look :)
natbeesfashion on November 18
definitely favourited! x
natbeesfashion on November 18
colour block
Pink_Champagne on November 18
The primary colors look great together
commonsenseandstilet on November 18
chic :)
40sClassic on November 18
anonymours on November 18
cute pants
ZaneZanite on November 18
beautiful colors
jehanprouvaire on November 18
this is stunning dear!! gorgeous blazer and pants!! amazing layering!! beautiful colors!! faved faved faved, a thousand times!!
HallieDaily on November 18
Thank you beautiful, you are always so kind and nice! thank you so much!
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