Food For Thought

Updated on Nov 16, 2011
light pink Lord & Taylor blazer - dark gray Forever 21 leggings
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SarahJaneR 's Thoughts:

Food for thought? I know you’re hungry.
The look in your eyes tells me you have something juicy.
So how about over some filet mignon and a glass of wine,
We talk about endless gossip and pass some time?

Let’s talk about the friend that backstabbed you once again
And how after a good cry it’s all back to normal.
But spare me the details of the next time it happens.
I already know how the story will end.

Now let’s talk about how you feel distant from your current friends.
Maybe even feeling like they may be purposely leaving you on the outside looking in.
You’re not sure what you’ve done or how it’s happened.
Maybe you should try and talk to them, and if all else fails, be a one woman show.

Let’s get to the part where you have man problems and can’t seem to find “the one”.
You spend so much time searching and wonder why you end up with crazies or losers.
If you would let go and let God, maybe He will play Cupid for.
With God as your matchmaker, you can’t possibly go wrong.

How are things going with your health?
Are you feeling better by chance?
Seems like you’ve been weak lately…have the doctors said anything?
I’m keeping you in my prayers…well, after I drink this second glass of wine.

Listen, I know you’ve been missing classes and important meetings.
I know part of it is your health, but is there something more?
What else is bothering you girl? You can tell me, I won’t judge you.
I hope you’re not slipping into depression again.

Well, it’s been a lovely chat but I must hurry home to my husband, 2.5 kids, endless amount of money…
Did I mention we have a vacation home in Hawaii? Oh, things couldn’t be better.
Aww don’t look so sad. Cheer up, and get a couple more drinks, everything is on me.
I know you’ve been having money problems, so tragic.

Food For Thought by Sarah Jane R. Copyright 2011

About the poem/spoken word: I used this as a reflection of how I feel my life has been going lately. I’ve been having a lot of ups and downs and it seems like the only way to escape the depression that I could easily sink into is through writing. I wanted to take the approach of the person who has a perfect life feeling not being able to comprehend the problems her friend is facing. When you don’t have compassionate friend who are there for you through thick and thin, that’s how the conversation looks in the eyes of the troubled friend.

About the outfit: I wanted to experiment with putting together a graphic top with a printed bottom. The look would not be complete without bangles and earrings, which are my usual go-to accessories. The clutch was actually picked out by my mentee Ally, who is such an amazing person :) These pictures also showcase the 20-pound weight loss I had recently, mainly due to illness.

Have a great day everyone and remember, smile!

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.

For more photos, check out Sarah Jane R. Styling

Comments (11)

annabel_lee on December 30
2 things i know for sure about u: u have stunning blazers and amazing legs!:) xo
SarahJaneR on December 30
Thanks annabel!
miaamos on December 20
adore this blazer!!!!!!!!xx
SarahJaneR on December 30
Thanks miaamos!
4everUSMC on December 04
Very cool!
SarahJaneR on December 30
Thanks Cin!
Lucyss on November 19
you look amazing!!!! lovely tee and blazer and those leggings are great!!! +1:)
SarahJaneR on December 03
Thanks Lucyss!
deathbyplatforms on November 17
super chic! i love this, Sarah!
SarahJaneR on December 03
Thanks KB!
Symone on November 16
Nice mix of pieces! Everything compliments each other very well! I do love that pink blazer, makes me wanna go thrift shopping.
SarahJaneR on November 16
Thanks symone!
Eburns on November 16
nice shoes
SarahJaneR on November 16
Thanks eburns!
franloiacono on November 16
That blazer is amazing!! I'm very sorry to hear you're through ups and downs, I sometimes share the same feeling you wrote about your poem... I'm into ups and downs too....wish we both get better soon!
SarahJaneR on November 16
Thanks! I am hoping everything works out well for you too! Definitely try and find an outlet for your feelings!
LPMAshley on November 16
great blazer!
SarahJaneR on November 16
Thanks LBVieVintage!
jehanprouvaire on November 16
amazing top and wedges!! love the color of your blazer and the print on your pants!! perfect!!
SarahJaneR on November 16
Thanks stellapnp!
curvyfashionista on November 16
Love the tribal print leggings and light pink blazer..GREAT LOOK!!
SarahJaneR on November 16
Thanks curvyfashionista!
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