The Value of Beauty and Style

Updated on Nov 08, 2011

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elneeya on December 20
I love that you took time and effort in writing and sharing this 'cause this means a lot nowadays. I really hope more people read your article so they may too, realize that the inner form is more important than the outer.
vleschic on November 10
I really like the article, its true we do care about looks and aperance. But I also think that we really need to think about the context of how you meet the person or even look and them and the porpuse of youre meeting etc. FOr example if the person you played with apears like that at an enterview, i think that it will lower the persons yeah place and time has a lot to do with aperance
Auraines on November 09
Wow, I aspire to write like you someday. You write beautifully! I think appearance is an expression of who we are. One wouldn't expect a "goth/Emo " dressed person to be the jolliest folks they've met. Very first impressions are usually visual and it's just natural to categorize people after that first look. Not categorize who they are completely, just acquire hints at who they may be.
helenz (@helenzhu) on November 08
While "soul quality" matters, many people take pleasure in delivering "visual pleasantry" to others. Even if someone does have a good heart and beautiful mind, it generally feels better to those around him/her if the person's appearance is easy on the eyes.
PursesPumpsandPleats on November 08
Wow, this is so true. Love the article and love those booties on Olivia!
F4SHI0N on November 08
very nice article. And i think gift wrap does matter-my friends wrapped me a gift last year in toliet paper and I wasn't as happy to unwrap that as I was to the shiny reflective, pretty bow one.
petiteavenue on November 08
This is such a great piece! I think that just by looking through The Sartorialist, you can find both Olivia Palermo-types and ones who resemble the man you hung out with. He has given just as much attention to both what we deem "more eye-catching/attractive" styles and those that we shoo off as "ugly".
petiteavenue on November 08
Now that you get to see all sides of the spectrum in terms of beauty/style, it opens your mind up to look at the beauty of something that is tattered and torn as well as something that looks like impeccable gift wrap. Thanks for sharing this!! :)
irisanddaniel on November 08
Your articles are always so thought provoking! From a young age, we're told that the inside is more important than the outside but what we experience and what we actually are taught by practice is the opposite. It's probably because we're such a visual species that the "packaging" is so important. We eat with our eyes.
Hqzou on November 08
Thanks! And I like the way that sounds - "we eat with our eyes"
priscillaraq on November 08
Is that Olivia? I love her outfit though
Somethings_beautiful on November 08

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