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Updated on Nov 02, 2011
This is an entry to I Die for DIY Costume Contest sponsored by Chictopia.
white Thrift Store shirt - white Shoofi Shantati socks - red Thrift Store tie
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Shoofi 's Thoughts:

It’s funny how, the older you get , the more things fall into place … and you have a bazillion epiphanies making you go ‘Ohhhhh, no wonder …..’

I had such an epiphany the other day (am I using the word a bit too liberally?!)

Halloween has always been, still is, and without a doubt will always be my absolute favorite imported holiday tradition. The penny dropped this year. Considering my love for dressing up outrageously, experimenting with makeup, and cobbling together bits n bobs at home … how can it NOT be?!

I love the experience of getting into the character of something – anything – that is out of the ordinary. (Cosplay!!! More on that later).

Right from way back when I was 6, I have Halloween pictures of me dressed up in various outfits. There’s always a common underlying theme: something scary. Unicorns, faeries and elfin creatures never really caught my fancy quite the way those other mythical creatures did: the sinister kind. A mermaid is perhaps the only mythical creature on my adored list that could be considered a cutesy creature. Ariel kinda made me a bit iffy about mermaids though, so THANK GOODNESS for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie! Showing mermaids with a mean streak has totally gotten me on board with mermaids again.

I guess I’ve been macabre from the get go :)

Macabre. There is no other way to describe my absolute favorite creatures in the world. Creatures that scare the living daylights out of me … and for that, I couldn’t love them more.

Zombies. Slow-walking, flesh-gnawing, teeth-baring, bleeding, rotting Zombies. I love them.

I love Zombie movies, TV shows, music videos. Thriller, Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead … anything, everything. Give me Zombies and I’m a happy girl.

So this year for Halloween, I decided to become one. And when I say become one, I mean REALLY become one.

I worked hard on the costume: ensuring the whole outfit looks authentic. A lot of distressing, burning, smearing with dust, fake blood and spray paint. I worked hard on the makeup too, but not as hard as I would like to have done. I couldn’t find any liquid latex, so all the wounds had to be two-dimensional facepaint/eyeliner/fake blood jobs.

The only thing I didn’t have to work hard on, was the act.

The minute I slipped into the costume, I felt totally at home. Hmm. I know this probably doesn’t make me look very good, but hell … it’s the barebones truth. Maybe I am really a Zombie inside. Who knows. Who cares?!

The only thing I know is that I donned this cos and I blew so many minds. I got so addicted to it, that I wore it to three different Halloween parties. By the end of it, I was such a pro at Zombifying myself, that it took me 13 minutes and 38 seconds to do it – clothes, hair, makeup .. everything!!

Now I’m just sad that I have to fold the cos away for another year. Halloween does not happen as often as I would like it to ….

(PS: I’ll be uploading tutorials soon, of how I made the cos, and how I did the makeup. Hopefully, inspiring/helping wannabe Zombies in the process!)

For all the other folks out there, a few things to remember:

#1: Cardio
#2: Beware of Bathrooms
#3: Seatbelts
#4: Double Tap
#17: Don’t be a hero
#31: Check the Backseat

32: Enjoy the Little Things

Comments (2)

Shoofi on November 02
I want to add more photos here, but can't figure it out. The forum said to click on the 'add photos' button, but no such button is appearing on my screen :(. Someone please help me!!
jehanprouvaire on November 02
haha so funny!!
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