Real bug and the trash bag.

Updated on Oct 30, 2011
This is an entry to I Die for DIY Costume Contest sponsored by Chictopia.
real bugs head necklace - trash bag dress - black heels heels
Trash-bag-dress-real-bugs-head-necklace-black-heels-heels Real-bugs-head-necklace-trash-bag-dress-black-heels-heels Real-bugs-head-necklace-trash-bag-dress-black-heels-heels Real-bugs-head-necklace-trash-bag-dress-black-heels-heels
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This black hooded dress is cool. It can be worn two way, first is the dress alone and second is with the hood. One thing special here is the bug necklace that totaly makes the look spooky, take a moment to take a look.

When we found about this do it yoursefl thing, I and my sister got excited to prepare one and imediately jump into a target of an easy to do and less expensive costume.

And now here it is a black hooded dress, seems like a metalic and leathery on the first look. We paired it with one necklace to maintain it entirely done by our selves and put on a twist to the entire look.

So how it was done? was it easy? yes it is, it only took us about 3 hours to have it done. Less expensive? definetly, I only spent less than Php90.00 ($2.00USD).

Lets get started.
The dress was a trash bag (we bought ten pcs for a bucks ) :) I cut it down and just bring them together totaly the same as how to make a dress. I did the hood separately aiming to have the dress worn in two ways. I personally design this dress and honestly thinking of lady gaga haha, I first meant the shoulder to be like those with power pads but I gues it din’t seem like one. I still find it cute anyway.

Okay and now the necklace, this one is quite special for me. I owned this for four years now and its one of my favorite. I am the one who made this. The bug pendant is made of a real head of a bug, a big bug called rhinocerous bug. Ops!!! I didn’t kill one for this. I saw this dead bug I brought it home and had the idea of preserving the head. It took a while for the cleaning and drying process and after all I realized that it can’t be put in a wall like of those deer skulls and horn because its too small. Next thing I did was I grab old black wooden beads and nylon and put on the bug. Tada! its now a spooky necklace. I love wearing this in

halloween and everyone is having much fun of touching the bug’s head because until now its still very shiny and fury at the lower part. This one is definitely amazing or shoud I say spooky.

Comments (4)

fernandafgm on December 06
That is very original and looks so good!! You are rocking that dress!! I adore thate design!!! Chic voted!
midniteblues on November 02
chic and folloeing back
ChristeenTorcuatorCereno on November 02
Thanks :)
gstyle on October 30
great minds think alike, i once used them to make something for my ex once upon a time!
ChristeenTorcuatorCereno on October 31
ahaha yeah! I am sure you did well on that. :)
MzUnicaHija on October 30
Very creative! I think I might try this sometime.
ChristeenTorcuatorCereno on October 30
thanks mrszeus :) you've got to try it! its fun :)
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