Rome, Sweet Rome

Updated on Oct 29, 2011
red simple blouse - black H&M coat - dark brown tights
Black-wool-h-m-coat-dark-brown-tights-navy-thrifted-floral-scarf Navy-thrifted-floral-scarf-black-wool-h-m-coat-dark-brown-tights Navy-thrifted-floral-scarf-black-wool-h-m-coat-dark-brown-tights Navy-thrifted-floral-scarf-black-wool-h-m-coat-dark-brown-tights Navy-thrifted-floral-scarf-black-wool-h-m-coat-dark-brown-tights
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hi my friends!

I’m sorry for my absence lately. Belive me, I miss you and Chictopia more than ever.
I didn’t wanted to post this at first because Chictopia is not Facebook but then I realized I didn’t posted anything these two last weeks.

I had two amazing days this week. On Monday I went to Rome with my BF and some old friends. There were two days when we visited the most important objectives: the Saint Peter Church, the Vatican Museum, Michelangelo’s Pieta sculpture and the Doomsday Fresco on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel, Fontana di Trevi, the Colosseum, the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, the Pantheon building and Trajan’s Column.

My favorites were: the Saint Peter Church, Fontana di Trevi, the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, the Colosseum and Michelangelo’s Doomsday Fresco. I took a lot of pictures and I decided to post here only my favorite things.

Rome is a beautiful city even I’m usually a big fan of gothic arhitecture style. It is also very noisy and full of tourists. It was hard for me to sleep because even in midnight the noise and lights were very intense. I don’t know what made me so tired: the noise or the walk? I guess there were both of them :))

I had to walk all the time so these comfortable oxford shoes were the perfect choise. I chose dark colors that match each other easely so I can handle it with just a little part of my wardrobe. :))

Hope you’ll like this fall retro outfit . It was hot in Rome so I left my coat most of the time.

Have a beautiful week my friends!<3
Take care everyone!



Comments (104)

ugoo108 on July 05
beautiful girl greeting from Mongolia
DarkGiuggy on May 12
Love the outfit and my colosseo! I live in Rome!
ListyaBonjep on March 31
i was in Rome too,, in summer! hehe +1 chic vote
ieko on March 25
absolutely gorgeous xx
Zuccheroandstiletto on March 23
yayyy Rome!!!As I promise, here I am, I love your style, so boho-chic :) you've got my vote dear. x0x0x0
_SERENITY_ on March 25
thank you baby :D xx
pastthemissionsf on March 19
omg! first off you have amazing style! secondary these photographs are gorgeous!!! and third, CONGRATS on being up for style icon! <3
_SERENITY_ on March 25
ohh thank you soo much baby :D xx
lizzieboo on March 06
Gorgeous outfit dear! You got amazing scarf! Wish I can also go to Rome! One of the great place I wanted to visit! Voted you sweetheart! <3 xoxo
_SERENITY_ on March 25
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
fatimatulzaharaD on February 13
pretty :)
arraabella on February 06
You look so lovely here doll! I love the layering! How was your trip? :)
beatupbrogues on February 06
This is perfect! You've definitely got a new fan x
mykye on February 04
love it! and the subtle color of the tights
UUana on January 20
are you from Rome?
rollingmarie on January 11
cute !!!! love the scarf
trufita83 on January 10
thankssssssss a lot pretty!!!!
trufita83 on January 10
oh thanks for ur welcoming to chictopia ;) (pd: how can i download more than one pic to my posts??? )
_SERENITY_ on January 10
you're very welcome, darling! That’s how to upload multiple photos in one title picture, honey: My Chictopia > MY CHIC BLOG> under your outfit’s picture it’s an “Edit” button, click on it then you’ll see more options > then click on “Add/ Remove Supporting Photos” and you’ll can upload other pictures or details with your accessories or anything else you want. :D
trufita83 on January 10
u look like a very real natural fashion model!!! very long legs...envy u! lolol... which collection is ur blazer from h&m ?? pretty very pretty
_SERENITY_ on January 10
you're so kind, sweetie<33 thanks a lot! xx
ada90 on January 04
great look:) Seems that you had a very nice week.
MariaV_ on December 24
nice coat :)
Mirrorflower on December 24
Wow it's cool that u have been in Rome!! U look so comfy and preppy chic!! Really love ur style ...
_SERENITY_ on December 24
thanks a lot, sweete :D xx
PauliB on December 07
You're looking amazing! :) I like your style!
blueyellowpink on December 05
love your outfit!!
Fiona_B on December 05
Ah I love this coat! It's so bold and goes so well with the colour combinations here, really all pair up well! Love your scarf too :) Very nice!
FLACE on November 27
I love Rome( wish I could go there someday) love your outfit for traveling:) nice scarf btw!
maglena on November 25
cute scarf and brooch
bettymyla on November 25
I miss Rome! love the colors of your outfit!
NaomiDee on November 21
love your coat and scarf! and your photos are lovely too..rome looks beautiful :)
missastronaut on November 20
reallly cute outfit!!
yamigirl on November 19
love ur scarf its so pretty and goes great with your outfit :)
mestizay on November 18
wow ROME! i miss commenting in your entries! you look great as always!
alyssabird on November 18
i'm so jealous i wish i could go! I hope you had an amazing time & your outfit is so cute, i love the scarf!
Krug_The_Thinker on November 18
What a beautiful picture! I love your scarf and your sweet traveling style! Very chic!
MarisaVioleta on November 18
Such a great combination! Those tights have an amazing colour!
ohyeahdonna on November 17
i havent beem active daily dear< but this makes me feel envious that you went to rome!!!:) lovin the chic outfit!!
freedomwings on November 13
Beautiful photos! Great wool Coat I have one similar! +1
imjustmefashionblog on November 13
cute look!! love it!! beautiful photos!!
BowsandGlitterxo on November 13
such beautiful colors adore your scarf and shorts. so chic !!! +1 this makes me want to go back to rome sooo bad
Solangie528 on November 06
beautiful outfit you look amazing love your hair pulled back
shoeaholic on November 06
beautiful outfit! so chic! I love everything in this outfit! & of course great photos! I hope my hubby and I can go there someday.
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thanks a lot, sweetie :D xx
Mimi_Walker on November 06
I adore your outfit:) ..Great photos !
Lexa on November 05
Ai i wanna go and see Rome too..Love the scarf..xx
KayeRevil on November 03
voting this again! checking on you and waiting for your next post! =) lovely lovely you dear! =)
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thanks a lot, sugar :)) xx
districtofchic on November 03
So jealous of your trip! And that blazer is just lovely!
CzarinaAnonuevo on November 03
CHIC retro style!!! LOVE the pop of red through your top!!! nice addiction of pretty printed scarf!!! voted!!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, honey :D xx
LenusikVelvetrose on November 03
Hi, very much I love your choice. Fine shorts and a jacket, Also aren't present anything better than footwear without a heel for walk. To you there is such hairdress.
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you very much, darling :D xx
lexilu on November 03
Oh wow looks like you're having an amazing time! Cute fall outfit too <3
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, dear :D xx
diajengma on November 02
i wish i could be there dear, what a beautiful city! and i love your outfit! you look stunning in retro style and love love love your coat, and i agree with you to wear comfortable shoes for walking around the city. love this posts, the pictures are amazing. maybe someday i will go to Rome. i really wanna be there and take some photoshoot. kisses and chic voted!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you soo much, sweetheart!<33 xx
BerniceLim on November 02
this post is super amazing ! you look very gorgeous, miss you so much :D
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, doll :D xx
xilcanopapaya on November 02
Gorgeous scarf! I love the colour of your tights too. You look so effortlessly chic as always.
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, darling :D xx
vanitychick on November 02
CHIC voted! love your scarf!
zahra on November 01
aaa you were in rome so lovely.. i winder how could you still so adorably stylish when you're on travelling. lovely blazer, short, and blouse. they all matched perfectly. one inspiration for fall <3 <3
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you very much, swetie :D xx
Senta on November 01
You've got so awesomely long legs! And Rome really is a wonderful city, even with tons of tourists ;)
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, doll :D xx
heizelacasio on November 01
you always look fabulous as the colors!!!
stylista23 on October 31
I soo love this look, Great tights by the way. Nice touch with your oxfords!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, dear :D xx
VixieVaporous on October 31
Love the pop of bright red in your otherwise muted palette! So cute, Oana!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, dear :D xx
roxx_lady on October 31
VOTED again. Love this!
WallflowerVintage on October 31
Looks like you had an amazing time!
goldencor on October 31
I love the coat! Chic as always dear! :)
Zuzana on October 31
Beautiful chic style for walking in Rome.
Hantsa on October 30
love the shorts and blouse!so jealous you visited Rome!beautiful photos!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thanks, hun :D xx
cupcakecutie on October 30
You look sophisticated. I really like the coat and the scarf.
lenorajane on October 30
So jealous! I hope to visit Rome someday. And you look amazing!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thanks, hun :D xx
Blaza on October 30
lovely outfit and rest of the pics .)
maryiangge on October 30
amazing rome pics!!! love your coat!
Blue4ever on October 30
great style!! love the whole outfit <3 btw i think it's soo cool to spend a week-end with your friends abroad :)
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
marisa11 on October 30
Fab Autumn look! and scenery too :)
Angelmoi on October 30
The whole outfit is great and works for you! Ideally from head to toe! Vote!
ninnda on October 30
awww look like great vacation dear!! I really miss you, we've been MIA together haha! this is look so warm, chic yet comfy. you always great in layering and the girly romantic style! :D have a beautiful week dear ;) xo!
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you very much, sweetie :D xx
princesslove on October 30
YOU LOOK amazing(: LOve the backgrounds..too BEAUTIFUL..voted & fav.
LarasArum on October 30
I really miss your post, dear..looking great as always. love your photos.
_SERENITY_ on November 13
thank you, dear :D xx
ChloroformPerfume on October 30
Wow I can imagine Rome is a beautiful city! I've never been there but it's definitely a place I'd like to travel to as well someday! You look really nice dressed for sightseeing, I love the layering and the colours in the outfit!
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you so much, darling <3 xx
Jen_A on October 30
You look amazing, dear!!! Super chic look! Adore Rome, home you had a great time there!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you, hun :D xx
mochaccinoland on October 30
u look so pretty here. loving the scarf! glad u had fun in rome :) +1 xoxo
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks, my friend :D xx
suitcasefullofdreams on October 30
You look gorgeous! I haven't been on Chictopia in ages :( i think I'll be spending tomorrow catching up on your posts hehe! xx
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks a lot, dear <3 xx
PrettyNicely on October 30
You're height complements the total outfit. You rock!
annabel_lee on October 30
cute and stylish as always! so glad u had such amazing time in rome! it's really a stunning city - i was there for 2 weeks as an art history and theory's student 8 years ago in september and i remember it was incredibly hot during the long day of walking, but i always had to carry a cardi with me both coz of the cool mornings and evenings and coz of the churches rules. and i have to say i visited
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks, dear<3 xx
annabel_lee on October 30
almost every lil church, plus the museums and galleries like since dusk till dawn, in fact pretty much over the dawn time! my favs since ever are piazza di spagna and museo nazionale di villa giulia as i'm a big fan of etruscan civilization:) kisses!:-*
RJanine on October 29
You look lovely as always Oana! I love your scarf and your coat! Color palette's amazing. You're in Rome! I'm so jealous! I hope you have a wonderful time there! :D Missing you here in chictopia dear! <3
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you so much, darling <3 xx
I_MYCreation on October 29
you look so adore, love everything about this look -- your scarf is amazing and brought a lovely contrast to this look as a whole!
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
em1986 on October 29
wow amazing, you are so lucky! wish i was there. and you look gorgeous as always xo
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you, hun :D xx
lolaloa on October 29
your pics are beautiful, i am sooo glad u share them with us, i was in Rome earlier this year, it is beautiful there, and you my dear, is one stylish tourist, beautiful and chic as always+1
_SERENITY_ on October 30
oh, thank you so much, sugar <3 xx
Shaniqua1071 on October 29
I'm so glad to see you back dear and you look so great and chic, I love love your pleated shorts with your red top and jacket, such a lovely combination and Rome is so beautiful!!!
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you very much, honey :D xx
klichem on October 29
wooow so amazing photos. you look so lovely and so fresh. like your blues skirt and coat. very pretty combination together.
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks, my friend :D xx
ZaneZanite on October 29
pretty shorts and scarf
StyleSalt on October 29
roxx_lady on October 29
Love! I'm so glad you had a great time in Rome! I've missed your posts a lot & I'm so glad you're back :) You are so gorgeous!
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks a lot, dear <3 xx
pure_win on October 29're so lucky have been in rome !!! i really want to go there too =) great lovely colorful outfit !! i really missed your post so much.. =(
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you very much, doll :D xx
curlybrain on October 29
welcome back mah dear...beautiful pictures amazing the coat.. ur navy shorts and scarf are matches the color.. love the pop of red.. like the oxford shoes great for walking... and you look beautiful as well.. voted..
_SERENITY_ on October 30
wow, thank you so much, darling <3 xx
koola_ola on October 29
very chic and i suppose comfortable outfit! xo
rhemel on October 29
Great photos!!! Hope you are having a nice time there! Chic voted for your outfit!
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks, dear<3 xx
Lucyss on October 29
wow, you look so amazing, my dear!!!!! I really love your outfit and you are so lucky you have been in Rome!!! I have neber been there but judging from your pics its a lovely city! +1:)
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thank you very much, darling :D xx
GeorgiaPar on October 29
welcome back dear! so pretty outfit!!
tunababe on October 29
welcome back, lovely!!! :)
Canon_Girl on October 29
Oooh wow! I want to go to Rome too! Hope you had lots of fun! And a very good outfit for sightseeing! :-)
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks, dear<3 xx
KayeRevil on October 29
Oh so pretty! You look so happy, blooming and stylish too! I love to visit Rome too someday! =) I'm happy seeing your photos! Beautiful! =)
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
ReginaDiCuori on October 29
dear! I live in rome! I would love to meet you! what a shame! however you are beautiful! I really like your look! =) xx
_SERENITY_ on October 30
wow, l didn''t knew :D that's great, dear!! xx
deathbyplatforms on October 29
hope you had fun in Rome!
cornelia on October 29
it's nice to have you back....
toropiski on October 29
been missing you, dear! lovely look - cute tights and classic reds and blues! very stylish and easily mixed with italians =D!! great country and yes, very noisy!! <3
_SERENITY_ on October 30
thankyou very much, sugar :D xx
decimalshoes on October 29
Angelmoi on October 29
you are beautiful! This style icon! Impeccable attire!
H07xox on October 29
omvic on October 29
My gosh!! my dream place...hehe ... You look so sweet in here honey... i just love the simplicity yet so comfy and adorable... Fave. :)
_SERENITY_ on October 30
wow, thank you so much, darling <3 xx
jehanprouvaire on October 29
wow dear!! this is gorgeous!! i adore the colors!! perfect tights and shoes!! awesome scarf and blazer!! you look beautiful!! you are extremely lucky!! faved!!
_SERENITY_ on October 30
ohh, thanks a lot, honey :D xx
JovinaL on October 29
love this classic look! perfect for fall!
Oh my are you in Rome?! I'm in Florence if you stop by lol
_SERENITY_ on October 30
that's great, my friend :D xx
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