Balenciaga Mens, FW08-09

Updated on Jun 18, 2008

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Heathafeatha on July 01
Ayumix01 on June 24
Awesome pants! So Star Wars, I LOVE IT!
the_eye_collector on August 14
#4 is straight out of Equilibrium. Or possibly the Gestapo. Not sure of my feelings towards that...
philippe on July 08
thanks for the nice comment! i'm pretty much in love with the cotton military parka! damn shame...
camiller on June 22
the shape to the first coat is so mesmerizing. i would honestly fall in love with anyone i saw wearing it.
expensive_sadness on June 21
Seriously, so hot right now. I wish men ACTUALLY dressed like this instead of in a tee from three years ago and trendy jeans. arugh.
MaleUgly on June 23
HAHA YES! Can whiskered jeans with tattered holes and stone washes and random stitches leave already?
azizax on June 19
I love 2, 3, and 4. I love the hair too. It's almost like he decided to do a pompadour but with his whole head.
MaleUgly on June 19
yes! helmet hair has a new definition :)
frieda on June 19
haha yes the hair.. kinda looks as if the boy has an enlarged skull. I can definitely picture that outfit you described tho, silver jeans are around now, why not silver jackets?
azizax on June 19
I'd love bronze jeans. But maybe it's cause I'm not so fond of silver.
MaleUgly on June 19
yeah! silver accessories, silver jeans, silver shoes, silver shirts, silver jackets, SILVER EVERYTHING
EverybodyIsUgly on June 19
I am so distracted by the hair. Can you please do this hair? Pleeeeeease.
MaleUgly on June 19
then ppl would be distracted by my hair! this might actually work out.

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