Versace for H&M: Menswear and Womenswear Photos!

Updated on Oct 19, 2011

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missira on November 03
aaahhhh! definitely buying!
HEYKaren on October 31
I'm definitely loving the collection. I can see myself buying some pieces from it.
marijakatrina on October 31
ahh...sad that h&m isn't in my country
pretty_pink_pistol on October 31
I'm so very sad I'm working on this day ;___; I'll go out the day after to see if anything is left.. I'l really like those printed pants and the mens jacket. .. So much awesome in this collection!
Jugie on October 30
I prefered the Lanvin for H&M...This, well it seems rather tacky.
Halcy1 on October 31
Hawaiikidd on October 28
I'm surprised to see that it will be sold online. Yay for me cause there is no H&M here in hawaii!! The collection looks fabulous,
veeness on October 27
i am not a big fan of the versace collection at all! its tacky and clumsy...meh not going to waste any money on it
MegWhite_ on October 21
Versace almost always looks cheap, now it actually is cheap.
Humming on October 21
Looks amazing, but you're right, the price is a little pricey.
maryiangge on October 20
im excited for this! hope H&M in downtown denver opens before this collaboration launch date.
ameliajin on October 20
love it!!
music4life542 on October 20
I love this collection! I am so glad that they are collaborating and I love the 80s/90s
F4SHI0N on October 20
nevermind i see the prices-so much!
F4SHI0N on October 20
very cool!wonder how much it will cost thoug
TheProfashi0nal on October 20
crystaldots on October 20
Definitely LOVE the collection!
likebeauty on October 20
so happy u like my shoes ,dear. where do u want to ship the shoes?dear.^-^
inexistentfashion on October 20
Can't wait! I'm already saving extra cash to stock up :)
filipina on October 20
lovin all the postcard prints!
tyleroakley on October 19
The only thing redeeming about the mens collection is River Viiperi modeling... nothing looks bad on him! I'm definitely not a fan of the mens stuff - it just doesn't translate for me... but the girls stuff is definitely doable. I'm afraid that the decor and the purses are going to come across tacky, but I'm hoping for the best. Thanks for the amazing write-up! <3
irisanddaniel on October 19
Haha! Hopefully there will be some more understated menswear; we're under the impression that most of it is the same but comes in a variety of colors, which should include black. Most of the collection does veer on the tacky side but the fabrication should work in it's favor, even the fake leather looks pretty real! Thanks for the lovely comment! :)
lizzified on October 19
i want everything. seriously. :)
TamQuoia on October 19
I just died. YAY
JUKILOVE on October 19
I love a good fashion frenzy, but I honestly think that these designer collaborations are milking consumers for all they can get. Designer collabs used to be about delivering to the hip, economically-conscious fashionista, but these prices are steep for that demography. On the other hand, I love that the collab is very true to delivering Versace- this is really in your face, no holding back Versac
irisanddaniel on October 19
Couldn't agree more! The price ranges for these are definitely crazy but you can't blame H&M or the designer when they sell out in a day, it's a good business model, haha.

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