Grey day

Updated on Dec 11, 2008
DIY t-shirt - found t-shirt - old jeans - thrifted shoes
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

My last couple of outfits have been kind of subpar, due to not enough sleep, lousy weather, laziness, etc… so I was kind of conflicted about posting this photo. Is it better to show what you wear every day, even if it’s not up to your usual standards, or only show the outfits you’re really proud of? I personally upload about 80% of my outfits, just because sometimes I don’t have time to take a photo or put together something creative – but I still feel like I should at least post something so I’m not neglecting Chictopia.
I tried to at least be a little interesting by wearing my in-progress shredded tee around my neck as a sort of cowl-neck scarf/collar. It turned out to be pretty convenient because I could work on it during class, and I finished a huge portion of the shredding by the end of the day. The only problem with an outfit like this is that the “simple-with-subtle-details” look doesn’t really translate well to the internet, where its postage-stamp-sized thumbnail isn’t really conducive to people clicking on it. But oh well.

So that turned out to be longer than I intended, but I guess the extra writing sort of balances out the minimal outfit. But basically, what I’m asking (to anyone who feels like answering) is: do you upload every outfit you wear? And if not, how do you choose which ones get posted?

Comments (13)

denisedenies on July 30
cool jeans and top
jenhz on January 21
how in the world did u make that wonderful gray t-shirt?
queenelizabeth on January 24
I just put my head through the neckline (without putting my arms through the sleeves) and sort of arranged/wrapped it around my shoulders. it was a while ago so i don't really remember... :P
jenhz on January 23
it also looks like u did some extra wrapping to the shirt... on the top?
queenelizabeth on January 22
i shredded it, using this tutorial:
denisedenies on January 17
simple but chic
inKARLcerating on December 22
favrited i looove ol yer diys perfect
chica0770 on December 16
cool top :)
snugz on December 12
Shirt as scarf? Never thought of it. Cool idea.
shinanayshinanay on December 12
simple chic
Pink_Champagne on December 12
i like the drapery
Nightwing on December 12
Even in your dull moments, you look kind of creative and interesting. PS, I like the idea of you unwrapping your scarf, unfolding it in to a t-shirt and starting to shred it in the middle of class. I'm sure that got some dodgy looks.
queenelizabeth on December 12
haha, people kept asking me what I was doing and I had to explain...but that was better than having people watching me without knowing what I was doing, they probably thought I was pretty weird...
brettmanning on December 11
i love grey. you look awesome
mnavoy on December 11
plastikneon on December 11
This looks great! I'm sure it looks even better in person... I don't upload everyday...I upload pretty much whenever I have time to take a picture (before it gets dark out)...if I didn't have time that day (and I really liked the outfit) I'll just dress up real quick and take a photo the next day/whenever. Sorry for blabbing so much, haha
queenelizabeth on December 11
Thanks! I sometimes do the same thing where I put on the same outfit the next day and take a picture - it's so inconvenient how it gets dark early in the winter!
helenz (@helenzhu) on December 11
I personally do not post outfits everyday. Mainly because I don't have enough time to take a picture everyday. But I wish I could! I also enjoy flipping through my old photos to see my style progression throughout the months. I think that the more frequent I post, the more critical I am of my own style. Btw, I did not think your last few outfits were subpar at all!
queenelizabeth on December 11
Wow I love it when someone is online at the same time as me and they comment right after I upload! Anyways I do the same thing with my old photos, it's funny and interesting to see what I thought was cool one year ago and how much I've changed... btw, I guess I should have been more clear, the "subpar" outfits were ones I didn't post here but wore in real life. but thanks for the reassurance! :)
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