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Updated on Oct 04, 2011
Chanel 4184 sunglasses - Charlotte Russe boots - Tellos pants - random t-shirt
Brown-charlotte-russe-boots-forest-green-chanel-4184-sunglasses Olive-green-random-t-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-boots Olive-green-random-t-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-boots Chanel-4184-sunglasses-charlotte-russe-boots-tellos-pants-random-t-shirt Olive-green-random-t-shirt-brown-charlotte-russe-boots
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supermom25 's Thoughts:

Camouflage clothing has now become a fashion statement over the past decade. It is now made for all, children and adults, and any gender. You can also find camo cases for your electronic gadgets, accessories, lingeries, and even embellishments that give your house a fashionable appearance. However, in the past centuries camouflage is imperative in countries military operations. The word ’’camouflage’’ itself simply allows a visible organism, person, or object to hide and mislead by blending with its environment. Camouflaging serves many functions. In combat, the purpose of camouflage is to help soldiers defeat against the opponent. For animals, they use their powers of camouflage to protect themselves from predators or to catch for prey. Hunters also purposely wear camouflage clothing depending to the game they are hunting. An example is wearing a bright orange camouflage… this is a striking color for us humans, but it is known that large animals like deer see the orange as a dull color.

Just like in the remote areas of the Philippines and some other countries set laws that prohibit camouflage clothing from being worn by non-military members. These laws may be driven by the fear that a civilian might be mistaken by government armed forces for revolting, or vice versa and lead to the shooting .

Military-inspired looks are ’’in’’ again this Fall. So, we were marching this season with a camouflage shirts. I purchased them last year.

Sharing you our photos at the beach! I hope you like them!

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