An Interview with Inbar Spector Spring/Summer 2012

Updated on Sep 29, 2011

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arieli97 on October 02
the designs r beautiful but what she said about Israel is not true ,I live here and the Holocaust is way behind us it doesn't have a big affect on the way the country runs...
boredstephanie on October 01
very cool!
angelluv203 on September 30
these are so cool
lizzified on September 30
so intricately designed with much care for detail and structure - but i do think i'd only dare to wear the 2nd dress (the pink and silver wonder) out!
fernandafgm on September 30
Humming on September 30
Love the flow of the last photograph. Reminds me a little of Gaudi.
F4SHI0N on September 29
incrredible work!

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