Blowing in the wind

Updated on Sep 20, 2011
black American Apparel shorts - carrot orange asos top - black Zara wedges
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purplewang 's Thoughts:

<<< Where did my eyes go?

I’m wearing this top for a second time on here, but I figured it looks slightly different this time around so I’d post it again! The weather here has FINALLY hit its summer season heat, and so I’ve been wearing my shorts and skirts whenever I can. The heat only lasts about a month so I need to take full advantage of it.

Things that happened during my NY trip: almost tripped in my super high wedges at one point, caught up with Barbro, idol Grace Coddington made eye contact with me, got to sit in the muggy weather during the Yeohlee show (front row, sweating, really glamorous), lots of awful cab rides, talked to the red head from True Blood, Sophia Bush is hot and has a man voice, inbox was flooded with e-mails every day, photographers will cut a bitch if you get in their way, NYC is a beautiful city, and I saw Nicki Minaj sit next to Anna Wintour at the Carolina Herrera show. Nooooo, that wasn’t planned at all….

I had gone to this fashion week expecting it to be superficial, over sensationalized and cliquey. In ways, it’s all still true. Cameras and photographers everywhere, shouting (usually screaming) at celebrities to “TURN THIS WAY” or crowds of photographers running towards show go-ers in front of Lincoln Center to get a street style shot of their outfit. But at the end of the day, it’s about what’s on the runway and feeling that rush of inspiration, not which celebrity is at which show, who is sitting in the rows in front of you or what’s the craziest getup someone can come up with. Seriously, I saw a guy wearing a bird around his neck with no shirt on. WTF?

I was so humbled to meet the EIU editors who have genuine interests in fashion. Who are all down to earth and sweet in person. Who look forward to seeing their fashion idols Alexa Chung or Grace Coddington. Who are happy to be seated in third row. Who are happy to be seated at all.

NY was awesome because I got to meet Iris, Daniel, Heather and Crystal of Chictopia’s Everybody Is Ugly blog for the first time. I loved talking to them. Albeit it’s awkward meeting people you’ve only known through comments, tweets and photos before meeting in person, I could easily see myself hanging out with any of them on the regular. If you haven’t checked out all of their coverage of MBFW, go to EIU like now. They all did a wonderful job and I can’t wait to see what they do next!


Comments (20)

sofia1098 on October 13
Lovely color contrast
LaChicCouture on October 05
love this
barbiejhaki on October 01
chic voted! :)
F4SHI0N on September 29
ellefraction on September 24
I live in SF, too! It's too cold for me to rock your style, though.
p00hb34r on September 22
aww wso cute!
angelluv203 on September 21
nice color combo.
chyrelg on September 21
lovely top!
Amundi on September 21
You are totally rocking the black and orange together! great job
purplewang on September 21
Thanks so much!
Annachiara on September 21
Ari_Ari on September 21
I love this :)))
monmen on September 21
your top is so cute!!!
Style_Journey on September 21
adorable top!! perfect pop of color<3
p00hb34r on September 21
lovely color!
itsnikki on September 20
cute look!
headbandit on September 20
Ahh, I was going to say pretty much exactly what Iris/Daniel said...thanks for summing it up, guys. I totally empathize with the hot-mess-at-a-show thing, which I think I probably already mentioned. And yes, I would have been happy even sitting in the back row at every show, haha. It was was so great to meet you; thank you so much for everything!
purplewang on September 21
:)! I'm glad we all feel the same way about fashion week. You guys are so great and did such a fantastic job with the writeups! I hope we meet again (we must!).
petiteavenue on September 20
Love the look!
filipina on September 20
simple yet chic!
RayC on September 20
Great blouse!
irisanddaniel on September 20
Haha the eyes thing; sometimes Iris' bangs eat her eyes... really apparent in some of our earlier pictures! We loved reading your description because it really sort of encompasses our experience at MBFW (the part after the bird-neck-no-shirt guy, of course haha, really wish we saw that person now. would have died!). Really loved reading your perspective. Fashion week was so amazing, thank you!
purplewang on September 20
You're welcome! Haha, I should get some cross bangs or start wearing sunglasses to cover my eyes...I blink in so many photos. It was so nice meeting you guys! I have so many photos of you that I swear I will send you guys asap!! And that post with the Q&A will be up soon :]
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