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shugavery on January 13
Ultimately a friend of mine made an article on the style of Solange Knowles and I was shocked about the reactions of her readers saying that her afro hair looked "weird" or "not in order" and that she looked better with straight hair..seems like people even in fashion blogging needs to be educated on some subjects. This interview will definitely helps me in writing about the afro hair on my blog !
bumblebeelasso on April 07
this was a very nneded article for all fashion bloggers of color
LenasBlend on December 04
This was an interesting piece. I like Folake's attitude and work ethic it's obvious how she has become so successful at what she does. In regards to the racism deal, I'm not convinced it's racism I think it has more to do with trying to bypass or infiltrate cliques that have already been established. I believe with hard work, dedication and positiveness anyone can do that.
mare_santos on October 09
totally agree with her, there should be more etnicities in fashion, but everything starts with models, and if they keep on getting super tall models there's never gonna be more etnicities, asian and latino like me , we don't grow that much, is all in the genes, so i think keeping hugely tall models is just the excuse to keep the elite circle in fashion. that's how i think things are
Vixxievicious on October 05
omg im so glad she did this finally someone spoke out LOVE HER!!!
Raiaray on October 05
I am doing a senior research project on racism and fashion, you would be the perfect person to discuss this topic with. My email is and I'd love to ask a few questions!
coraljersey on October 05
I am really glad to have joined Chictopia and be a part of this amazing group of creative individuals. I love the article Folake because it is addressing an issue that some would either like to bury their head in the sand and say it doesn't exist as that has not been their experience, fair enough, or lets not even talk about it, and that's the problem it does need to be talked about.
melimelon67 on October 04
Love this article. Really hope this well written article opens people's eyes about racism in the industry.
TheCrayolaEffect on October 04
No one ever asks an artist why they use blue more than yellow or use broad brush strokes, or black and white as opposed to color. Fashion is a great art form in the fact that you can make it whatever you want, once its in your hands! That's the beauty of it. You can mix pieces from all over the world on any type of woman. Its interchangable, personal art.
TheCrayolaEffect on October 04
This topic doesn't really hold relevance in my opinion. So many of today's fashion inspirations, top/rising models, fashion designers are coming from global ethnic places. Some runway shows are filled with nothing but, or a majority of black, latin or asian models. I don't support racism at all (I'm 100% mexican) but I don't think a designer should be stifled creatively by what models they chose.
CreatrixTiara on October 04
Aw man, this article had such potential, but it only touched the surface. It would have been great to talk more and ask more questions - about the sort of assumptions she gets, cultural appropriation & representation, if she has to play up or play down certain aspects of herself to be noticed. Good start though; as we can see from certain comments on here, some people just won't look.
sooboo on October 04
love you Folake u inspire me. im not scared of bright and beautiful colours. because of u i feel free to wear what i feel how i feel and im happy and comfortable being me . not anyone else. xoxox <3 oh ps. great interview :)
Dutchchic on October 03
Ridiculous that you are bringing racism into fashion. Shame on you. You lost me!
CreatrixTiara on October 04
Wow. I came out of not coming to ChicTopia for ages to read this article, and am utterly disgusted by your comment. Shame on you for being so willfully ignorant. Racism exists everywhere and it is pretty obvious in fashion. If you want a starter, go check out - first article onwards has some excellent discussion.
sultrymystique21 on October 03
This is a great article. Nice insight into this topic when it comes to fashion.
ilybirdie on October 03
Great interview! Beauty really is everywhere.
pashupati on October 03
The problem with the article is, it only ask the first questions. It could have been a little more thorough.
EwachicJewelry on October 03
Great article. The most important thing is to rise above it as you have stated so well. I appreciate you doing this article and speakiing on an issue that is so obvious. Your hard work is definitely paying off. Going to check out those blogs you mentioned.
TMaraxo on October 03
So Inspiring !
Stylelustpages on October 03
This is such a great article! I came across Folake on Chictopia and now follow her blog on a regular basis. Her style is amazing and I admire her for stepping outside of the box. She's awesome! I've even been featured on her blog :)
MelanieJoseph on October 03
I discovered Folake through Chictopia and I love her style. I subscribe to Style Pantry and we have some similar styles and then she just takes me above and beyond somedays. I voted for Folake in the Most Influential Blogger Award hopin she wins, as you can tell from her daily feedback. People love her whether we are Latin, White, Black, Asian..she is a person just like us with an extra gift.
neonblush on October 03
great article - maybe the best i've read on chictopia thus far! folake you are such a poise woman.. so admirable :)
kristenleo on October 03
it's true that all ethnicities should be a part of fashion and it shouldn't be just about blue eyed blondes, every race and every skin color and every eye color is equally beautiful yet still until this day we don't see a variety of it in the fashion industry, that saddens me.
pretty_pink_pistol on October 03
She's such a great Chictopian! In mind and fashion! <3 :)
olliejames on October 03
Folake, very well said! You are beautiful woman and such an inspiration!
nonaoik on October 03
First time I see you and I liked your style. Luckily I've never seen this racism while surfing fashion blogs or chictopia, I thought there was no racism in a such an open world like fashion, so sad there is still this closed minded people. Congrats for your online magazin!
divadellecurve on October 03
Great interview! I hear her so much on the racist thing, i see something similar as a plus size fashion blogger at least in my country but probably elsewhere as well... I'm glad blogging makes followers decide if you are cool or not, and not the system... Love her color blocking style...
mamalazarus on October 03
Wow! Really nice to see this interview up here! I really admire Folake, and while I felt that the interviewer kept it a bit 'safe' with the questions, I'm glad the topic is being addressed honestly.
OnTheGanges on September 25
A very interesting article; I've never seen racism within the corner of the internet-based fashion blogging realm that I've adventured through thus far, but I don't doubt that it must exist, and I am relieved to know that I have yet to come across such close-mindedness. Always love your style, Miss Folake. <3
Dutchchic on October 03
No, racism does not exist in fashion. You have been brainwashed!
ssheylaaa on September 24
Well said Folake! Your words of wisdom are appreciated I'm glad that fashionistas like you exist. :)
hausofalana on September 23
This is really a great article, and it's wonderful to hear about everything she had to say! If there were one other thing I could ask her, it would be about her thoughts on how women of different races and ethnicities are portrayed in fashion magazines? As a white person I have noticed that almost everytime someone of color is seen in a photoshoot she is described as "exotic" or "wild", thoughts?
sealegs on September 23
What a great article! So glad it was posted. You're lovely!
Style_Composer on September 22
i remember thinking the same thing about her hair. it is pretty much perfect. on a serious note. i was actually surprised. i thot people would be more open in blogs. i don't understand why would criticize people on something as illegitimate as race, on a person's blog.
LeenzieM on September 22
Great advice and great article. That's the key, to work hard and rise above it, then no one can stop you. Love your style, as always :) <3
HOA1950 on September 22
Inspirational! I love Folake's go getter attitude! She's open about obstacles but she does'nt let them stand in her way.
thriftingdiva on September 22
So beautiful and positive. You are a real inspiration
VesperLynd on September 21
Very great advice Folake! Not only do you inspire with your incredible style, and yes you connect very well with your fans, but your advice is applicable in many facets of life. Please continue inspiring us all and good luck with your future projects, excited to see what lies ahead. xx Vesper
MnMz on September 21
Folake, this is the first time I've heard of you. You are inspriring! keep up the good work :) I will definitely ckeck out you store :)
tamarasputri on September 21
i love this! You're such an inspiration :)
Chomy on September 21
this just makes me so happy to KNOW YOU! so inspirational , so beautiful inside and out! You are the best!!
LoveHartley on September 21
Folake your just so stunning and inspiring, this was an amazing article, and I think everyone should read this.
HallieDaily on September 20
Ah,,,,just see this article, Folake, I love all your answers! really admire your talent for being a great wife/mom/fashion blogger/and designer!!!
ShaneBane on September 20
YOU ROCK!!! <3
F4SHI0N on September 20
very well said!I just love your bold color choices too!
TamQuoia on September 20
love this. pretty cool
4everUSMC on September 20
Favorite! For show and For Sure!
4everUSMC on September 20
All read artists and true fashionistas should take the time to read this genuine article...I am going to direct all visits to my blog, this article. Go STYLE PANTRY>>>You have amazing beauty inside and out! XXO~Cin!
munaLuchi on September 20
Great interview Folake and kudos on balancing motherhood, "wifehood" and entrepreneurship!
StylePantry on September 20
I am so proud of Chictopia for this published piece. I sat with the questions for a good while - It is obviously a sensitive subject, but one that needs to be discussed. Thank you all for your comments below. I'm humbled.xx
ConsiderMeLovely on September 21
Folake you are such inspiration! I loved everything about your answers, as this was something I was just talking about with a friend Monday. Thanks to Chictopia for delving into such a sensitive topic!
pandaphilia on September 20
this has been one of my favourite articles. folake is so down to earth and REAL! i love her advice and insight.
VonmiwiCulvera on September 20
She is correct when she speaks of the cliques in the blogging community and I also thought that it reminds me of high school. Blogs give their readers something that many magazines do not...true diversity. Folake rocks!
filipina on September 20
thanks for the inspiration! great article.. Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" keeps running in my head... :) perfect song for this topic. (I guess)
Vampykiss2010 on September 20
Amazing this article! Thank you for inform us! I love that woman who's stay strong woman!
LindseyMermaid on September 20
love the looks.great article
JyaDi on September 19
thank you for this article! this message has to get out!
EsotericChic90 on September 19
i loved this! This was so inspiring. Thanks for sharing the interview.
Jeeda on September 19
Well said...great article....and outfit;)
bambisarmoire on September 19
Oh wow! Thank you so much Folake for mentioning me & my site! I am so happy to see this interview...I have been thinking about this very topic since I began my site. I appreciate your kind insightful words and respect you greatly! Not just as a "black" woman, but as a "woman". We are all more than just our race or ethnicity. Thank you again! Hope to meet soon :-) Tosha Eason
StylePantry on September 20
Much love and respect to you, Tosha. Keep up the great work. Your site/style is so refreshing. xx
irisanddaniel on September 19
Love her style forever! Her answers are insightful and it's easy to see her influences in strong women in fashion like DVF. :) Great interview, Amethyst!
purplewang on September 20
Thanks Iris and Daniel! Folake's great ehh? :)
StylePantry on September 20
Love you dolls forever. Keep inspiring. x
boredstephanie on September 19
great style and great interview^^
kathleenelizabeth43 on September 19
i love the pink/orange combo!
PrettyNerdy on September 19
Gorgeous look, and very interesting article.
fmajor on September 19
It's really sad what happens in some Asian countries--you see magazine full of every race of models but Asian! I feel people need role models of all colors and types.
boredstephanie on September 19
so true! I find it weird how some asian fashion mags have more white people than asian people...
aribear22 on September 19
great article!
MoebiusFashionstrip on September 19
so happy look, love the colours dress -nail polish, and love your earings !!
LaSirenaBags on September 19
Great article!
Dutchchic on October 03
Stupid article. Racism????
bkgurl36 on September 19
gorgeous dress

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