"Flowers And Rabbits"

Updated on Sep 18, 2011
teal thrifted belt - peach thrifted floral dress - crimson vintage purse
Peach-thrifted-floral-dress-crimson-vintage-purse-beige-leather-wedges Peach-thrifted-floral-dress-crimson-vintage-purse-teal-thrifted-belt Peach-thrifted-floral-dress-crimson-vintage-purse-teal-thrifted-belt Peach-thrifted-floral-dress-crimson-vintage-purse-teal-thrifted-belt Peach-thrifted-floral-dress-crimson-vintage-purse-teal-thrifted-belt
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_SERENITY_ 's thoughts:

Hello everyone!!

First of all thank you very much for your sweet comments and wishes from my last post!! Your support means so much to me! You definetely made up my day!I love you, guys!! :D

Back to my outfit…. I was very lucky to find this beautiful floral dress! Absolutely love its pretty peach color and delicate floral pattern. It’s amazing how this belt has the same color as the leaves from my dress so they match each other perfectly. :))

I missed my vintage crimson purse very much and I thought the contrast with this green/ teal belt would be amazing.
I also missed my cute rabbit pendant. Last year I brought some feng shui stuff and this pendant was a gift. I already had the chain necklace so I was happy to have a new necklace. I love its color and vintage vibe very much.

I always loved pearls but lately I’m obsessed with them. They are delicate, romantic and discreet. Some said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I think pearls are my best friend… :))

I brought these pretty pearl bracelets from my favorite accessories store two weeks ago. First I found the neutral one almost a month ago.
Some gray pearls were on my wish list for a very long time and I was very happy when I finally found these different shades of gray and gold.

Hope you’ll like this new post, my friends!
Have a great new week!!<3




WhitMyers on April 13
yes, yes, yes! I'm loving the soft floral pinks with the blue belt. It definitely brings it out. Nice.
coarry on April 11
very nice i really like the necklace *.* +1
EsmeRose on April 08
This is a really cute look!! I absolutely love that dress!! Xx Definately a vote from me!!! Xx
KatieSmith on April 08
+1 This is a great look! I WANT THAT DRESS!!! +1 beautiful! Xx
Boem on April 03
+1 chic point, this outfit looks cute for a sunday brunch. I love the floral and teal belt. You look beautiful!
_SERENITY_ on April 03
thank you doll<3 xx
shadowcat on April 02
Very sweet look
Iulia on March 19
very cute!
beckysvilla on March 04
so pretty!
MeganK on February 22
Love the dress especially the color!!
Roxiu on February 22
alecsandra on February 17
nice dress i like how you put together the dress and that belt :)
dearmrrabbit on January 30
Everything about this is perfect (: x
xilcanopapaya on January 20
This reminds of Moschino. Loving everything. That dress is just lovely. +1
_SERENITY_ on February 17
thanks doll:D xx
danny67 on January 06
cute ^^
H07xox on October 16
loving all the colors and the dress!!
JovinaL on October 12
love this sophisticated look dear! nice combo between dress and belts! they totally compliment each other xx
cupkate on October 05
thanks for your comment!I love your looks. followed :-)
britfan777 on October 04
wonderful combo and I adore your look in socks.
ivoryelbows on October 02
Your dress and belt are incredible!! Wish I could find something like this.. :)
_SERENITY_ on October 05
thanks, dear :D xx
klichem on September 27
woow so lovely and romantic dress. and i love your little bunny on your necklace its so sweet. :D
_SERENITY_ on September 27
thanks a lot, doll<3 xx
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on September 27
You`ve got unique syle dear! I`m always enjoying your looks and find them very inspiring! chic, vintagy girly, LOVE this!
_SERENITY_ on September 27
thanks a lot, sweetie <3 xx
lifeisbetterblonde on September 25
so cute!I love your dress and it matches the green belt so welll!and your necklace is really pretty!
_SERENITY_ on September 26
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
CzarinaAnonuevo on September 24
Gorgeous details in your outfit!!!! the FLORAL dress is amazing!!! LOVE it!!!! voted!!!
_SERENITY_ on September 26
thank you very much, doll :D xx
maharot1525 on September 24
the bunny pendant is so lovely and always lovin your chic style!
_SERENITY_ on September 26
thanks, dear<3 xx
ragilmega on September 23
A very pretty dress
shikararomuar on September 23
Cute belt!
Sborricano on September 23
Love this girly look!
Mimi_Walker on September 22
Oh i love this dress ! +1
Amundi on September 22
Your dress is the cutest thing ever! The sleeves are so great with that length too
_SERENITY_ on September 23
thank you, hun<3 xx
freedomwings on September 21
Such a sweet and pretty look dear! Lovely floral dress!! +1 <3
everydaylook on September 21
really pretty dress!! love your belt and bag!! chic!! faved!! (:
shoeaholic on September 21
your dress is so LoveLy! It Looks great on you! that rabbit pendant is soo cute! I Love the vintage purse too & teal beLt!
_SERENITY_ on September 22
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
zeezai on September 21
Cute dress, Ms. Pretty! :)
Laura1989 on September 21
Very cute! love the color of the belt with that dress and the purse. xo
_SERENITY_ on September 22
thank you, dear :D xx
ChloroformPerfume on September 21
aaaw this nude floral dress is pure cuteness! I love how you accented it with the cute necklace and girly socks in the shoes! These pearl bracelets add just the right touch of glamour to everything!
_SERENITY_ on September 22
aww, thank you very much, sweetie :D xx
elluminated on September 21
love that necklace!
AshleeShevonne on September 21
totallyradical on September 21
Cute outfit love the teal belt
ZuleyB on September 20
The teal belt is so awesome on this
cez_muffinz on September 20
lovely accesories!
exotiic_moon on September 20
love it!! +1!
LadyButterfly on September 20
beutiful dress u realy know how to give a new look to old things that belt and neckless era awesome! +1
_SERENITY_ on September 20
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
lenorajane on September 20
Beautiful as always! And you're right, that belt IS amazing with the dress!
_SERENITY_ on September 20
thank you, doll :D xx
enamolly on September 20
great look. i love how the color of your belt pop out:)and the dress is soo adorable!
_SERENITY_ on September 20
thank you, dear :D xx
ChicagoChic on September 20
I love your floral dress and it pairs beautifully with that belt and the pretty shoes! I love the socks too, so beautiful! +1!
TheLastWord on September 20
This is really cute. I love your pendant necklace and teal belt. It looks elegantly simple :)
carmeli on September 20
love your dress :)
deathbyplatforms on September 20
very pretty and cute dress
Leylu on September 20
I just love your dress!:X It's so sweet :X
districtofchic on September 20
I love this ladylike look!
Blue4ever on September 20
very nice dress and amazing accesories :)
Solangie528 on September 20
love the dress with that teal belt gives it a pop of color and your accesories are gorgeous too
dianita9 on September 20
love your dress! it's so cute! chic voted xx
ReginaDiCuori on September 20
your dress is adorable ! it's so feminine and delicate !! and the belt is perfect on it !! cute wedges and nice necklace =) chic voted xx
_SERENITY_ on September 20
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
bel_bella on September 20
i really like the cute belt!
pourprepapillon on September 20
Looove your vintage mini dress with the belt!! Really cute and lovely!! :)
_SERENITY_ on September 20
thank you, doll ;) xx
Candy_La_Pop on September 19
yeah I'd love to make mor of those outdoor pictures. We'll see. ^^ You look so fresh and cute in this nearly all white combo! Is it still so warm where you live? wow
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks a lot, honey :)) yes, it is. but that's our last hot week.. :( xx
roxx_lady on September 19
OHMYSTARS. This is definately my favorite outfit of you! This is SO cute. I love the length and how petite you are. Its a very pretty picture, I also like how you added the belt to have more color in the outfit. VERY LOVELY. +1
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you very much, darling <33 xx
pure_win on September 19
woww..i love this look so much, doll !!!! that pretty floral dress and the belt are so perfect combination on you =D look so pretty yet classy at the same time .. you are too sweet to be true, darl =)) xoxo
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you very much, sweetie :)) xoxo
4everUSMC on September 19
This is so sweet and feminine...Rock on, Oana!>Hope all is well with you and best wishes to your pets, too!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
Krug_The_Thinker on September 19
I love this look! Very pretty dress, and what a perfect belt! I also really love your pearl bracelets! My husband brought me a deep red pearl necklace back from Australia last year, and ever since, I have been obsessed with colored pearls:) Love the necklaces too!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you very much, ladies!! :D xx
4everUSMC on September 19
The pearls are such a classy touch, indeed...Love the colors!
maryiangge on September 19
super classic dress! love it! the purse rocks the outfit!
ninnda on September 19
I agrreee, this is great find from thrift stores, very beautiful dress with the peach color, love how you belted and match with the leaves of the dress honey!! and cute pendant rabit necklace! agree, I love pearls so much hahaha :)) cute pearls bracelets :D have a great new week babe! xo
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie :D xx
FashionTrendsMore on September 19
lovely dress! I love how you styled it with that bag:)
Canon_Girl on September 19
Awww such a cute dress and beautiful jewellery of course! Especially love the rabbit necklace!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
Shaniqua1071 on September 19
Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome back comment, it truly made me smile and brightened up my whole day, and this dress looks so wonderful on you. I love the color on you and the amazing print, such a great look!!!!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you very much, darling :D l missed you! xx
cityofbugs on September 19
beautiful dress! it looks amazing with the colour of the belt, and the white socks and wedges!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks a lot, hun :D xx
toropiski on September 19
Lovely floral little dress!! The belt is cute and rabbit =D!! And you are definitely a pearl girl, not diamond!!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you, darling :)) xx
ZaneZanite on September 19
stunning dress and belt, love the cute necklace too. faved :)
WallflowerVintage on September 19
Perfection! How do you always do that?
irieabbey on September 19
chic vote for you!
S_agapoxxx on September 19
The dress us so pretty and feminine - looks fab on you :)
BerniceLim on September 19
hello! s3r3nity ! this vintage look is so super pretty ! love your floral dress so much ,very adorable ! wish you have a very nice day :D
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you very much, honey :D xx
bobbysocks on September 19
that short little dress is adorable on you love your shoes and those white bobby socks are so cute on you
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you, darling :D xx
humanstarr on September 19
very cute dress!
ohyeahdonna on September 19
ooohhh those bracelets are sooo pretty!!!! and that dress has really gorgeous prints dear!!!!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
yecyoj on September 19
thrifted dress and belt? I can't believe! soooo pretty! great find babe! youu look lovely and adorable with this style and i just love your accessories, super cuuuute necklace! hihi amazing sandals with socks too! what a lovely doll! <3 +1xx
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, you're so sweet, honey! thanks a lot <33 xx
mestizay on September 19
YOur dress is gorgeous babe! the added teal belt is perfect!
doraemonita on September 19
look so beauty. i love your dress
RJanine on September 19
You look absolutely adorable Oana! I love your dress!! And that rabbit pendant!!! It's sooooo cute!!!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you, sugar<3 xx
enigmasupernova on September 19
you are such a cutie dear! what a pretty adorable dress with the belt! plus the accessories is so lovely!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you, honey :D xx
stellapnp on September 19
this dress is so beautiful and romantic dear!! i adore the floral print!! perfect fabric!! aewsome rerto bag and chic wedges with socks!! awesome necklace too!! perfect as always dear!! so cute!!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you very much, sweetie :D xx
sininanimikay on September 19
You look absolutely adorable! I love the dress and the accessories.
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks, dear<3 xx
curlybrain on September 19
first of all thank you so much my dear for all the sweet comments and votes...anyway I just love the color of the belt and it does match the color of the leaves from ur dress..And i love the dress so adorable..I love ur purse.. and i love all ur pearl bracellets.. love the different contrast.. love ur adorable necklace cute rabbit..love the wedges with the socks on.. voted.. as always..
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you soo much, sweetheart<33 xoxo
rhemel on September 19
Your dress is so gorgeous and very doll like!!! That rabbit necklace is extremely sweet!!! CHIC bag! Beautiful bracelets, now I want to have bracelets like those with pearls from different colors! Chic voted!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, you're very sweet, honey! thank you very much<3 xx
lharajavillonar on September 19
awwwww very girly and lovely you look extre chic cutie look here :)
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thanks, hun<3 xx
Roshi on September 19
Oh I never get over your thrifted finds..they are always so amazing. I loveee that dress and those pale wedges and socks add such a summery dreamy feel <3
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you very much, darling :D xx
vyap on September 19
the dress is so pretty dear!! love this look :)
annabel_lee on September 19
a lil belt to die for!:)
Foxvintage on September 19
Awww what a very pretty vintage look here! Such a wonderful dress, lovely pattern and length! So chic yet so chic! The rabbit necklace is very cute too! Nice added charm! xx
_SERENITY_ on September 19
aww, thank you very much, darling :)) xx
GeorgiaPar on September 19
very pretty dress dear! love rabbits :)
Sweetruffa on September 19
Hantsa on September 19
what a cute dress!! accessories are pretty as well honey!!++
Laura86 on September 19
cute as always! Your dress is adorable!
emswish on September 19
oh, you always get it so right! love the dress against the teal. and the bag goes so well with the belt as well. and as for the pendant, genius! wonderfully put together outfit. +1
_SERENITY_ on September 19
ohh, thank you very much, sweetie :D xx
KayeRevil on September 19
wow! very very pretty sweetie! =) such a charmer! definitely a head turner! i love it!
_SERENITY_ on September 19
thank you, doll :)) xx
mochaccinoland on September 19
lovely as always dear! that belt is a great touch :) +1 xoxo
CuddlyCacti on September 19
love your dress and belt- great color!
Cute :) Love your belt and the rabbit necklace :)
Marta92 on September 18
beautful dress!:)
em1986 on September 18
omg that dress is so cute and sweet honey!! you oook so adorably vintage, loving the socks and shoes and cute bunny pendant
_SERENITY_ on September 18
ohh, thank you very much, sweetie :)) xx
Zuzana on September 18
Really cute dress. I like how you paired it with teal belt. Great vintage purse!
_SERENITY_ on September 18
thanks, dear :D xx
Mirrorflower on September 18
Very cute! Very pretty dress!
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