how to tie the american apparel circle scarf

Updated on Dec 05, 2008

Comments (23)

modgeisha on November 01
love this post!
kt_krazy on February 03
this was the dopest how to session ever. you are sex. the end.
raisehell on January 28
my boss called me babushka for a week after i tried the snood thing.
jolie on January 02
ahh! i just got one for xmas and im overwhelmed by it. i've tried the 'snood' but received some crazy looks by people in the airport. =/
TheStylishWanderer on December 18
youre hilarious! btw, do you think with fabric and some really sneeky pictures taken in the american apparel to get the seaming, that someone that is really cheap, such as myself, could recreate it for about 25 dollars less?
EverybodyIsUgly on December 18
Probably! It's really just a big piece of fabric made into a tube--but the quality of the material is pretty hard to recreate. But post pictures if you figure it out!
dindi on December 17
how to make a tube dress.. HOW?!?!?! i so like the way you draped it.. HELP!
ckim on December 12
i wish you'd make a video of how to do that because i cant for the life of me figure it outt!
EverybodyIsUgly on December 18
Hmm, good idea. Now to figure out a way to do this without a flesh colored bodysuit.
bluetoast on December 10
amazing Drop crotch pants!! cant wait to get mine..haha..
piecesofmeg on December 09
I want this so badly, i love how you wear it.
MissRoLL on December 06
i love how u wear it!!!
ratatatnat on December 06
great post! now I have to have that scarf.
gwozdzy on December 06
the fourth is my favorite. ahh i need this
glasnost on December 06
i love the fourth outfit!! ur awesome
bunnygirl on December 05
wow i totally want to buy one now, although i just received an AA package in the mail addicting!
joannaladrido on December 05
i love connie!!!
EverybodyIsUgly on December 06
And I love you toooo
Roswellhigh on December 05
But what COLOR!!!??? WHAT COLOR!!!....
EverybodyIsUgly on December 06
I like the black and greys (since they go with everything--but that may have something to do with the fact that my closet is like 80% black and grey...)
mulatoqt on December 05
love my circle scarf, I'm sooooo impressed with how many ways you found to wear it, must try this asap!!
Kalin on December 05
The circular scarf is my favorite piece of clothing.
blackheartbunny on December 05
Impressive. Also loving your glasses.
EverybodyIsUgly on December 06
Shpanks. Ebay!
lissakahayon on December 05
I love this, i want a circe scarf too, great article!!!!
Dija on December 05
I love the circle scarf! I got in purple and I'm thinking of getting one in black. It's so warm and versatile, even my mom wants one.
princessMLim on December 05
ingenious. lmao. hipster boner fest :))
swinginthelobby on December 05
i'm seriously impressed by your skills. i especially love the top!

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