City Style: Tokyo Fashion

Updated on Aug 02, 2011

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annecheri on July 18
When it comes to uniqueness, Japanese/Tokyo fashion speaks for itself.
SAndreea on March 03
girls from tokyo really know how to dress up,i admire them a lot
tingting1412 on February 26
WonderAve on December 06
always been a big tokyo fashion fan!
Base_Haiku on November 23
:) I liked this article! Japanese Street Fashions have been MAJOR influence on my style and willingness to experiment. Lolita is a style I want to try but I'm still one the fence on if I should go out in public in full Loli.......>.<
kennyperry on November 18
sleek and chic!
fuglygirlonthebench on September 23
interesting article although i think only really pretty/cute girls can look good with all the ribbons, lace and pink. I will look downright ridiculous!
La_Mooey on August 30
Interesting article, keep it up!
ligayananami on August 28
Just a couple of things: many fluffier-than-thou lolita actually listen to more edgy rock which would be either more goth, more punk or more industrial than just light rock; since the genre has roots in the rock genre, please don't expect them to listen to light rock. ;) Also, gal isn't quite Blake Lively as it is more Paris Hilton and California Girl...
ligayananami on August 28
(more accurately, California Valley Girl), because it was rooted in pop idol-turned-comeback superstar Namie Amuro and how her Okinawa tan, bleached hair and leggy look rebelled against the Japanese norm of the "proper" willowy, black-haired girl. Gals are also more into sexiness than romance. ;P That said, CamilleCo is awesome. <3
michelle2119 on August 22
mimoji on August 22
This post reminds me of the magazine that started my love for fashion as a teen; Fruits! I adore asian fashion, especially the kawaii/lolita scene in Japan.
IvonneLancaster on August 17
pinkkreen on August 13
great article I learned a lot :)
kimwillkill on August 13
i love all their outfits! this is a very good article (:
Bananie on August 11
jeangreige's mori style is cute <3
saladtong on August 10
great article! It was a very interesting read :)
psykoKilla on August 10
really enjoy reading this. Great stuff!
pandaphilia on August 07
this is a great culture dose article, crystal! you write the most amazing stuff and i love these girls
mochaccinoland on August 07
i'm always fascinated by Japanese fashion. Nice article!
aribear22 on August 06
interesting article!
kaede on August 06
Lovely article! Thank you for pointing out that there is a difference between Lolita and cosplay! :)
Jonniel76ers on August 06
love it
Dandelia on August 06
Great great article! It was fun and so easy to read. Sugoi desune!!!
NanaHoshino on August 06
Yay!!! I adore this. You did amazing job Crystal :) Thank you so much<3<3
candydoll on August 07
I definitely agree! <3
MiuSan on August 06
What a fun thing to read, considering I get a lot of inspiration of Japanese styles.
HeadFirst on August 05
I love all types of Asian fashion.. I love how it's so unique, and they can still pull it off! :)
Cranbarrier on August 05
I adore Japanese fashion.
JAELA on August 05
Asian always have a fly way with their it
staystitching on August 05
itswendycloset on August 05
interesting article
stylenomad on August 05
Another superb and informative article, Crystal! I like how you incorporated local Chictopians into talking about Japanese style tribes.
lizzified on August 05
extremely interesting article :) really enjoyed your take on tokyo fashion!
teribi on August 05
kudos to this article :) i've been always waiting for someone to write this or if not, i'll probably send a submission if only i have time to do this (14 hours a day i'm out and working...)
teribi on August 05
anyways, about the gal genre, check-out, since 2005 it has been my inspiration on my choices for fashion as well as the anime supergals:)... i guess they sort of like having paris hilton, barbie, jlo, mariah carey and destiny's child for their inspirations (that's why most of them get tanned, etc.).. more like a japanese barbie doll.
teribi on August 05
anyways, it's also coincidental when i came upon this article because just yesterday out of boredom, i was researching on lolita fashion and other jap street fashion subgenres online...
teribi on August 05
you could also check out to learn more on these:)
teribi on August 05
ehem... ehem..:) i was about to suggest that you shoud've included candydoll among your lolita examples...when i saw candydoll's comment below:) Please do check out her photo blog:)... i really believe that she's one example though... more like casual lolita or country lolita:) You could also check out and f yeah lolita blog online to get the real deal on mixing lolita with reality:)
candydoll on August 07
Thanks love! I love lolita fashion! However, I think Crystal put me in that category because I told her my perception about my own style. It still varies from time to time though. I used to say that my style is more of vintage romantic and preppy until recently I noticed that it's paradoxical.
candydoll on August 05
Wonderful article, Crystal! I thought you haven't receive my reply for a while... Hahaha! Anyway, great job! ;)
teribi on August 05
i dunno but i believe you're more of lolita than elegant?
teribi on August 05
i believe you should've been one of the examples for lolita :) check out my comment above:)
dina123 on August 05
thanks for including me =) It's a great article. Finally, someone is writing about Japanese fashion!
teribi on August 05
hey congratulations:) i agree that you should be included:)!
iamapls on August 04
Great. Interesting article. Kudos!
ameliajin on August 04
Love the article and interesting topic!!
boredstephanie on August 04
great article =D
AlexanderJames on August 04
Great article! Very fun! Just one small thing: In the first paragraph, the word quench is misused.
Britt_Whit on August 04
wow great post! Whit was in Tokyo a cpl years ago and loved it!
headbandit on August 04
Fantastic article! So interesting and informative. I think I'm a mix of "Elegant" and "Casual", although these seem to be complete opposites, haha.
JyaDi on August 04
this article was alot of fun to read!
Senta on August 04
Thanks for this post! I've been in love with lolita style for over a year now ;)
maryiangge on August 04
great history about japan! nana is awesome! this is pretty long article to read crystal but very informative :)

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