Black and Gold

Updated on Aug 02, 2011
gold gold Forever21 necklace - dark khaki Mossimo shoes
Dark-khaki-mossimo-shoes-black-jersey-forever-21-dress Gold-gold-forever21-necklace-dark-khaki-mossimo-shoes Gold-gold-forever21-necklace-dark-khaki-mossimo-shoes Gold-gold-forever21-necklace-dark-khaki-mossimo-shoes
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MichelleCurry 's Thoughts:

So, as an eary birthday present, my good friend Thomas called me up and said “lets go to the street concert in Asheville today! GET UP AND GET READY!” I was a bit dumbfounded at first but said sure and procedded to get ready for our lovely road trip.

Asheville, North Carolina has been called many things. Freak Capital, Hippie Paridise, Paris of the South, ect. It is one of my favorite towns here and honestly I would move their in a heart beat! Everywhere there is artwork, good organic (and very vegitarian/vegan friendly) food, wonderful people, music and much much more. Sunday was the Annual Bele Chere Festival. All the local shops and resturants set up for a 3 day extravaganza of art, music and just plain awesomness!

We saw Sonmi Suite playing, which is a local electronic band, and jammed out, then went to a few of the shops and I got a few things. Sooo totally going back! It is a total fashion paridise. So many stores that make their own clothing, jewlry, bags, ect. And, you can’t get it anywhere but there! How cool is that? Besides, the stores, we ate lunch at a little cafe called Early Girl (delicious sandwhiches fyi) and had dinner at Tupilo Honey Cafe. It was so absolutly delicious and it was the best food i have had in a long time. All you can eat bicuits and honey with a new southern food twist is A.O.K. in my book. :)

So, for my outfit I decided on my new black t-shirt dress with some of my favorite gold pieces, new dessert boots and m vintage sunglasses. I wanted to stand out i the crowd of hippies and steampunks while still blending in just a little. Here, everyone wears what they want and it is a big fashion city. It is a bit on the underground and indie edge of the fashion spectrum, but its fashion non the less.

Key advice, wear what you want, make sure it makes you feel good and like yourself and always buy unique pieces. Hope you all enjoy! :)

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IoanaCarmen on September 05
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