Harry Potter Fashion Tribute

Updated on Jul 27, 2011

Comments (31)

Milly_Mo on April 18
aleka on August 31
This is totallyyy awesomeee :3
phillipthenickel on August 20
I'm getting all nostalgic now. :)
Umaluhu on August 11
Totally had a potter party. or two...This was enjoyable. i like the subtleties here! next hurdle: pottermore. :D thanks!
paulaunger on August 07
<3 <3 how wonderful
simplydora on August 06
i miss emma's long locks.
Jen_na on August 06
AlexsiaH on August 05
Love this article xD Potter forever!
catluver2425 on August 04
i absolutely LOVE the harry potter series! thanks so much for posting this article! :)
Izacouto on August 04
Im such a Potterhead!!! This is lovely :) btw, has anyone gotten into pottermore?
laurenmcg1229 on August 04
This is my life in a nutshell. Harry Potter + Style... + Food :)
bumblebeelasso on August 01
I am so excited to see that the HP love hasn't ended with the last film. I love everything about this post.
lauraL on August 01
I love all those outfits ! and I had a Harry Potter party yesterday hehehe:L
leahl11 on July 31
i loved candydoll's outfit! very harry potter =D
candydoll on August 02
Thanks love! <333
ZiZi543 on July 31
there are no word to describe how sad i am about Harry Potter ending. There are even less words to describe how Angry i am that i havent seen the last film yet!!!! i cant believe its been a decade already, where has the time gone.... i love Love LOVE harry potter. Potter Lovers 4ever <3
jehanprouvaire on July 31
amazing article!! i am so obsessed (writing fanfiction, creating videos etc) but all my harry potter inspired pictures dont turn out so good!! i have the owl post, with my DIY owl bag. will try and post a better one tomorrow!!
<3 harry potter
LUVAct101 on July 29
I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 this dress is sooo funky, but its soooooooo coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plasticflowergarden on July 29
Haha I love this! And it brings back many memories of book releases, movie premieres, and random Potter-athons Aha I have 3 HP merch shirts in my closet, plus my own DIY shirt and time-turner necklace. I used to have a scarf but a guy I met at a Potter party took it :( Love all of this to death(ly hallows)! Haha Too much? Normally I would say yes, but since its HP I say not!
ithinkimight on July 29
Love this!
candydoll on July 29
I love this article so much!!! I am a die hard Potter head. Thank you for featuring me. I am very flattered!!! <333
aribear22 on July 29
love the mmischeif managed look(;
JyaDi on July 28
pumpkin pasties!!!!
lizzified on July 28
love potter! :)
sheilamdenison on July 28
Did you just compliment Umbridge on her clothes!? I always thought they were hideous...
rach77 on July 28
good article!
LadyButterfly on July 28
awesomne article :)
purplewang on July 28
Cute article! I threw a HP party in college once. I still remember the guy who dressed up as Hagrid. He was full on and it was kind of awkward having everyone dressed all cute and some guy with a big hairy wig and beard on. Good times :)
LeenzieM on July 28
Emma looks so pretty in that first picture. And I woulda totally but HP inspired jewelry (like the Deathly Hallows necklace), also the scarves :)
crystaldots on July 28
Great post, especially digging that bracelet!
tyleroakley on July 28
that deathly hallows necklace is amazing.

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