A Decision to Discovery

Updated on Jul 23, 2011
charcoal gray P&P Jeans jeans - black Piper & Blue hat - silver gracie shirt - b
Charcoal-gray-p-p-jeans-jeans-black-piper-blue-hat-silver-gracie-shirt-b Charcoal-gray-p-p-jeans-jeans-black-piper-blue-hat-silver-gracie-shirt-b Charcoal-gray-p-p-jeans-jeans-black-piper-blue-hat-silver-gracie-shirt-b Charcoal-gray-p-p-jeans-jeans-black-piper-blue-hat-silver-gracie-shirt-b Charcoal-gray-p-p-jeans-jeans-black-piper-blue-hat-silver-gracie-shirt-b
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PreciousNothing 's Thoughts:

Yeah, I know I haven’t post in months! My apologies.
This outfit/these pictures were actually from back in March. Which I should have put them up then. I went to Ohio with my friend to see some of our friends play a show, and we haven’t seen them in MONTHS so it was good.

Anyway, I had this whole new outfit and I didn’t know if I wanted to wear that black top, or the silver top. And when it comes to making decisions on clothes to wear im always in a toss up. So jokingly I said “I’ll just wear them both together & later on if I feel like it, I can take one off & still have the other one on in case I changed my mind”. I threw them both on & they actually went together pretty well! I was surprised! But not the first time i’ve done it before, lol. So here we have the result of that, as well a picture of myself with just the silver top so you can see both ways :)

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RoswellVixen on July 30
haha bout time you started posting again! lol nice look, i have NO clue how you are able to wear all these crazy high shoes girl! id be toppling overr! maybe i should try some now that the baby is out and i dont have to be paranoid about falling over in them while prego LOL the shoes are awesome! did you get them from gojane?
RoswellVixen on August 21
ummm yeah i think you can i have seen a couple people post just shoes or a purse before.
PreciousNothing on August 20
has anyone ever JUST posted shoes? cuz i have a few new-ish ones that i wanna take pix of and post but ive never seen somebody have a post of only shoes...
PreciousNothing on August 20
lol yeah i know! i dont go out all that much, and when i do alot of the times i forget to take a picture of my outfit [if its good] or i already changed out of it & then realized. lol after wearing platforms since 9th grade, any type of high shoe is piece of stroll in the park cake! i can teach ya if you want lol. no, actually from discovery!
freedomwings on July 28
Love this look!!! Great layering :) Chic! +1
PreciousNothing on July 29
thank you! :D yeah it was a successful try, lol! hope i can manage to do it more often! i just need somewhere to go to dress up first!
citygirl on July 23
cute shoes :)
PreciousNothing on July 23
Thank You! :D
Fatimmy on July 23
Love the jeans!
PreciousNothing on July 23
thank you! :) i really like them cause they feel different then any of my other jeans [the material]!
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