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Updated on Nov 26, 2008
River Island shoes - new look shoes
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jetaime 's Thoughts:

My old pair of black evening shoes don’t fit me anymore, and seen as it’s Christmas and I have a few parties coming up, I thought now was the time to get a new pair! But I am so stuck on which to buy! For one of the parties I would be wearing them with my favourite LBD, a strapless silk number that falls around four to five inches above the knee, just thought I’d let you know!

Pair number one –
A massive £65 from River Island, but those studs and straps are to die for, yes? The heel is 11.5cm (including the concealed platform) so I would be around 5’10 in these. I absolutely fell in love with them, but I’m dubious about the price. Has anybody bought heels from RI before? Because I was wondering if they were comfy! And are these complete hooker shoes?

Pair number two –
A far far more reasonable £25 from New Look. They’re basic, with massive heels, I’m guessing 5 inches, so I would be 5’11 in these! I love the three straps but I’m worried that the massive and completely inconspicuous platform would look a bit clumpy!

And so I’m asking the most fashion conscious people that exist to please please help me decide!
Please leave a comment and do my poll!

Comments (10)

Ayaka on October 05
love them!
Alice_Cullen on April 22
Love the firt ones!
raaga on December 17
just go for the first one it will make a star outa you.
maitabaello on December 03
first pair its to die for and unique
jetaime on December 03
yes, that's what I thought! I'm definitely getting them in the christmas sales!
darlenemarie on December 02
go with the first pair they are to die for and they kinda remind me of Christian Loub. for Rodart
jetaime on December 03
wow I see what you mean! I think I will definitely get them, but I will wait 'til the after Christmas sales because I am broke at the moment!
lifeinsideamusicbox on December 01
if it was me, i would get the first pair, in a go-with-what-you-love, first instinct kind of way.. the second pair are more classic, and less expensive, but tis' the season to be celebratory and decadent, right? and the first pair are just. so. awesome. definitely those! :)
jetaime on December 01
yeahh that's what I thought! But I am officially broke after I bought this cropped blazer on the weekend (pics coming soon hehe!) so I'm thinking I am going to buy a plain pair and DIY!! but thankyou for your advice :D
wattabouts on November 29
the first one's too awesome dear :D
jetaime on November 30
I think so too! :D
neen_cicero on November 29
i love the first but i think the second are more timeless and classic, so i guess its more a matter of if your looking for something to last the trends or not... i think the only solution is to buy both...
jetaime on November 29
that's just what I thought! I would love to buy both, but I can't afford it haha! thankyou for your advice!
aldonza on November 27
i want the second opcion becose is more basic but the firts opcion is very cute i vote for two pairs ¡¡¡¡¡
jetaime on November 29
hehe, I wish I could buy both pairs! thankyou for your advice!!
fayeangelica on November 26
I'd get the River Islands just because fierce, statement heels are wayyy more worth it. I've personally never worn any of their heels, only their sandals, so I'm not quite sure how they are comfort wise, but their shoes are really well constructed, you can tell how much thought is put into the shoes because the level of craftsmanship is insane.
jetaime on November 29
thankyou for your advice! at the moment I'm thinking of getting the second pair, or a similar pair anyway, and diying with studs or something!!
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