The 5 Craziest Looking Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Updated on Jul 07, 2011

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NatashaGosling on April 22
Love the "what your boyfriend sees". Great use of humour.
barganshopper on December 29
crazy n fun!!
KlaraKohtamki on October 18
I adore the stinger creepers!!!!!! Amazing!
AlexsiaH on August 25
Am I the only weird one who totally loves those skate platforms and finds them to be relatively normal? Eh, the cheese stands alone.
mary1901 on August 04
i would were the skate plateform
AllanaAldea on July 30
It's amusing how people can actually walk in those haha!
rach77 on July 29
jjbeibsrocks on July 26
wow those are crazy!
aribear22 on July 26 bueno haha
JuicyGina on July 25
These aren't Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but they are on a site with them. how could you even walk in these? i don't understand!
j on July 25
The Skate Platforms are so fun!
PimpMyMode on July 22
I love it!!
ravenouscreatures on July 21
I am a fan of the Rockin' Platforms. Pretty much I am a fan of most Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The Stinger Platform may be the exception. I can't see myself in them, but would I am sure they suit some brave soul out there!
Im_lolo on July 21
the mens wear inspired pair are getting pretty big rite now
ThePageStaysBlank on July 18
I love the skate platforms. I just started at them for a minute, unsure what to do, then decided they were fantastic.
LUVAct101 on July 17
I love the skate platforms, reminds me of the holidays
ksaebin on July 15
I'd have to say Stingers Creepers is the craziest one.
ksaebin on July 15
Under Skate Platforms, 'GTFO' HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Really interesting shoes but I'd never wear these though I kind of really need the extra height.
Shri on July 15
I love the skate platforms! They're my favourite JC shoes, so I asked my boyfriend for an opinion and he said it was the coolest platform he'd ever seen on a shoe and that I should definitely get them! ;D (ahah I'd so get them anyways, they ARE great for the winter!)
MariaAlyssa on July 15
I love Jeffrey Campbell especially the Lita and Foxy but you will never ever see me wearing Stinger Creepers and Pluto Wedges. Those two are not my style.
vania on July 14
The pluto wedges are almost normal looking expect the back elf thingy :p
itshayliebrooke on July 14
im a girl and i can't justify any of these. yuck.
TheCrayolaEffect on July 14
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pluto wedges. I want!
LEM413 on July 12
I actually really like the skate platforms. The Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I do not understand right now, though, are the El Carmen platforms and the Lita Platform Boots in the American flag prints. Seriously, they don't make sense.
havoc on July 12
i WANT those creepers...dude....soooo amazing.
aimeechris on July 11
i live for jeffrey campbell<33333
teribi on July 10
these shoes are so awesome. but for some stylish yet practical women out there, this is just good for photos and not for walkin.
megmehtab on July 15
true gal!
lizzified on July 12
agree! :)
alyssabird on July 10
I just got a pair of the rockin! I even chic blogged them on chictopia! they are hard to walk in, but i love them!
shamarmom on July 10
LOVE THESE!!!! Such a statement shoe!!!!!
stardancer on July 09
I like the way the back heel was created so it doesn't dig into the back. Smart move!
Chabri on July 09
I would go for any except the skate wedges...a bit too much there imo
accordingtomlou on July 09
i adore the rockin platforms and the skate platforms. WANT!
crystaldots on July 09
Those creepers are too stinging for me. ;p
stylenomad on July 09
This article makes me snicker especially the part about boyfriends! I'm not really fond of any of them really- they're all a bit too attention grabbing.
sonialazo on July 09
I would wear them all in real life, except the pluto wedges, but I LOVE the skate the most (:
ReginaDiCuori on July 09
those shoes are crazy, but i love them ! =) i'm in love with SKATE PLATFORMS <3
Notofthisage on July 09
Cute as works of art. As shoes to wear in the real world.... epic fail.
Kris10na on July 08
I prefer normal wedges or flats but seeing this maybe I'd like to have pluto and skate yay
Mimi_Walker on July 08
OHH i LOVE these!
EveyHoneysuckle on July 08
The only one I deem wearable would be the Pluto Wedges. A little strange, but much more wearable than the others. You want crazy shoes, check out Kobi Levi's shoes. Dual toes, "stepped in gum" heels, flats with literal tongues sticking out, Jeffrey Campbell ain't got anything on him shoe-wise :) (I still love him though haha)
LestaLatin on July 08
Great post, I prefer to use comfortable shoes rather than sophisticated shoes
theflightoffancy on July 08
haha so awesome... and daunting
ayeesha on July 08
i like the JC rockin platforms. i definitely can wear them anytime anywhere. somebody give me a pair!
biotechnology on July 08
I love his shoes
JackieSketches on July 07
btw great article love the boyfriend fashionista comparisons hahaha my life :)
purplewang on July 08
haha thanks! :)
JackieSketches on July 07
I lovee them all the flatforms are not my style though the skates however <3 <3 <3

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