"Summer Dream"

Updated on Jul 04, 2011
blue thrifted floral dress - heather gray tights - brick red vintage MChantal pu
Blue-thrifted-floral-dress-heather-gray-tights-brick-red-vintage-mchantal-pu Blue-thrifted-floral-dress-heather-gray-tights-brick-red-vintage-mchantal-pu Blue-thrifted-floral-dress-heather-gray-tights-brick-red-vintage-mchantal-pu Blue-thrifted-floral-dress-heather-gray-tights-brick-red-vintage-mchantal-pu Blue-thrifted-floral-dress-heather-gray-tights-brick-red-vintage-mchantal-pu
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, my friends!!!

Missed me?! :)) ’Cause l missed you sooo much!! :X

This morning l arrived lately at work because l had the theory exam for my driving license… again =)) Yes, l failed 2 times already! Shame on me!!! :)) But I hope this time l’d had more luck with the practical test!…

That’s what l wore on Friday at work. It was cold like a fall day… brrr… :(

Today it’s finally better and l took some pictures of my outfit that l’m wearing right now so l can share it with you soon.
Absolutely love my new over the knee socks in navy, hahaa!! :D Navy always was my new black and l love how they match my cardigan and make my floral dress stand out here, especialy because they are different shades of dark blue.

Hope you’ll have the best week, my friends!!

Now l’ll check out your blogs and search for your new posts. Can’t wait to see them. Everyone posted like crazy lately so l feel a bit strange to be the last one :))



Comments (116)

Lynx on March 11
love it..
Roxiu on February 22
natzmarie on July 28
I think this is my favourite outfit of yours!!! love the colours....so cute!
_SERENITY_ on September 14
thank you, dear<3 xx
bright_eyes on July 21
Beautiful dress! xo
TheJackyy14 on July 19
i love this its so cute
piterbelfy on July 17
like that dress!!!!!!!!!
lexilu on July 14
Beautiful details - I especially love your vintage bag!
so cute!!!!
moddolly on July 14
chic vote for this. i love the bright colours! xx
xylemyuen on July 13
remember me?? hahaha!! great shot!!! i love your dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_SERENITY_ on July 14
thank you, dear :)) xx
CuddlyCacti on July 12
beautiful dress & really well put together outfit! i love how it's so colorful & that necklace is so pretty & of course always love that bag! so great you can wear what you love to work as well! +1 : )
_SERENITY_ on July 14
aww, thank you so much, sweetie :D xx
Chipztah on July 12
that floral dress looks good on you :-)
kathewynn on July 12
i love your dress its so beautiful... :)
louiselaqui on July 11
i love your purse! and your dress tooooo <3
Diamonddigger on July 11
this is very pretty look - love the overknee socks as a part of this look ;-)
_SERENITY_ on July 14
thank you, dear :D xx
Lucyss on July 09
oh, that dress is so pretty, my dear!!!! I really love the floral pattern on it and this colour really suits you!! Great bag and cardi as well and I am crazy about your socks!!! so chic! +1:)
_SERENITY_ on July 14
thanks a lot, honey :)) xx
RodneyStar on July 07
Such pretty blues!
JaclynMarcos on July 07
so cute loving how vintage it is such a pretty dress
MadeleineLazaro on July 07
sooo pretty floral dress ;) love your purse ;)
lamonstra on July 06
well put together!
pure_win on July 06
cant say too much dear.. i'm very very busy right now.. =( FAVED this one so badly !!!
_SERENITY_ on July 07
wow, thanks a lot, doll :D xx
woocie on July 06
you need to take me shopping because your clothes are so wonderful! i love your necklace!
_SERENITY_ on July 07
aww, thaank you, sweetie :)) sure l'd love to!! xx
LelyyLove on July 06
love the floral dress and the vintage purse^.^
tanyafashion on July 06
great combination , lovely dress , but you know how I'm fan of over the knee socks , so chic with those outfits , belt , shoes and the leather purse !
_SERENITY_ on July 07
thank you soo much, darling :D xx
subliminaldoll on July 06
Another amazing look from you! Your hair style matches your outfit so well! :)
_SERENITY_ on July 06
thanks, dear :D xx
SevvySamanthaF on July 06
the whole outfit is amazing!! <3
Aphrodite on July 05
pretty dress hun and love how you styled it!!!!!! Bag, necklace and cardi=LOVE!!!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thanks, hun :D xx
heyitscrichel on July 05
chic voted again dear!
ohyeahdonna on July 05
the clors are lovely dear! and the styling is so adorable!! And your hair is up! lovely!:D
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thaank you, darling :D xx
dandelionwine on July 05
love everything about your outfit! Also, you're absolutely adorable! xoxo
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thanks a lot, hun :D xx
colorpop on July 05
am digging ur style completely..love ur accessories..they are so chic..ur giving new dimension to contrasting with same color pallet..u look very pretty..wana favorite all ur pics :D (n will do so too!)
_SERENITY_ on July 05
aww, thank you soo much, honey :)) xx
heyitscrichel on July 05
gosh faving this photo right away! you look so fabulous! you look like a movie star right here! i definitely love the blue ensemble on you! definitely sophisticated and modern with some vintage vibe put together! you absolutely amazed me with your styling as always!!! you look so chic and pretty all the time form head to toe!! now you make me want blue stuffs so much in my closet! you are amazing!
_SERENITY_ on July 05
aww, thank you sooo much, sweetheart!! <333 MWAAH~!
heyitscrichel on July 05
thanks so much for your chic votes darling! i do appreciate it a lot! faving and voted this photo as always! mmmwaaaahhhh! luvyah sweetie!!!!!!! xxxx
hotpinkday on July 05
Love all the blue colors together! Very cute!
FollowYourBliss on July 05
I love this color on you honey! That purse is gorgeous! Good luck on that test! Do you have a blog?
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thaank you, darling :D xx
ninnda on July 05
OMG I love the photoshots dear, the background really great with your outfit :D I love the dress, so classic and cute! you never wrong in layering dear! the belt and cardi make this look more cute :D and yes, I always in love with your bag! ;) have a great day dear! xoxo
_SERENITY_ on July 05
aw, thaank you soo much, sweetie!!<33 xx
WeMoveVintage on July 05
super cute dress!!! love the color and the print! you look so pretty!
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thanks, dear :D xx
iamrada on July 05
I like it >< U so pretty
Universeandyou on July 05
Such a lovely cute retro style ! Love all your accessories !! Your are so stylish!
_SERENITY_ on July 05
ohh, thanks a lot, dear :D xx
folle_femme on July 05
Beautiful retro look! I love the dress and pls, pls..can I have that bag?!
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thanks, dear :)) l can borrow it to you! xx
aminta on July 05
Your bag is amazing!! Love it... you look adorable
Fashion27 on July 05
love the dress and bag! you are so good at styling!!
Rock102 on July 05
love this dress so much especially with the belt! Great look!
Ra_Ra_Rabbit on July 05
I love all your shades of blue, and you look super adorable.
cute style! I like the cadigan, the bag and the scarf!
sweetsultryjoycee on July 05
you are sooooo gorgeous! and yes i missed you! haha, it's been a while since i was active in chictopia. you look so cute in this photo! :))
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thaaank you, darling :)) xx
RJanine on July 05
That dress is gorgeous!! I love the color and everything! The belt looks awesome! That purse is oh so pretty just like you dear! :) I must say I am so in love with your style! <3
_SERENITY_ on July 05
ohh my, thank you soo much, sweetie :)) xx
Canon_Girl on July 05
Beautiful dress, I really like blue and green together, cute socks and cardigan!!
Krmen on July 05
wow! what a great combination!! i love it! u look great! u surprise me with each outfit! they are lovelier every time!! u always have my vote!
_SERENITY_ on July 05
ohh my, thanks a lot, sugar :D xx
denycemartinez on July 05
such a great dress! +!
kellympreston on July 05
I love the entire outfit, but the best part to me has got to be that amazing little bag- so precious!!
_SERENITY_ on July 05
thank you soo much, dear :D xx
29Skirts on July 04
Ooh, such a pretty thrifted dress! The color looks lovely on you. I love the reddish brown belt and bag with it too.
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
queenmelanie on July 04
i love your cardigan
freedomwings on July 04
Such a gorgeous look dear!!!! LOVE that dress!!! you look like such a doll! xoxox Chic!+1
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thank you, dear :D xx
Hantsa on July 04
adore the dress with the over knee socks!!so cute!!+1
KarenCyan on July 04
You got a super nice retro bag here!Love your style here with summery blue =)
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, hun :D xx
snoopellie on July 04
I miss you sweetie! I've been also away from here, been very busy for some stuff at school, I miss your posts! you'ere as lovely as ever! I fancy your dress and its perfect with that belt! Love how it perfectly blends on high over the knee socks! :)) Sorry to hear about the driving test, hope you got it this time. My hopes are with you, <33
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thank you soo much, sweetheart<33 xx
benjatony008 on July 04
I miss you so much dear : ) Came back with your new lovely hair style : I love this floral dress : ) it look perfectly on you and your purse So classic. Flight for your driving license,My friend : ) I wish you pass it > - <!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, sweetie :D xx
StyleViKi on July 04
blue is such a great color for summer. Lovely dress!
Roshi on July 04
What a beautiful dress :) its so sweet teamed with that cardigan!!! :) and knee highs are always super. chic hun always x
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
JamieRose on July 04
Beautiful! The necklace is so pretty and I love the color of your dress. The knee high socks work perfectly with this too. And that's an awesome bag! I love everything!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thaaank you, darling :D xx
SarahJaneR on July 04
Love the dress and bag, you always know how to accessorize so well! +1
chyrelg on July 04
really sweet blue dress.
lolaloa on July 04
hi sweetie, you look very beautiful as always dear, the socks look adorable on u, very pretty dress and i love how it look with the belt and cardi, oh i adore your purse. chic +1, honey u will get your license, i got mine on my 5th attempt soo i know it is stressful, jus keep at it.mwaaah
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie :D xx
cityofbugs on July 04
you look simply wonderful in all these blue tones! i love the dress and how you layered the socks and tights. so gorgeous!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thaank you, honey :D xx
ZaneZanite on July 04
amazing dress - love the color and the print so much. adore the cardigan and stunning socks too. faved :)
_SERENITY_ on July 04
ohh, thanks a lot, honey :D xx
Mimi_Walker on July 04
love the dress
ilovekrissy on July 04
cute dressssss i love it!!! you look so pretty dear with your hair up :)
Jen_A on July 04
Beautiful dress and I love your cardi and stockings!!! Super cute outfit, dear!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, darling :D xx
Jen_A on July 04
and good luck with you test, hun!!:)
Blue4ever on July 04
this dress is gorgeous <3
cherry8888 on July 04
Love your dress and cardigan!
thriftqueen on July 04
don;t worry hun I failed 4 times my driving exam 11 yrs ago:(
keiem on July 04
so gorgeous.
shoeaholic on July 04
beautifuL dress & you aLways put pieces together very weLL.. im kinda into bLue right now & i'm so in Love with this outfit, Loved & faved! btw goodLuck with your practicaL test :)
_SERENITY_ on July 04
wow, thanks a lot, honey :D xx
JovinaL on July 04
dear, u look absolutely beautiful! the whole concept is so vintage and love everything that's put on u! chic as always xx
margiereyes on July 04
cute dress!
I_MYCreation on July 04
this outfit is full of beautiful bright vibrant colors -- my favorite colors of blue -- i love the floral dress too much -- i love how you position the belt on the waistline which brought a bold texture to this outfit (one of my favorites) always adore the tights and knee sock combination -- you look Flawless, always look forward to your wonderful well put together looks -- Faved, xx
_SERENITY_ on July 04
ohh my, thank you soo much, sweetie!!! :D xoxo
stellarqueen on July 04
awesome dress!
lovely dear! very romantic!
bravethewaves on July 04
I love, love your bag! :)
thecathag on July 04
Awww you are my summer dream indeed, so pretty! You probably can make even a dish rag look good!! Love the bag, the scarf and your pretty dress!!! Knee high socks are so cute on you. +1 chic voted! :) xoxo
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, thank you soo much, sweetheart :D xx
fashionvenom on July 04
i so love your style ever. hope i can do some styling like yours too :) lovely :)
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, hun :)) sure you can do it!! xx
crazywatermelon on July 04
very, very lovely indeed. <3 <3 <3
rhemel on July 04
This dress is really a summer dream!!! I am in love with it!!! That print is super GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love this mix of different blue shades!!! Perfect combination between that cute cardigan and those socks! Cute bag with that scarf! Chic voted!!!!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie :D xx
glicious on July 04
love your blue floral dress! beauty look...
little_vixen21 on July 04
pretty i love the hot nice blue dress i can feel the summer :)
heathermichele on July 04
Love the shades of blue here. And that purse is so lovely! You're always so perfectly accessorized. :) +1
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
zahra on July 04
is there still pretty cold? cause here, the weather is very mery hot. anyway, it's such a lovely dress, sweetheart! love to see it mixed with the cardigan (which is same like mine) truly inspiring, dear! ;D
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, sweetie :)) today, it's better! ;) xx
vanitychick on July 04
cute floral dress
dalzz on July 04
Pretty Dress.. Love the Bag... chic voted..
mestizay on July 04
great navy knee socks Oana! i like all the different shades of blue that goes so well in one outfit!chic!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks, dear :D xx
Foxvintage on July 04
Cute look here! Love the mix of the blues! Dress is lovely! Such a fab summer look! Your so stylish! Love love LOVE! x
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, darling :)) xx
Love your dress :D Good luck with your exam!
miss_ai on July 04
that's a beautiful dress! I love all the shades of blue! :)
mochaccinoland on July 04
looking lovely in blue :)
IlanaMorgan on July 04
great colours loove the dress!!!
Beeswonderland on July 04
Well hello hottie:) I love over knee socks and yours look amazing on you!Love how the floral dress calm them down.Stylish,my dear!xx
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thank you soo much, sweetie :D xx
yecyoj on July 04
gorgeous dress and cardigan! i love your bag too. too cute and girly! :)) +1xx
mirose on July 04
super super cute dress, love the color so refreshing and sweet, and i like it when u change ur hairstyle, change is good, and very cute profile picture. xx!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, thaank you so much, sweetie ;)) xx
mirose on July 04
I missed you too my dear, its been a while, i hope ull get ur test this time. xx!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thaank you, dear :D missed you too!! xx
em1986 on July 04
i love you in blue honey, loving the vintage look with over the knee socks and that gorgeous bag xo
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks, hun :D xx
kittenhood on July 04
love your bag :x
TaraAsturias on July 04
bec i missed u so much and u rocked this one , im faving your photo and chic voted 10x!!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
ohh my, thanks a lot, doll :)) xx
TaraAsturias on July 04
omg! super love this one babe!! I love your floral dress tucked in with a belt! you look just as fabulous as ever!!! ;* sooo happy to see that bag too its my fav bag of yours!! always forever beautiful! I SURE DO MISSEDYOU!! ;D
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, thank you sooo much, sweetheart <333 xx
ambebi on July 04
stellapnp on July 04
Oh dear I'm so glad to see this beautiful outfit!! great summer dress!! i love your necklace and retro bag!! great scarf too!! amazing layered tights and lovely shoes!! so chic!!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thaank you, sugar :D xx
toropiski on July 04
nice scale of blues - the red-belted bright dress coming to top - yes, it is enchanting! ++
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks, dear :D xx
aouicabrera on July 04
love the combination of the red belt with the blue dress <3
chely_bean on July 04
Yess dear!! Love this retro vibe you got going on here. I love the pops of the different kinds of blue. the print of your dress is so pretty and i love how you paired it up with that brown belt. Cute cardi too and purse!
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, you're so kind, sweetie!! thank you soo much :D xx
LarasArum on July 04
You look so lovely here..love the color of your outfit.
sazzychiq on July 04
florals are my favorite during summer and that dress totally rocks!! the color and the prints are amazingly gorgeous. really standsout
_SERENITY_ on July 04
aww, thaank you, sugar :)) xx
katslovefashion on July 04
so cute!!!
cassiopeiareal on July 04
loved the colours...
humanstarr on July 04
yay love retro! :)
KayeRevil on July 04
I love your dress dear! =)
Zuzana on July 04
wow lovely blue outfit. Love those knee socks on you. It is so cute. The belt and bag complete this outfit perfectly.
_SERENITY_ on July 04
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
Itsmekhezia on July 04
So cute! I love blue! Great outfit :D +1
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