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Updated on Jul 03, 2011
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black Reebok leggings - orange unknown bag - black xtreme Manjaru flats - black
Black-reebok-leggings-orange-unknown-bag-black-xtreme-manjaru-flats-black- Black-reebok-leggings-orange-unknown-bag-black-xtreme-manjaru-flats-black- Black-reebok-leggings-orange-unknown-bag-black-xtreme-manjaru-flats-black- Black-reebok-leggings-orange-unknown-bag-black-xtreme-manjaru-flats-black- Black-reebok-leggings-orange-unknown-bag-black-xtreme-manjaru-flats-black-
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Kris10na 's Thoughts:

It’s Sunday grocery day.

Time to put on the comfy clothes and flip-flops for loads of walking haha

The downtown market just been renovated and this was the first time we came to check out the new look of the place at the wet section. It’s a lot of improvement from the last time I’ve been here quite few years back. But sorry it’s not what’s in the background of the pic because I forgot to take a photo of myself while in the market.

The photo was actually taken after and it’s in front of my sis lil’ boutique and thanks to her fiance for taking the snaps =)

Before I forgot my title says Pro Sustainable Living…

because I am Pro it and I am an environmentalist and that bag was actually my old buddy in shopping back in Metro Manila in 2009 and I still have it and I promise to remind myself to always use it instead of plastic bags.

Plus I’m getting serious with being vegan but not that hardcore. I’ll try not to eat meat as much as possible that’s the easiest I can give up for now but the dairy products No, Not yet or maybe not ever. =)

And yes I won’t wear fur coats even faux fur, that’s easy I can’t afford it anyways… haha No leathers anymore, silk and wool? Hmmm, let’s see… maybe I can promise not to buy anymore of that but I’ll keep the things that I already have but there might be some exceptions just minor though =)

Just my little contributions for Save the Mother Earth Movement. What’s yours?

Comments (3)

Canon_Girl on July 07
No furs for me either, I try to re-use my grocery bags as much as I can and I don't litter. I'm pretty hardcore about the not littering, even when I was a little girl I would get pissed off at my classmates if they'd throw paper on the ground. :-D Great T shirt, nice laid back outfit! Also, you've got some beautiful black hair!
Kris10na on July 07
Nice to know we're not alone in going green. I know there are much more people doing their part larger than I can. But I'd like to start small at least lol and thank you for appreciating my outfit and my hair =)
hotlikemexico on July 03
love the top!
Kris10na on July 06
thanks =)
trinnah on July 03
Cute T! I love the comfortable look for grocery shopping. It's definitely casual chic. I don't wear fur either. Also for the reason that I probably can't afford it. :) Great entry!
trinnah on July 03
That's true, too. It's too hot in the PI to even attempt that. I've always wondered how some of the girls here can layer with blazers and sweaters when it's usually too hot.
Kris10na on July 03
Thanks. I think even if I can afford it I'll be such a show off wearing it in a very humid country and I can't wear it too because of the feeling that you're inside an animal's skin, too gross =)
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