How to Control Your Shopping Appetite

Updated on Jul 01, 2011

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WildCatt on October 11
great article. I also try to imagine what I will wear the item with. Another idea is to take an inventory of your closet, that way you are up to date on what is in your closet and are less likely to buy similar things. Saving for more expensive things is always a good idea, and it doesn't have to be clothing (although it certainly can be!) Maybe you want a new camera, laptop, car, phone, etc
Umaluhu on September 08
If your appetite still isn't quenched, like the DIY tip, you can still shop as often but spend ten times less by shopping thrift!!! 99% of my closet is either gifts or thrift, and I find it nearly outrageous to spend more than 10 bucks for just about everything (with necessary exceptions). You can shop till you drop, spend a fraction of what you usually do, and come out with double the load!!
aribear22 on July 31
love the DIY ideas!
pastmeetpresent on July 28
i love all of the re-vamp ideas! i really wanna try the glitter shoes, i just gotta find a pair to use! also i really needed the tips on not overbuying!!
sheilamdenison on July 25
These are some good tips
JuicyGina on July 25
I love this article. I really needed it. The Syi & Sam's glitter shoes are fantastic!
sarasol on July 19
the DIY is a great option for clothes i haven't worn in a while
StarStuddedBelle on July 16
Exactly what I needed! Thank you for the tips, I'll definitely be using the list of questions soon :)
catiebeatty on July 15
Great article! Just what I needed :)
megmehtab on July 15
Reminds me of the movie "confessions of a shopaholic" :P to be able to become a reformed shopaholic is what my goal is .. :)
MariaAlyssa on July 14
I also have a problem in controlling my shopping appetite, that's why I'm thinking of making my own clothes. Thanks for some DIY tips :)
KyreenaHay on July 14
I have a nasty habit of needing something new and awesome whenever I have a big event coming up. And because a lot of my friends are DJ's and gig organisers, I have a "big event" to go to at least once a month! I really need to just try go to an event just ONCE wearing something I've worn before. I think the "re-vamp DIY" is a great way to do this, thanks!
LaFemmeTresChic on July 14
I totally need this, I have a shopping habit and always find myself need something in a certain color . Smh
kadense on July 14
great article! i totally needed this.. slightly off topic: i love Syl & Sam! been following their blog ever since you guys posted that DIY scalloped leather skirt tutorial. <3
lizzified on July 12
great tips!
MissMissy on July 06
So glad you included some DIY options - you always offer such great projects! I'm definitely going to be whipping up some lace shorts like those by swellmayde! Thanks =]
Squarectomy on July 06
Love the clothing swap idea! And it's eco conscious.
What a great topic to discuss, I as well as others find this very helpful.
heathermichele on July 04
Great article! I'm on a two week shopping hiatus right now, but in the meantime I'm definitely going to make the lace tiered shorts! Love the diy suggestions!
gsimone on July 03
thx 4 the tips because Lord knows i need help in this area
miki_girl on July 03
This is great! Heaps of chictopians are bound to find this incredibly helpful. (Including me! =])
plasticflowergarden on July 02
Funny timing of this article. I'm an ex-shopaholic, but literally the last week I have seen myself start to slip back into old ways. Keeping the tags on until I decide to wear (or in my recent case, return) something has helped me a lot lately.
theflightoffancy on July 02
Phew nice reminder for me, I want to save up and move to a nicer bigger place (with a presumably bigger closet) but I often spend my entire leftover money after bills within a few days of payday! It's tough because sometimes you CAN buy least for a second.
crystaldots on July 02
LOL! It's so hard. I sometimes feel like it's an addiction. Eep. Sometimes!
boredstephanie on July 02
i feel like this article is needed by many chictopians haha xP

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