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Updated on Jun 29, 2011
navy Nekorine dress - cream Nekorine skirt - turquoise blue Nekorine top - sky b
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nekorine 's Thoughts:

If you are wondering my lack of outfit post is because of a competition held by RaRa Superstar is keeping me really busy lately!

The theme of the competition is “A weekend by the sea” for their spring and summer collection. Rara likes vintage old school looks, the 30s-60s with a quirky twist. I tried to put their design aesthetics into my own design aesthetics which like Rara, I like to use the dark, strong but at the same time sweet and mischievous feministic styles from Chanel, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior mixed with the well tailor structured, minimalistic, hyper-cool Mod styles from the 1960s twist it with and the light hearted pastels from the late 80s early 90s mixing the theme of the competition, holiday and the sea, something that represents the sea. Also adding fragments of styles from the 18th century Rococo era and the turn of the century pre and post Victorian era giving it a soft floaty but sturdy structure and form to the dress(es).

I did about 12 designs considering they don’t have limits on their submission but I think I over did it… my sister called me an over achiever buuu but I just keep having ideas after ideas and it ended up with 12 my sister had to stop me. Then I had to scan it and colour it in and that took a while but I really enjoyed it and it was a good mini challenge for the holidays!

But I can’t show you all the design yet, not until Project Rara has officially start voting then I will post every single design here on my Chictopia and on my Tumblr!
So I just post a brief sample, a combination of 10 designs in one sketch front+back all from different parts of different designs :)

Looks really strange… but hey it has a Tsumori Chisato and Kenzo’s hey days feel to it :D

I will post up the links to my design from Project Rara on my C-topia soon! I’m counting down to voting time!! Eeep!! Stay tune!!!

PS: Rara Superstar extended their closing date for a few more days (I’m guessing 7th of July) so if you are interested, an Australian Resident and got ideas you can quickly do a sketch and send it off before the 7th. Also drawing skills are not essential in this competition, it is the idea. Click Here for more details and submission

xx Nekorine

Comments (3)

jehanprouvaire on June 30
stunning draing!! i absolutely adore ti!!<3
nekorine on July 08
<3<3<3<3<3 Sorry for the late reply!!! Thank you so much! Voting starts Sunday!! Stay tune!!
franloiacono on June 30
Very talented!
nekorine on July 08
You're too kind, also thank you for commenting all my other post! :) I am currently a follower of yours
JackieSketches on June 29
ooh i will definitely have to check this out! do you color everything on the computer? very cool!
nekorine on June 29
starts. (didn't finish the sentence from before, sorry)
nekorine on June 29
Yes :) colouring is pretty easy, just scan the image then when you clean up the back ground move it to a new blank page then get a fabric print you like (from fabric online shops like Purl Soho) and copy the image as a new layer and put it underneath the sketch and erase out the the excess prints around the sketch line TADA! I hope that helps :) I'll post the designs in a week or two once voting
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