Keep it pure.

Updated on Nov 21, 2008
white Dorothy Perkins top - white strappy pumps Tyler shoes
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

Accidentally deleted my blog post when adding a supporting photo!!!!

I’m the really OC type of person who has endless to do lists and organizers to make sure my life is going according to plan. I actually improved from before since now, I trust my ipod to dress me up every day. But, basically, I love being in control and hate procrastinating which according to my mother, friends and a handful of my professors from the psychoanalytic school of thought, makes me a neurotic.

So being that way, I do everything and accomplish things before I really have to since I like the extra time to be meticulous about the details and all that jazz. Which is why as early as about two weeks ago, I’ve been doing Christmas shopping. I always send out my gifts two weeks in advance.

I designated this day to be the day my boyfriend and I would do Christmas shopping together for people we’d be giving gifts to together. I even made a list that was color coordinated which made my boyfriend laugh since I was being the normal control freak I was.

The mall at Christmas season (it officially is in my country!!!) is such a breath taking sight, well Rockwell Mall anyway where Christmas trees were everywhere and the store displays were so elegant and divine. I love all types of shopping so naturally I thrived in the hustle and bustle of it all. It was all so amazing to me.

Amazing Italian Dinner at CIBO!

Bought a new black ballerina skirt and lace dress from Cheena Ng, designer of Amour Manila, which I love and cannot wait to wear! I loved it!!! Amour Manila is available at and I got the Amour Dark Love Dress: Fatal Obsession. Thanks Cheena!

Wore this since I was thinking of removing the leggings and changing to silver zipper shoes for a good friend’s birthday bash at Embassy Superclub but by dinner, my heart rate and blood pressure was not so good so I had to give that up and rest at home according to my mom so I did. And I slept for about 4 hours and this is the time I am officially up and running! (It’s 4 AM!!!) I was disappointed but I am glad I did rest. I don’t know what could’ve happened to me if I still pressured myself and went. Happy Birthday Jeckles! I’m sorrrry!!!!

I was looking around my favorite stores last Sunday while my brother was getting shirts at Topman, so like routine I browse through Topshop and Dorothy Perkins and I saw this dressy top (according to the salesgirl it was actually a long top) and loved it instantly. It was actually on a 50% off clearance sale, which gave me reason to get it plus the black version too.

The minute I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. This is actually the back detail of the dress that I wore as the front. I saw that it was workable and the lowback emphasized my shoulders more thus the changing of sides. No I was not confused, I just chose to make it accent my back instead of being scoop neck and emphasizing the lack of certain assets on my part

Besides, isn’t the zipper detail in? Why hide it at the back part of the dress right? It has that certain Sabrina feel to it when worn backwards which makes it totally classic and clean and at the same time rough around the edges with the cold hard exposed silver zipper right smack there. Used that Preen Zipper Dress I love and Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring Summer 2009 collection for the look!

To see the PREEN DRESS i am talking about, CLICK HERE

To see how Ann Demeulemeester’s S/S 09 Collection I used for inspiration, CLICK HERE and HERE

The top actually only goes until the second tiered layer that you can count from the top. The remaining two tiered layers come from my white skirt which I used to make it longer and more dresslike. I added leggings since I wasn’t feeling like exposing my legs that night when it was kind of chilly and it provided contrast to the white strappy pumps I wore to complete the look. Again my tricolor bangles were cause I needed at least a heavy piece of accessory

Song inspiration was PURE by Blue Six, one of my favorite House music artists. I totally adore this song and the message it has. And the beat is totally catchy and upbeat too. (Nostalgic for house music!!!)

_some people look for love
settle when they’ve looked enough
others will take their time
takes too long they’ll soon find
some people need their fear
they think it makes life clear
no one’s on earth alone
yet everyone’s on their own

someday one day maybe
somehow, not now and you will find
what you lose
when you have peace of mind
most start out with great ambition
years gone by
lose your time lose your mind
drink that wine, drink that wine

look at me i’m pure
everything that i am i adore
it’s the reason that life is for
it’s my heart that i need to be sure
heep it pure
be pure, anything that you dare and more
every nap of my hair i’m pure
what you love at the root, at the core
keep it pure

some people look for love
settle when they’ve looked enough
most people think they have time
to begin life
they’re so wrong
they’re so wrong
they’re so wrong
what i dream of, if i dream hard enough
will become mine
if i don’t run out of all my time
most people have intuition
to love life
love your life
feel alive, feel alive
look at me i’m
free……….la la la la la_

Cheers! Hope I did the two designers justice! I am totally loving the zipper trend!!!! Did not add a belt or anything since i wanted the separate pieces too look like a dress! xoxo

Comments (35)

NathaliaV on August 01
bjkdAnc3r on March 18
nice shoes!
Erzsebet on November 23
Your bag grrr hehe
joannaladrido on November 23
haha thanks so much dear! i guess that means you like it? ;)
pwincessbebe on November 23
i got the exactly same dress as yours, but mine is black. and you look gorgeous !
joannaladrido on November 23
i got the black one too! hahaha ;) i knew it! the people in dorothy perkins were telling me it was a top since as a dress it was too short so i added my own skirt to make it longer and it worked! ;)
acizgirl on November 22
love your shoes!!
joannaladrido on November 23
Thank you!!!
jessy_H on November 22
love what you did to that top:)
joannaladrido on November 23
thanks jessy!!! haha ;) backwards is so much more fun!!!
nathanielt148 on November 22
I like your look there, nice bag and shoes!
joannaladrido on November 22
Thanks so much!!!!
brittany on November 22
this is sorta fantastic in one of those nonconventional ways. love love
joannaladrido on November 22
thanks!!! my mum did say avant garde! hahaha thank you so much!!!
ninaestacio on November 22
i luuuuurv thissss babes!!!!!!!! that top is so you with the exposed zip! love it!!! xx
joannaladrido on November 22
i know babe! i'm so hooked on exposed zips!!! haha i'm obsessed! you know it right? ;) miss you babe! i had no weekly dose of N this week! haha xx
Tashhh on November 22
I love that dress. Wearing is backwards definitely added to it and made it look awesome.The shoes are cute too. :)
joannaladrido on November 22
thanks so much! i swear i shall write to dorothy perkins and tell her the dress looks better backwards than how she originally designed it! hahaha ;)
Ysa on November 22
I need those shoes!!!
joannaladrido on November 22
thanks dear! you can get them at Zara ;)
x0xo on November 22
i love the baggg!
joannaladrido on November 22
thanks so much!!!!
merkovsky on November 22
this dress reminds me of versace spring09. LOVE THE BAG
joannaladrido on November 22
Oooh i love it! thanks so much for saying so!!! im totally ready for spring 09 teehee!!! and thanks! from my mother when she went on a vacation abroad~
coco_h on November 22
u pick and chose the best in everything, dont u? u own every look that u do too. not everyone can pull off such outfit but obviously u strutted ur gorgeous little ass in it. very nice job! ;)
joannaladrido on November 22
haha i do try ;) i guess it helps to always be looking for the best finds at the stores and combining it with what i already have!!! trust me my dear, i totally put so much effort in what i wear...haha researched yan!!! kidding teeehee thanks so much! and cheers!!!
mi7esng on November 22
I miss you too! Hope you're okay na :)
joannaladrido on November 22
miss you too miles!!! ;) yeah im better just missed out on a fab bash!!!!
lycaong on November 22
i miss you :((
joannaladrido on November 22
i miss you too lyca ong!!!!!
hirondelle on November 21
great! specially the idea of wearing the skirt the other way round:)
joannaladrido on November 21
its the top i wore the other way round dear! teehee!
faa on November 21
oh my god! you wore the dress the other way around? cool! you have the best wardrobe ever!
joannaladrido on November 21
yes dearest! haha its crazy right? but it worked!!! thanks so much for saying that!! haha i like to think it needs much improvement! xoxo
supervillain on November 21
I like how you wore the shirt backwards. Very creative!
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much!!! i am glad i did! cheers!!! xoxo
ctee on November 21
that would be an awesome dress even tho its a top and a skirt haha
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much! cheers!!!
megz29_29 on November 21
good idea with the backwards top! I love this, it looks like a dress! and awesome shoes.
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much dear! i love it!!! glad it does was going for that! xoxo
Kalin on November 21
I love that top! Looking gorgeous!
joannaladrido on November 21
thanks so much! cheers!!!
DigitalLove on November 21
What a funky dress! Haha, and I love making lists too..don't be ashamed at all ;D
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks babe! they're separates! haha and yes we "list" women have got it all secured! we can rule the world! haha
angelgo03 on November 21
looking totally Hot AGAIN!
joannaladrido on November 21
thanks gorgeous!
ferociacoutura on November 21
you look fierce.
joannaladrido on November 21
thank you so much!!!!
lissakahayon on November 21
I love this JL!!! Kinda what Rachel Bilson did to her Chanel dress!!! and that skirt is amazing!!!!
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks! oh yes i remember that!!! tops worn backward esp when the detail is at the back are a great way to mix n match outfits! haha it looks fresh and new!!!
NinaS on November 21
oh my! so many AMAZING outfits the past few days. you look gorgeous in white...and i love your make-up! very ethereal!
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much Nina!!! =) im glad you like them! i do try haha thank you! will keep that in mind! will wear white more! haha xoxo and for the makeup i get mine at shu uemura and bobbi brown!
Grammarous on November 21
mission accomplished - i thought it *was* a dress :) love the front zipper and those shoooz! by the way, you have such a doll face and your skin is always amazing!
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much!! teehee glad you like it!!! haha the shoes are femme fatale with the straps right? haha and thanks for that the wonders of makeup xoxo
inKARLcerating on November 21
wowww! avant garde-ish but super wearable!! yay i loove u in white too! hehee.. i also depend on my planner and phone.. i even write notes on my hand when im too lazy to find my organizer. heehe. but im not an OC OC.. loove yer make up JL!
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks darling!!! My mom did tell me i looked harajuku avant garde! hahaha i love white too!!! teeheee gotta love organizers right? hahahaha cheers babe!!! xx
iheartdresses on November 21
i love the zipper top backwards:) i think i wuda done the same as why have the zipper at the back? hehe. and i love ur shoes!
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks dear!!! haha i know right? why waste all the detail at the back? teehee thanks a lot and yes the shoes are perfect for this outfit at least i thought so!!!
baubles on November 21
ugh, loooove this. i actually thought it was all one dress! the zipper looks awesome
joannaladrido on November 21
Hahaha thanks so much! thats what i wanted to pull off with the outfit! im glad it came across!! xx
Fruchtzwerg on November 21
joannaladrido on November 21
oh thanks so much!!!!
ninjaneko on November 21
love the skirt :) you know anj right? she's my sister...i think she was there in jec's party.
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much! oh yeah shes a friend! thats nice! haha ;)
underthestares on November 21
The exposed zipper is so dainty, I love it! This outfit is perfect. You look like a sweet+tough ballerina
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much dearest! what a lovely way of putting it!! xx
Starrgirl on November 21
haha I love that you wore it backwards. you look so pretty in white dresses girly <3
joannaladrido on November 21
Thanks so much dearest!!!! I am glad i wore it backwards! hahaha cheers! xx
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