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Updated on Jun 19, 2011
white retro print Bershka shirt - burnt orange thrifted Pigeon purse - navy deni
White-retro-print-bershka-shirt-burnt-orange-thrifted-pigeon-purse-navy-deni White-retro-print-bershka-shirt-burnt-orange-thrifted-pigeon-purse-navy-deni White-retro-print-bershka-shirt-burnt-orange-thrifted-pigeon-purse-ruby-red- White-retro-print-bershka-shirt-burnt-orange-thrifted-pigeon-purse-navy-deni White-retro-print-bershka-shirt-burnt-orange-thrifted-pigeon-purse-ruby-red-
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, everyone!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend, my friends!!

Yesterday was amazingly hot and l almost suffered because of that :)) I went out in the morning with my girl friend and she was looking for a maxi dress. Unfortunately we didn’t found anything as beautiful as we wished. It’s strange but l felt like there were more beautiful maxi dresses 1 or 2 years ago. I have 3 maxi that l brought 2 years ago and l still love them and their quality, fabric, lenght and patterns are better than we found yesterday… :(

Even our favourite accessories store desappointed us because it was closed for some reason. But l brought a beautiful ruffled floral tunic that’s just perfect for summer. Maybe l’ll share it with you soon.

I wore my last floral dress that l didn’t posted yet and some brown accessories (leather wedges and purse) so l felt comfortable despite the hot weather.

Anyway, that’s what l’m wearing today. I went out and took these pictures before rain started. After such a hot weekend this refreshing rain made me happy!

Hope you’ll like my edgy preppy outfit!
I brought this pretty high waisted skirt 1 or 2 years ago and l always wear it in summer time because it’s not good with tights. I would need an underskirt for it but l never found the perfect one.
I love the pattern of my shirt, it’s a vintage car and l adore vintage cars :)) My favourite thing is the way my shirt & vest combo is balanced with those shoes and bobby socks.

Have a beautiful new week, everyone!!<3



Comments (100)

WhiteLace on July 13
Acum am vazut ca esti din Romania:) Esti foarte sweet, ai un stil foarte dragut:) Organizez un Giveaway pe blog si te invit si pe tine sa participi. Te pup:) http://www.whitelace.ro/
Friidam on July 08
So Chic and cool!,voted!
colorpop on July 05
love ur look :) u have an amazing sense of creating looks
katay on July 05
simple is best ^^
queenmelanie on July 04
love your bag
GlamorousVibe on June 28
take me thrift shopping with you ! you have such cute things from thrift stores. i love this look. i really like your style
_SERENITY_ on July 01
aww, thaank you, sweetie :)) l'd really love to! xx
Beatrixfashion on June 28
j'adore this look!
Zigk on June 27
This is sooooo cute.:) Love this preppy look on you.Voted.:)
MarkeeCoco on June 24
Love that this is sophisticated and casual at the same time. Nice belt again too!
_SERENITY_ on June 24
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
irieabbey on June 24
like the retro vibe of your outfit!
stylecon on June 23
I love your bag
Gareth on June 23
Classic meets rock, love it ^^ And that is such a nice purse!
dylangwafa on June 22
I am amazed by you style =) I want the bag in this look! Love it! super chic keep posting sweetheart!
_SERENITY_ on June 22
thanks a lot, sweetie :D xx
SolangeSouto on June 22
nice match color :))) green . . . so nice :P
heyitscrichel on June 21
i def dig this ensemble! love the cute school girl look! you look so darling and very feminine! love the vest especially. And the combination of green, red and brunt orange is totally an awesome earthy look! love these colors together! you are the only one who can actually pull this look definitely!! love the oxfords and the white tee is definitely rocking the whole look! great style as always!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 21
omg, thank you SO much, sweetheart!! :)) XOXO <333
heyitscrichel on June 21
faving and voted +1 dear! been a busy week for me! seeyah next time! mwah!
Pradhan on June 21
awwww.. you look so adorable! i love your style and this is a perfect combination of everything... CHIC!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thaaank you, darling :D xx
Aphrodite on June 21
Preppy chic!!!! Love the vest, skirt and socks+shoes!!! But my fave of course is your bag!!! Stay chic!! xxx +1
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thanks a lot, honey :)) xx
folle_femme on June 21
I always love how you mix socks with shoes!..and this is such a great kinda of retro outfit!
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thanks, dear :D xx
SECOUSINS on June 21
Prepped up and ready for Summer! Amazing combo, loving the bag and shoes xxxxx
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thanks a lot, honey :D xxxxx
anna5 on June 21
oohh love it ! e foarte fainn ! imi place fusta si pantofii si cum ai combintat totuu :)) . amazing combination
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thanks a lot, dear :)) xx
stellapnp on June 21
gorgeous style dear!! i adore the shoes with the cute socks and amazing bag!! very elegant skirt and retro vest!! love the tee with the cameo necklace!! very chic and adorable style!! keep amazing us!!<3
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thaank you, darling <3 xx
sunshinesar on June 21
I looove this! Your skirt is amazing and i love how you paired it with a vest and graphic tee. very cute!
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thaank you, honey :D xx
ninnda on June 21
awww this school girl themes really steal my attention!! you look so cuteee with this preppy school girl look :D cute skirt, great combo with those red belt dear!! nice tshirt, love the print retro lol :D and you put the vest in this style, I just lovevest so much, and this look is perfect!! and you always great wearing the socks+shoes, I wish I can wear socks+shoes too and look stylish as you!xx
_SERENITY_ on June 21
aww, thank you SO much, sweetie!! <33 mwaah :D
cityofbugs on June 21
so faving this! such an amazing combination. i adore the skirt, and the tee looks amazing with the vest. love the socks and shoes also :)
_SERENITY_ on June 21
ohh my, thank you soo much, darling :)) xx
Martina_Golightly on June 21
great combination and I am completely in love with your handbag:) Thanx for commenting my outfits.) I am your fan now!:)
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thank you soo much, sweetie <3 xx
AtinAsun on June 21
bettymyla on June 21
Love the vest look! Casual and chic!
xenii on June 21
aaah love it, as always :D xoxo
marcyminiano on June 21
lovely as always dear!! and you know how much I love it when you do preppy looks! ;) <3 +1
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thank you, darling :D xx
Hantsa on June 21
you're cute as always!!you always find a way to be so fashionable with simple things such as those pretty skirt and vest.chic voted!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
TaraAsturias on June 21
Thank you again for the sweet comment dear! you always make my day!!! :* thank u soo much! CHIC VOTD always!!
_SERENITY_ on June 21
aww, thanks a lot, sweetie :)) xx
jenfromYSC on June 21
i love the entire ensemble especially the bag!
thecathag on June 21
I love your skirt, it's the best and looks perfect on you! Sweetie, you must have the biggest wardrobe ever, you have an accessory in every color conceivable! And those shoes + the bag is love. Hope you are well, beautiful! +1 chic voted. :) xoxo
_SERENITY_ on June 21
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie<3 XOXO
TaraAsturias on June 20
+ chic voted!!! gorgeous bag!!
TaraAsturias on June 20
omg sweetie another beautiful gorgeous look from you!!! im loving the skirt on you!! the vest is also perfect its extremely chic!!! :** :D isnt it winter in your place right now? As always yours so lovely and I hope you win for style icon beautiful!!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, sweetie <33 xx
rizzalana on June 20
loving the vintage bag as always ;)
Claradevi on June 20
I love your shoes and your bag!! And your hair is too darling <3
ohyeahdonna on June 20
i love the bag so much!! as always, youre lovely!:D
Yanie on June 20
cute preppy look dear! love the purse!
krystellejoy on June 20
love the combination! you always impressed us!
everydaylook on June 20
really cute outfit! love the skirt! and it goes great with the belt(nice pop of color) and love the bag too! chic!!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
stellarqueen on June 20
amazing! love the purse!
freedomwings on June 20
very cute! Love the vest & purse! +1
cupcakecutie on June 20
I like the way you pull the outfit together with the accessories.
chubbylumpkin on June 20
You look so cute in this look! I am really liking all of your separates lately, you make me want to buy even more shirts! Love the shoes and the purse, so sweet!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
mirose on June 20
looking preppy and casual, it looks very comfy,but cute in the same time, i like ur vest and skirt. xx!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear<3 xx
WallflowerVintage on June 20
Totally adorable!
Mimi_Walker on June 20
LOVE the skirt,bag, and the top
chely_bean on June 20
i absolutely love the way you paired a simple tee with a high waisted skirt and the vest just adds a magical touch!! your shoes are fab and the socks were such a good idea!! +1 :D
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you soo much, honey<3 xx
ilovekrissy on June 20
cute plaid skirt dear:)
FollowYourBliss on June 20
Such chic outfit. I love the vest and skirt together!
Jen_A on June 20
That's gorgeous, hun!!! Love your style!!!! <3
JLVie on June 20
voted!!! adorable look! luv it, xoxo:)
neiry12 on June 20
I'm in love with this outfit, is so cute!!
Iyah16 on June 20
I sooo love your purse! Really cute outfit! :)
NanaHoshino on June 20
I love the vest and red belt! cute :)
vanitychick on June 20
cute purse
trinnah on June 20
Such an adorable look! :) I'm loving all your accessories as always! ;)
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks, dear :D xx
Emmamh on June 20
The purse is so nice! Love it!
humanstarr on June 20
so cute. i love Bershka :) can i have the bag? hehe :))
RosMariBrand on June 20
cute cute cute! LOVE the vest!
goldencor on June 20
So cute as always dear!
creepy_stranger on June 20
dear thanks for the lovely comments! love this outfit a lot! esp the skirt and the bag! keep posting :)
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear :D xx
Vilette on June 20
Love your bag!
mestizay on June 20
i really love your cameo necklace. it's so romantic! great purse dear.:)
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear :D xx
lifeisbetterblonde on June 20
cute skirt!i love your outfit.most i like the way you wear that skirt with tee and the vest is so nice.
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear :D xx
fayriekisses on June 20
Another great outfit! What I love the most about your style is the fit. Your clothes always fit you perfectly. You seem like such a tiny girl though. If you don't mind me asking, what are your dimentions? I'm tiny too so I have issues finding clothes that fit me properly.
_SERENITY_ on June 20
l'm always wearing S or XS or sometimes chose M shirts if l want something comfy and loose for my body shape. my dimensions are 78-63-90 :))
I_MYCreation on June 20
adorable outfit dear -- in love with your plaid skirt -- loving this coordination with the graphic tee and vest - such an organized look -- perfect shoes as well, nice color pop from your red belt -- adorable is you :) +1
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you so much, honey<3 xx
pure_win on June 20
really in loveee with this preppy style,darling !!! okay 1st..i love this high waisted skirt.. its really suits you perfecly >.< and so agree with you..this skirt isnt good with tights..! then you really can make a simple shirt looks soo awesome just with add a vintage necklace and a denim vest =D i always confused to make the shirt or t-shirt looks awesome >.< voted !!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
btw, l was a bit confused about the same thing this morning too :))
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you sooo much, sweetheart!<33 XOXO
Mongrel on June 20
Love the tee with the preppy skirt. Too cute!
Roshi on June 20
Love the brogues and that cute high waist. You have the hot weather!! well stay cool its no fun when its uncomfortably hot!! Love that bag. You always look wonderful x
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, darling <3 xx
tunababe on June 20
what a cute ensemble! like your bag by the way :)
I adore this preppy style! :D Love the red belt and cameo :D
somolicek on June 20
GREAT ensemble!!!The red blet is perfect touch!!I really like this look!!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear :D xx
yecyoj on June 20
super cooool shirt with vest. lovely skirt with the red belt! <3 +1
kristenmo on June 20
love that bag and necklace oana!!:-)
FashionCrepe on June 20
Love the purse and the high-waist skirt. The skirt reminds me of the mid-60s A-line skirt trend, but with a modern touch. Great outfit! You definitely got my vote. :)
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you soo much, sweetie<3 xx
of course we like your outfit! so stylish from head to toe!
Krmen on June 20
very nice outfit! that vest gives a perfect touch! i really like ur style! love the bag and the shirt!! +1!!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, dear :)) xx
lharajavillonar on June 20
simply chic and great outfit for everyday look dear so adorable :)
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, doll :D xx
Vixenish on June 20
great styling hun, love the printed shirt matched with striped skirt with vest, it's amazing :) with red belt detail and vintage bag made it perfect!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, darling <3 xx
rhemel on June 20
That one is a cute outfit! I love how the red belt goes well with the skirt! That skirt is very pretty! Your bag is lovely! Nice vest! Chic voted!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, sweetie <3 xx
crystaldots on June 20
wow, i wish i was as skinny as you and i always do like your hair as wavy and curly like you. too bad i don't : (, haha. great look as always. definitely enjoing your skirt looks.
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you so much, sweetie :)) you're beautiful just the way you are!! :D xx
kittenhood on June 20
pretty! i love the shoes and bag! and how you could wear this outfit for school as well as for going out!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
Foxvintage on June 20
Aww cute look here! Loving the skirt!! Waistcoat is really pretty too! FAB! x
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks, dear :D xx
feroshdiva on June 20
I just love everything dear!!
Zuzana on June 20
Your red belt goes really well with denim vest and vintage shoes. Chic outfit.
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear :D xx
miss_ai on June 20
love the preppy look! it's so chic and retro! :)
thebedhairmaid on June 19
how dare chictopia ask: CHIC? OF COURSE SGE IS CHIC!!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on June 20
omg, thanks a lot, dear =) xx
diajengma on June 19
lovely oufit as always dear, love the vest and cute combo with retro shirt! love the way you add the red belt on your skirt and you always get beautiful purse! i hope you win as a style icon dear and i always support you. you deserve it, dear! keep posting, you're fashion! kisses <3
_SERENITY_ on June 20
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie <33 XOXO
carmeli on June 19
I love your skirt! xx
RJanine on June 19
soooo cute! soooo preppy all over! i love your bag! you look absolutely great and awesome as always!! <3
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
mochaccinoland on June 19
preppy, simple & chic!! love that high-waisted skirt and how u complete the look with a red skinny belt and little white socks :)
wrinkleintime on June 19
This look is so cute, wonderful and preppy :)
lovestheday on June 19
awesome, black&white combination are one of my faveorite, your oxford shoes complete the whole look + the purse of course :)
katiecosette on June 19
such a cute look! i love the belted skirt with the vest. +1
em1986 on June 19
gorgeous skirt, LOVING the shoes and socks and vintage bag. always so chic and classy darling xo
enigmasupernova on June 19
ooh dear everything you wear is so pretty adorable! love the vest, the skirt with the red belt, your shoes with cute socks! soo preppy chic!
ZaneZanite on June 19
adore your skirt and cute skinny belt, great combination with tee and amazing vest
dina123 on June 19
love the skirt and the bag <3
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