Sidewalk Stripes

Updated on Jun 13, 2008

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kimtothechi on June 26
Wowza, nice cardigan ^^
nanaaaa on June 14
i like the green cardigan on you, and i LOVE the last pic from material boy!!
helenz (@helenzhu) on June 14
great cardigan! lulu just inspired ricky to buy his first cardigan this spring. he still hasn't worn it yet!
MaleUgly on June 16
Can't wait to see it!
camiller on June 13
lookin' good. that material boy stuff is hot, i want to start dressing like that come fall...
camiller on June 16
oh, IT'S ON. i'm going to start stocking up on menswear-esque pieces immediately.
MaleUgly on June 16
Is this a challenge? I HOPE SO
vron on June 13
you've always got the most amazing shoes!
MaleUgly on June 16
That's very nice of you :)
EverybodyIsUgly on June 13
I love stripes on men. Yum. Speaking of drop crotch. I kinda want jodpurs. What do you think of these? The buttons kind of scare me though.
MaleUgly on June 16
If not, those Maud sandals she's wearing are hot!
cyntastic on June 13
always so chic! love the cardigan by the way
thesundaybest on June 13
I want a Uniqlo, and I want it now. Keep it real son. Real real? Real real.

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