"Back To Mother Nature"

Updated on Jun 14, 2011
black H&M shirt - blue ethnic purse - dark brown studded belt - brown pants - li
Black-h-m-shirt-blue-ethnic-purse-dark-brown-studded-belt-brown-pants-li Black-h-m-shirt-blue-ethnic-purse-dark-brown-studded-belt-brown-pants-li Black-h-m-shirt-blue-ethnic-purse-dark-brown-studded-belt-brown-pants-li Black-h-m-shirt-blue-ethnic-purse-dark-brown-studded-belt-brown-pants-li Black-h-m-shirt-blue-ethnic-purse-dark-brown-studded-belt-brown-pants-li
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hi, everyone!!

Gosh, l MISSED you SO much, my friends!!! I was far away from you almost 4 days and l feel sooo strange about that!…

I had a horrible day and l’m still nervous but l hope I’ll feel better soon. I’m just happy to be back and look for your last posts that l missed these days.

Back to my outfit… l wore this last week when l went to the park and read a book as usual. I felt comfortable and somehow… exotic :))
I love these pants that l found last year. They are just perfect for summer when you want something comfy but stylish and flattering. Their color and aztec print are amazing and l love their delicate texture too.

Hope you’ll like this post, dear chictopians! <3

Have a beautiful week!!



Comments (101)

Bohemianragz22 on October 05
I love everything about this outfit! From the bag to the belt and the pants! <3 cHIC POINTS FOR YOU girlie!
Fashion27 on July 02
your bag and pants are soso cute!!
omvic on June 21
omg! that bag is so <3... i really love it and your look is so stylish chic...definitely chic...i really love this look :)))
_SERENITY_ on June 21
thanks a lot, honey :)) xx
linaho on June 20
Ahhh i love it... so effortless and elegant! The accessories match so well, and I really like how you pulled of this pants! <3
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thaank you, darling :D xx
toropiski on June 20
pants look like batik, nice, and the blue is just right tone to go with them!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thank you, dear<3 xx
aww amazing! now I want trousers like this! and your bag look terrific here! chic!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot a lot, sweetie :D xx
000ecstaSY000 on June 18
hey der r so many ppl loving u wid pants really u look goood in it i hope for more
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
diajengma on June 18
love your pants too dear, esp the pattern on it. and love the way you add studded belt on your shirt, brings the feminine touch! love your bag too esp the detail. you look so comfy and stylish in summer!
_SERENITY_ on June 20
aww, thank you so much, sweetie <3 xx
lovestheday on June 18
i love your print pants, its awesome, and the whole look is so perfect, as i told you before, you have so many beautifull purse :)
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
humanstarr on June 18
beautiful pants. like african queen! :)
pritoninato on June 17
Very nice, beatiful belt and bag!Kiss
Hantsa on June 16
amazing pants:)+1
chinacatsunflower on June 16
i am obsessed with your bagggggg
tunababe on June 16
omg! i love your aztec pants!
sininanimikay on June 16
I like this look a lot. Nice take on ethnic prints.
carmeli on June 16
love your pants :)) xx
Giizabelle on June 16
love you pants!!!!!!!!!! where did you get them from?!?
Giizabelle on June 16
Great FIND!!! I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair as well =) don't think they will get much better than $2 though
_SERENITY_ on June 16
l found them in a thrifted store for only $2 :)) thanks a lot, dear! xx
neiry12 on June 15
Those pants are so chic, I love them?
kayl on June 15
These pants are so great!!! Love love love them!
mariachuvachu on June 15
awesome!!!! really love your pants!!
rach1023 on June 15
omg, i love your pants!
gellieperalta on June 15
I think, this is the first time I saw you in pants. And I loved it!!! Your bag, belt and pants are a deadly combination :) +1
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks a lot, darling <3 xx
Phuonglet on June 15
They're awesome pants! Love the patterns and I love the belt you've teamed with the look. Very chic! xox
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
Phuonglet on June 15
Btw, forgot to mention that bag is way awesome!!!
IlanaMorgan on June 15
you look amazing love the pants
Krmen on June 15
wow! what a great outfit! this is definitely going to one of my favorites!! your pants ar so cool!
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks a lot, dear :)) xx
gabichela88 on June 15
love your pants
ninnda on June 15
wow this is so unique and new of you dear!! I just see this's you new look with pants :) this boho chic look is so great!!! I really adore the bag, its so cute! and I love how you belted the shirt! and great pants!! so inspiring style in summer :D
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thank you so much, sweetie <33 xx
Jen_A on June 15
Gorgeous! Love the hippie vibes of your outfit! awesome pants, dear! <3
Mimi_Walker on June 15
LOVE your bag
29Skirts on June 15
The pants are so fun and unique! I love their print!
white_MiX on June 15
oh!! i love the pants
huynhmichelle on June 15
Those pants are to die for!
Roshi on June 15
HOW ON EARTH DID I NOT SEE THIS!! love those pants arent they absolutely amazing BUT I am sooo jealous of that bag. LOVE IT x
_SERENITY_ on June 15
ohh, sry, but l saw your last post a bit late too ;)) thanks a lot, dear! xx
I_MYCreation on June 15
voting again and faved! xoxo
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks a lot, sweetie<33 xx
beni on June 15
amazing necklace & the pants!!! back to nature! exactly!
beckyxoxo on June 15
I love that pants! Beautiful!
TaraAsturias on June 15
bec you look so amazing im faving this photo!! mwah!
TaraAsturias on June 15
and thank you for making me smile!! your comments always make my day! I was soo happy to hear from u! Always and forever chic pretty babe!
_SERENITY_ on June 15
aww, your comments are always soo kind and make me smile!! thank you so much for being such a beautiful and kind friend, honey!! loove U<333 XOXO
TaraAsturias on June 15
i was also far away for 5 days dear!! and when I arrved home I went to my laptop and opened chictopia!! and here i see a wonderful PRETTY LADY in her gorgeous outfit with a theme of mother nature!! :* I love this so much oana dear!! :D I can really say its diff and one of a kind!!! the belt is perfect and also the necklac!! :* YOU ARE ALWAYS AMazing!!
marisa11 on June 15
You always wear interesting clothes! And amazing prints. We moved to London recently thats why I havent posted lately. Should be posting more often now :)
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks, dear! l missed you<3 xx
VivianE on June 15
My gosh, love your style!
iuliadragan on June 15
Lovely pants <3
em1986 on June 15
great pants honey, loving the ethnic vibe going on! gorgeous print mixing and colours too :) xo
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
Soy_Normal on June 15
are u kidding me?! those pants looks amazing on you, my friend!!!... i hope u feel better about ur day... :( im sending you a big hug and positive energies. :) <3 stay beautiful and in peacE!
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thank you soo much, sweetie<33 xx
ohyeahdonna on June 15
i so love the prints of the pants. very funky.:D
ChloroformPerfume on June 15
Oana you definitely rock the ethno pants! Awesome purse and belt too! I love how you always have a theme in your looks! <3
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thanks a lot, sugar :D xx
lamonstra on June 14
oh i love it!
Vixenish on June 14
Amazing bohemian pants matched with cute ethnic bag and bold accessories will never go wrong :) love it, chic indeed!
Shaniqua1071 on June 14
I soooo love love your pants dear, I love the tribal pattern and your purse looks amazing with it too, such a chic look!!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 15
thaaank you, honey :D xx
thecathag on June 14
Awww you went ethnic/tribal today! Different from your usual girly outfits, but just as fantastic!! I realised I rarely see you wear pants, it looks wonderful on you! And I just had to say I love your hair!! +1 chic voted. :) xoxo
_SERENITY_ on June 14
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie :)) xx
mirose on June 14
Looking good my dear as usual, gorgeous pants and bag, love it super super cute. xx!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thank you, dear :D xx
everydaylook on June 14
those pants are so cute, love the print and love how you styled it! and the bag is pretty as well! love this outfit! chic <33
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
freedomwings on June 14
Lovely look dear. Those pants look amazing on you. I love your belt & purse too! I hope you feel better honey. Bad days aren't fun at all :( I hope the rest of your week goes well :) <3 +1
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, darling<3 xx
Yanie on June 14
welcome back! this is the first time i saw you in pants ( i think) but you still rock it! chic!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, doll :D xx
menper on June 14
love your style!
violetheart on June 14
i absolutely adore this look on you! those pants are so chic dear, i love the way you styled it with your shoes and bag, tres chic as always! xx
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thank you soo much, darling :D xx
akikok on June 14
Very summery and nice accessories :) Especially love the ethnic purse and your necklace!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thank you, honey :D xx
Aphrodite on June 14
And yes i do (like it!) Great pants and bag hun! Stay chic! +1
JamieRose on June 14
Those pants are so fun! I love the navy top with them. The cameo necklace is super pretty too!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, hun :D xx
cityofbugs on June 14
sooo faving this! you look amazing, i LOVE those pants! The print is to die for, and wowwww look at the bag too! this is gorgeous! i hope you are ok dear xx
_SERENITY_ on June 14
aww, thank you so much, sweetie<3 xx
ZaneZanite on June 14
love it so much - your bag is amazing, I would love to have one like that too. adore the print on your pants and the way you styled them.
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, darling :D xx
LisaSummer on June 14
those pants are AWESOME :) love love ur outfit :)
Bohemianragz22 on June 14
I AM SO OBESSED with ethnic purses!
yuri on June 14
Hi darling, Love your easy look. The prints on the lounge pants is gorgeous and the bag has a matching style to it. Love the whole look, perfect for reading in the park ;) Oh and I hope you had great days ahead in turns of your bad day today :)
maryiangge on June 14
amazing tribal pants!!! looks so fresh and comfy!
Zuzana on June 14
Great outfit. Love your comfortable pants and all your accessories.
MujerBella on June 14
amazing pants, love this bohemian look <3
fashionvenom on June 14
i loove your style :) bohemian is chic :)
I_MYCreation on June 14
you look stunning -- those aztec tribal pants are my favorite(((i have a BIG heart for patterned / abstract clothing))) (((what a great find)))) -- they look awesome on you, love the coordination of the black basic tee and belt ((great styling and coordination))) -- Always so well put together dear --xo (((LOVE THIS MUCHO)))
_SERENITY_ on June 14
aww, thank you SO much,sweetie :)) xx
LarasArum on June 14
Simply great! your pants looks so comfy and unique. I adore your ethnic purse. pretty..
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, sugar :D xx
RosMariBrand on June 14
LOVE your necklace and the pattern of those pants? super SWEET! :D
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
GracefulleeMade on June 14
I love LOVE your cameo necklace, where on earth did you get it?! As for the Aztec print pants, those are interesting ;)
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
Great pants, you look wonderful :) Hope you'll have more relax soon :)
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, hun :D xx
ShaianneLim on June 14
Nice ethnic pants! :)
Myblondegal on June 14
such a nice purse~! )
SarahJaneR on June 14
I love you in these pants, great styling with the bag and shoes as well, very bohemian!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, dear :D xx
chubbylumpkin on June 14
I love the pants sweetie! You still managed a little boho vibe to your look which is really sweet! Sitting in a park reading sounds amazing right now. I hope the rest of your week gets better! <3 chic!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, sweetie <3 xx
Gareth on June 14
Boho chic, something new for you, and I love it!
PapahMamahnyaMana on June 14
lovely maxi dear.. onan :)
mestizay on June 14
great pants Oana!!! perfect for the bohemina/print trend!! you look so laidback and chic with those pants! i missed your posts. Chictopia aint the same w/o you!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie <3 xx
sazzychiq on June 14
casual chic!! the aztec pants is lovely!! its great with everything. and the detailed belt is my faved!. the purse is just exquisite! always have amazing items(:
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, doll<3 xx
somolicek on June 14
Great boho style!!! You look great!
pure_win on June 14
aww.. this bohemian style loook sooo chic on you, my sweet doll !! gorgeous detail on your pants..look so old but cool with that loose pants =D and you combined it perfectly with simply black shirt and chic blet like that ! gorgeous ethnic purse too >.< where did you get that? i want it too =) love your vintage necklace as always..+1 xoxo
_SERENITY_ on June 14
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie :D xx
crystaldots on June 14
such a boho look! it's different from your other looks because this is more of a laidback and i usually see you in blues and fuschias. this is a great change, and i enjoy your looks a lot! that's why i am a fan. : )
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, honey <3 xx
dina123 on June 14
love it <3
Foxvintage on June 14
Fab outfit here! Loving the trousers they are great! Bag is amazing too! So boho chic! :o)
Solangie528 on June 14
wow soo pretty I loveeeeeeeeee the pants and the purse gorgeous!!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, dear :D xx
shoecraze on June 14
love the pants&&bag!!
enigmasupernova on June 14
this is extremely adorable dear! the pants is so boho chic! great purse & accessories as well :))
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, doll :)) xx
lovely pants and bag dear!!
barbiejhaki on June 14
wow lovely prints dear and I also love your bag. :)
snoopellie on June 14
great pants and cute belt! perfectly put together with those accessories and that bag! you really so stylish dear. Hope you feel better soon! :)) and oh, you really look like a doll <33
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, darling :)) xx
deathbyplatforms on June 14
love the pants!
mochaccinoland on June 14
love the pants. it has an ethnic vibe. u look good!! :)
lharajavillonar on June 14
Simple but very stylish you look so great on this outfit dear and keep posting very chic and fab
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, dear :D xx
rhemel on June 14
Wow! This outfit is every stylish! Those pants are super cool, it has a unique print, very original and exotic! Love your chic belt! Cute bracelets! Nice top! Your bag is FANTASTIC!!! Love it! Deff chic voted!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
ohh, thank you so much, honey<3 xx
BerniceLim on June 14
hello ! love your style so much ! always make bohemian style fashionable ! great ,cool and unique ! love the pants and bag ! nice ! great look ! :D
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
miss_ai on June 14
true boho style! I love it! I love everything from your necklace to your bag to your pants! :)
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thank you, darling :D xx
yecyoj on June 14
i love your pants and belt!. they're so unique. beautiful bag and accessories too! <3 perfect outfit dear. YOU'RE SO STYLISH! :)) +1xx
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, doll :)) xx
klichem on June 14
very pretty pants with Indians prints.
stellapnp on June 14
oh dear finally!! this is an amazing outfit!! i adore your style!! amazing tribal printed pants and i love this UNIQUE bag!! great wedges too!! i adore your necklace!! so chic and beautiful as always!!<3
_SERENITY_ on June 14
ohh, thaaank you, sugar<3 xx
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