"Summer, Sweet Summer"

Updated on Jun 08, 2011
teal thrifted belt - navy Esprit shirt - brick red vintage Marc Chantal purse
Navy-esprit-shirt-brick-red-vintage-marc-chantal-purse-camel-from-kaufland-s Navy-esprit-shirt-brick-red-vintage-purse-camel-socks-bubble-gum-skirt-g Navy-esprit-shirt-brick-red-vintage-purse-camel-socks-bubble-gum-skirt-g Navy-esprit-shirt-brick-red-vintage-purse-camel-socks-bubble-gum-skirt-g Navy-esprit-shirt-brick-red-vintage-purse-camel-socks-bubble-gum-skirt-g
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hi there, dear chictopians!

How are you, everyone? :D Yesterday l got my theory exam and l’ll have the practical test on Friday. Just wish me luck! :))

Meanwhile that’s my outfit today! :D I wore something very similar yesterday when l went out to read a book in the park. I really enjoyed “Far from the Madding Crowd” by Thomas Hardy.

Thanks God it’s finally hot here too!!
It’s strange but l always loved wedges and socks trend but last year l only used to wear them with jeans. lt was hard to went out wearing them with skits or shorts because they stand out easely and people here always look strange to anything different even l always see old ladies wearing them, (they are SO inspiring!) hahaa! :))
But now l feel absolutely confident rocking this trend like l always wished :D My mother thought it was strange at first but now she use to smile when she see me leaving home like this. She said that everyone stoped and stare at my legs when we went shopping together last week. I just think l look like an old school girl and l love this so much! :D

Pink is not actualy my favourite color but that doesn’t mean l can’t handle it :)) I always loved it with navy or green. It’s refreshing, girly and sweet for summer. l found this skirt last year in a thrifted store and l loved its ruffles. I made it shorter so it can fit me better because l’m not so tall.

Anyway, I realized that lt’s too hard for me not to use more than 3 colors for my outfits :)) This rule is not for me, that’s sure!

Hope you’ll like this new outfit, guys! <3 Have fun today!!!



Comments (153)

Roxiu on February 22
hihi, originala , dublu originala!
roxx_lady on December 07
Omg! You are so cute!! I love the mix of colors :) you look beautiful in pink!
K9jenn on July 17
I love the colors!
colorpop on July 05
love the colors..the teal belt is giving a lovely pop to the ensemble without taking anything away from the gorgeous skirt :)
spell_bee on July 01
love the skirt and belt!! +1
Itsmekhezia on July 01
Super duper chic! ;)
MarkeeCoco on June 24
I would love to have a skirt like that! Very cute. The teal belt was a perfect touch.
_SERENITY_ on June 24
thanks a lot, sugar :D xx
sunshinesar on June 21
I love the denim! and your skirt is really fun!
toropiski on June 20
delicious colors, nice proportions and cute bag!
lifeisbetterblonde on June 20
this pink is mazing!!
thebedhairmaid on June 20
I adore how you use your tiny belts!
AprilsAttic on June 19
i'd just like to say.. you're amazing for finding amazing things in thrift stores! i want your skirt :) +++1
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thanks a lot, dear :)) xx
marcyminiano on June 16
this look is so lovely, dear!! the denim shirt plus girly skirt looks so fab on you!! and the necklace was a great add-on as well! :D +1
_SERENITY_ on June 20
thaank you, darling<3 xx
neiry12 on June 15
Your skirts is so pretty? You look so beautiful in this pic!
cupcakecutie on June 15
Nice! I especially love the skirt!!
violetheart on June 14
i adore that skirt and that belt combination dear the colors are fabulous! you look gorgeous :)
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, doll <3 xx
SarahJaneR on June 14
I love the skirt and denim shirt, great casual look!
rizzalana on June 14
love! suepr casual outfit. cute skirt! :)
leftofsunset on June 14
Cute thrifted skirt! It's on trend, but unique. You rock the sock look, I cannot.
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, doll<3 xx
treasurextrove on June 13
I love the skirt it's so pink! I also love the socks with the sandals. Chic!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, dear :D xx
em1986 on June 13
oh i missed this look!!! gorgeous of course, i love that pink skirt and it looks so nice with the different colour mix - navy and teal! fresh and summery look xo
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thaank you, darling :D xx
ReinharT on June 13
Ce mai faci? as always, you rock your outfit ;)
reklawysdnil on June 13
nice color!
sabinasupernova on June 13
Gosh, what an amazing outfit, so cuuuute :))) xx
himitsu on June 13
the skirt's perfect for summer, you looks so pretty as always dear :)
ChloroformPerfume on June 13
Aww there is this adorable little purse again! I'm so in love with it :D Great outfit too, I love how the hot pink pops and that there are these ruffles on the skirt! Fab combo with the casual denim shirt! :)
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thank you soo much, honey :D xx
heyitscrichel on June 12
ooh my gorgeous friend! i definitely love the pink skirt you got, the ruffles are just so girly and sweet! and how you belted it with green is fabulous!!! the color blocking here is ofcourse amazing! i surely adore the denim shirt! it sure made the outfit stunning and without it you look so lovely too since you have great shoulders!! ^_^ adore the cameo as always and purse!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie <333 mwaaaah
heyitscrichel on June 12
faving this photo, you look so vibrant and playful the same time! lovely colors and shoes are too cute!!! love the second photo where you look like your walking in the runway!!! you look really like a model! mwah! miss you sweetie! take care! ^_^
imjustmefashionblog on June 12
love the skirt!!! great summer look!!
angiekje on June 12
ooo this is soo perfect! I LOVE your skirt, the shirt and purse! CHIC look!!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks, dear :D xx
ChinkyMeL on June 12
cute pink little skirt! It is definitely perfect for the summer, flirty and girly. Oh and I have a necklace similar to the one you are wearing. =) Have a happy summer.
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, darling :D xx
Lucyss on June 12
hi,dear!!!! I really missed you but I didnt have a lot of time to check your newest posts!!! you are amazing!!! the hot pink skirt is fab!!! great denim shirt and bag as well!!!! you are so stylish:) +1
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, sweetie :D xx
aivanmagno on June 12
Cool bag!
Vilette on June 12
Gorgeous bag!
humanstarr on June 11
aww pretty!
neonnothing on June 11
Love the colors, dear! Cute skirt! :)
trinnah on June 11
I am loving the color mix! :) Great skirt, and I love teal belt!
Katy90 on June 11
so sweet:) love the colour and your skirt! perfect pop of colour:)
Jen_A on June 11
Sweetie, you look stunning!!!! Adorable skirt and blouse!! Great styling mix!!
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, doll "D xx
RJanine on June 11
I love your style! :) I guess we shouldn't really care much about what other people think as long as we're happy. We dress to express, not to impress. :) You look absolutely pretty. I love your skirt! the pink color looks really good on you! <3
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, sweetie :D xx
mfznlm on June 11
Forget about the public,,,,,,,,,,,,,when the trend is there u got to go for it.and i love it the way u wear u r wedgies with socks & tights / pantyhose / stockings.........u looks really good.....love the taste of u rs....
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
Alex_Elizabeth on June 10
I looooove your skirt and a denim shirt is the perfect way to greet summer!
iamrara on June 10
woooww..i love your skirt sistah. cutie.. 2 thumbs
freedomwings on June 10
Chic voted again dear!!! +1
pink looks great on you dear! another super stylish outfit! Chic chic chic! xx
abbyabbyabby on June 10
beautiful look! looks like you are totally embracing summer! love the wedges with socks. lookin' good!
BerniceLim on June 10
great and lovely outfit ! you matched everything great ! super cute ! love your style sooooo much !!!! ^O^
diajengma on June 10
beautiful skirt dear! and you really have beautiful legs! everything here is beautiful include the girl! love the way you add that belt, the color is so soft and cute! and those accessories make perfect!
hellokelley on June 10
pretty skirt! and the belt is great.
RDPepa on June 10
love it Follow my new blog http://therubberdoll.com/black-shirt-leopard-flats/
Vixenish on June 10
amazing pink skirt! matched with denim makes the outfit perfect :) love it!
stellarqueen on June 09
gabichela88 on June 09
good luck girl, kisses
inspirafashion on June 09
you look lovely girl! i adore all the bold colors, they all go so well together. and of course you rock the socks and sandal trend so well ;). p.s. i shouldve done this so long ago, became a fan!! <3 <3
rach1023 on June 09
sooo pretty!!! love that pink skirt on you!
love this pink skirt with the green belt and denim top!
Mimi_Walker on June 09
very pretty
dina123 on June 09
love the pink skirt, your bag is just beautiful. I love your shoes and necklace too! Chic 1+
S_agapoxxx on June 09
love your little pint skirt and it looks so cute with the other colours :)
S_agapoxxx on June 09
* oops pink I meant!
aliciafashionista on June 09
really cute bag!
kingsibulo on June 09
love the skirt. adorable look :)
NanaHoshino on June 09
The skirt is so cute! i love the bag, too. chic :)
JovinaL on June 09
awww! i am so jealouss of u! its so awesome to have summer, Sydney is winter now :( btw talked about ur outfit! u looked gorgeous, sweet, chic and cute darling...love the skirt's color! definitely chic voted xx
_SERENITY_ on June 14
thanks a lot, darling :D xx
Canon_Girl on June 09
LOVE your necklace!
RosMariBrand on June 09
lovely, like usual!!
Emmamh on June 09
Love it! Amazing pink skirt :D
little_vixen21 on June 09
voted :) hope you can vote for me :))
little_vixen21 on June 09
cute outfit i love this :) so nice... i love this :))) nicenice,,,,
alinaceusan on June 09
zara like shirt
sininanimikay on June 09
This looks so pretty! I love the skirt. The wedges with socks are adorable.
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thanks, dear :D xx
SteffiSanta on June 09
cute! i love your skirt esp when you paired it with that denim. simply adorable! :D voted!
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thanks, dear :D xx
ohyeahdonna on June 09
the pieces go well together. so fabulous dearie!!! love the pop of color with the skirt!!:D
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thank you, darling :D xx
snoopellie on June 09
honestly, its my first time to see your legs bare but still you look so lovely! you're so chic and fab at summer! enjoy your summer! :D <33
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thanks a lot, doll <33 xx
misschqa on June 09
cute combo!
ReginaDiCuori on June 09
your skirt is adorable <3 pretty necklace and belt too! you look so feminine and sweet =) that bag is a perfect touch of vintage style ! chic voted xx
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
pattylopes on June 09
Hi Dear, love your skirt ! You look so lovely and sweet and that photo. Chic voted xxx
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thank you, dear :D xx
dandelionwine on June 09
i love your skirt, and you look great!!
bobc on June 08
older & religious ladies seem to know what looks good. also Chinese in my area keep this same tradition even tho they're not in China & it looks great!
_SERENITY_ on June 09
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
crystaldots on June 08
pink pink pink! great choice of colours!
thecathag on June 08
Why are these looks not on lookbook for me to hype babe?!! And I love the socks with wedges look, it's cute and not at all old lady-ish. I will get myself some pairs of cute socks when winter is over here. :) Hehe the rule of not more than 3 colors for an outfit definitely does not apply to me too. Love the look, you look so hot and fabulous in pink. +1 chic voted but +1000 chic votes in my ?!
_SERENITY_ on June 09
l don't really like lookbook and that's why l didn't posted so often there :)) but thanks a lot, sweetie!!<33 xx
Soy_Normal on June 08
omg that bag!!!!!!! its amazin!!!!
Pink_Champagne on June 08
i love the pop of the electric pink skirt, and your purse is really one of a kind. glad to see that you've been posting more often! =)
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, darling :)) xx
barbiejhaki on June 08
lovely outfit, I love the skirt and belt plus the bag! :) ++1
sazzychiq on June 08
you look stunning!! the outfit is amazing, i lvoe the skirt and the jacket together but once the jacket is removed you look more hot!(:lavett
ZuleyB on June 08
Love the teal break and [ink skirt
SiriG on June 08
Love the purse and pink skirt!
Shaniqua1071 on June 08
Such a cute and casual oufit dear, I sooo love your pink skirt, wedges and purse like always and I wish you good luck on your exams!!!!!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, darling :D xx
lharajavillonar on June 08
very chic and girly pink suites you so well dear i love the skirt plus your bag and jacket very chic
RussianDoll888 on June 08
Good luck! Looking pretty as always!
lolaloa on June 08
you look soo pretty dear, u have the best skirts collection, i soo love the ruffles and love the teal and denim with the pink, you are just amazing with colours dear , u rock sock and wedge soo chic+1, best of luck for Friday sweetheart, mwaah
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you soo much, honey<3 xx
_char on June 08
very chic :)
freedomwings on June 08
Such a sweet girly look<3 Love it dear!!! Chic as always ;) xoxoxo +1
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks, hun :D xx
miss_ai on June 08
love the colors of your outfit! the pink is beautiful with the blue! and your bag is gorgeous! :)
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
bettymyla on June 08
amazing summer outfit!
cityofbugs on June 08
you look absolutely amazing! adding this to my faves. i adore the denim and pink combination, especially with the teal belt. and you look amazing rocking the socks and wedges! beautiful and i still cant believe you arent a style icon!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww. thank you sooo much, sweetie <33 xx
Phuonglet on June 08
Absolutely love the shirt,skirt, belt combo! I am loving the colour pink/fuchsia at the moment and even though it's winter where I am, I've purchased myself a skirt & bodysuit to embellish my needs and I think your skirt is amazing! Love it! xox
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, thank you so much, sweetie :D xx
Aphrodite on June 08
Looking pretty and chic in pink, hun!!! Great skirt!!! Love the shirt too! +1
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks, dear :D xx
chicescape on June 08
nice color combination. A very well put-together outfit. +1
GracefulleeMade on June 08
such a fun and playful pink skirt! love your teal belt as well :)
siumei on June 08
you look great as ususal dear! i love how you paired the pink shirt with a green belt!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you, doll :D xx
WallflowerVintage on June 08
I adore the third photo! The purse, as always, is AMAZING!!!
mirose on June 08
you look so cute my dear, ur wedges are lovely and the skirt too, its good being confident in what u wear, dnt mind the people, its all about u and how u feel,the rest dnt matter :) good luck on the exam. xx!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you soo much, sugar :D xx
goddesss on June 08
hi hun.. u look so cute in this outfit!!! i love the denim with your cute pink skirt.. chic voted!!! ;) and congrats for being one of the rising stars.. saw u at the chictopia hope page. :)
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, darling :)) xx
ZaneZanite on June 08
cute skirt, love it
JennaStevie on June 08
Ohhh dear I lovelovelove this outfit, that bright pink skirt is so pretty and is really chic! So great with the denim button down top. The socks and sandals look is really great too.
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, honey :D xx
Maggieislovely on June 08
so cute
WeMoveVintage on June 08
that is such a pretty pink skirt! your shoes are so cute, and your purse is amazing!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thaank you, sugar :D xx
menper on June 08
cool outfit!
denim016 on June 08
love your wedgess :D and nice colors
Krmen on June 08
Nice colours!!! i love your skirt and how you made it match woth the denim colours!! +1
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you, darling :D xx
Leylu on June 08
I'm in love :X Pink skirt :X:X:X! I just love this :X! And thx for comment :*>:D< You're so sweet :*
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you, doll :D xx
TaraAsturias on June 08
i especially love the cute necklace! forever vintage! :*
TaraAsturias on June 08
Hi babeee!! gosh that is another wonderful romantic and feminine look from you dear!! i love that skirt and oh my you loook really sexy with out the denim jacket!!! :D must applaud you for that sweetiee!!! you always are forever AWESOME!!!! :* hope you could visit my blog im sending a blog giveaway! :*
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you soo much, sweetie :)) xx
unMomentdeMode on June 08
Wow it is so green and beautiful. I love your styling, it's great to see you in less layers. These colors look gorgeous on you! And I love the sandals and socks.
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, darling :D xx
FollowYourBliss on June 08
You look very lovely as always! And I love wedges with socks!
EllieroseStowell on June 08
GirlWithFashion on June 08
great :)
shoeaholic on June 08
so cute & chick :)
Blue4ever on June 08
lovely skirt <3 it fixes perfect in this outfit <3
dezigner on June 08
very chic, love the wedges. congrats on being a rising star
lunaree on June 08
aww. this is very cute and chic :) blue and pink never fails :) i love your sling bag. hope to get one like yours :)
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
notwithoutincident on June 08
adorable skirt, love the color! :)
Foxvintage on June 08
Gorgeous outfit here hun! Love the hot pink skirt!! Cute little bag too! FAB!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks, dear :D xx
That skirt is so cute :) LOVELY!
Hantsa on June 08
love the skirt!!amazing colour!!and the denim shirt is just perfect+1
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks, dear :D xx
Candy_La_Pop on June 08
Isn't it strange if people look at one's legs just because of some socks and sandals?! Look at aaaall the german tourists with their white tennis socks and granddad sandals, but nobody is looking strange at them. Daaamn! YOu look totally cute in this pink skirt :-) hihi love it! And good luck on friday dear!!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, thank you soo much, honey<3 xx
JessicaBox on June 08
So cute! Makes me wish it was summer here, it's been so dreary all week! Loving the pink on you, it really suits your skin tone. Ultra chic you gorgeous girl! x
JessicaBox on June 08
I am going to post something tomorrow, I promise. I'm sorry I've been so absent, uni has been incredibly time consuming!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, l missed you so much, doll :D xx
cute skirt and belt dear! ;)
channierie on June 08
I love the color of your skirt! This is really pretty! Please check out my Chic blog! :)
chubbylumpkin on June 08
I think you rocked the pink and the socks very well! I really love the blue top with it, I need to wear mine now! Hehe. I really love the ruffles on the skirt and it looks great with that teal belt! Perfect Summer look! <3 chic voted!!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, sweetie <3 xx
Chiquitaydulce on June 08
Long time no see my friend! You look cute as a bottom! Love your bubble gum skirt is so beautiful and it suits you very well! Happy you look so fashionable and beautiful as always! XoXo! <3
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, l missed you so much too, doll <3 XOXO
StephD on June 08
love your skirt! :)
pure_win on June 08
woww..this is sooo great ensemble dear!! every pieces of your outfit are soooo matched >.< really jealous with that stunning sweet skirt combined with green belt .. thats very eye catching! and those denim jacket make the color brighter =D +1 as always !! you're my stylish friends everrr !
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, you're soo kind, sweetie!! thanks a lot<33 mwaah
maryiangge on June 08
goodluck on your exam and i love your skirt!
Yanie on June 08
love all the colors! this is really cute! :)
Solangie528 on June 08
this look is soo out of your box with the pop of fushcia i love it you look soo pretty he colors are amazing !!!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you, dear :D xx
Zuzana on June 08
What a lovely outfit. I love combination of bubble gum color and teal belt. These colors go pretty well together. Have the same problem as you in my city. I do not wear socks and heels or wedges because I can imagine how people would look strange at me and I am not so brave as you to handle it :)
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you soo much, sweetie :D xx
lovestheday on June 08
you look fab, yup...your pink skirt is cute, and really good choice when you combined it with the denim shirt ^^ you know Oana, I think this is the first time that I noticed you not wearing a stocking or tights... forget to mention... love the purse
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you so much, honey :D xx
kittenhood on June 08
I feel the same way about socks+sandals! :)
ikeu_ceria on June 08
love bag so much dear,, :D
rhemel on June 08
Cute summery outfit! That skirt is very! Good combination with that belt! Adorable and classic necklace! Good lucky for the other exam on friday!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
yecyoj on June 08
everything is pretty! you're always adorable and you always pick the girly cute clothes! :) nice babe!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks, doll :D xx
SolangeSouto on June 08
pretty :) beautiful skirt
enigmasupernova on June 08
you are such a darling dear! every pieces in here is so pretty adorable! love the pop of pink & the denim :))
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, hun :)) xx
AnindhitaRustiyan on June 08
the first time I saw you without thights! hehehe. those skirt is great! we need a shocking colors for summer,indeed. is it just me, or you look a little more skinnier than before, dear?
_SERENITY_ on June 08
ohh, thanks a lot, doll :D xx
Roshi on June 08
That is such a gorgeous summer outfit. LOVE that pink skirt is so pretty and cute and amazing wedges. Gorgeous lady x
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you, darling :D xx
mestizay on June 08
Wow Oana!you have awesome legs for the 1st time i see you w/o your tights! I cant believe you thrifted that amazing skirt. Definitely faving.
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, thaank you, honey :D xx
fashionvenom on June 08
this is chic! :)
ninnda on June 08
awww gorgeous retro look, hon!! very cute skirt dear!! love the details of this skirt and of course the colors :) and the touch of denim make this style more stunning :D and nice sandals with socks! chic voted!! mwaaaah
_SERENITY_ on June 08
aww, thaank you, sweetie<3 xx
meeshhh on June 08
i love this look!!! i love the pop of pink against the denim jacket!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks, dear :D xx
benjatony008 on June 08
I really like your pink skirt so sweet and match with this belt. Your purse is classic,so Chic >< ! !
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thanks a lot, doll :D xx
stellapnp on June 08
gorgeous denim shirt dear!! i love your cameo necklace, as you know!!<3 this is a stunning cute pink skirt!! a perfect color!! love your bag and shoes!! chic and beautiful as always hun!!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you soo much, sugar :D xx
somolicek on June 08
You look fabulous in pink and denim!! I love this outfit!!The touch of green on your belt is perfect!! Beautiful skirt and shirt!!
_SERENITY_ on June 08
ohh, thanks a lot, sugar :D xx
mochaccinoland on June 08
lovely colour blocking. the skirt is so pretty!! and that is gorgeous bag!!! love this look :) +1
_SERENITY_ on June 08
thank you so much, darling!<3 xx
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