Chic of the Week: The London Look, British Style

Updated on May 24, 2011

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Catherinee on June 29
favorited this because I'm moving to London soon... hopefully I'll come back with some quirky British adaptations :)
ZiZi543 on June 02
alexa chung all the way! shes so fun and adorable, love her!
mickie on June 02
I like the article, but Topshop in HARDLY anything like Forever21. Primark is much closer to Forever21... Topshop is incredibly expansive for what it's worth.
black_ravens_blood on June 02
I'd agree aswell. They've also just opened a forever 21 in Birmingham, England, just next door to Top Shop and the prices aim the stores at two totally different people.
everydayoutfits on June 02
I agree with this. Most students (like myself) cannot afford Topshop. It's more like a treat
emily_hames on May 26
very nice
IandW on May 26
very cool blog and ad
purplewang on May 25
I love Burberry, Mulberry, Alexa, Gareth Pugh...pretty much everything you covered here hahaha. I actually did a post about London fashion: and one thing I love about British culture is that hats and hair accessories aren't overlooked. Ugh, I love London.
F4SHI0N on May 25
i love emma watson's bro and alexa chung's style!
Reybeltane on May 25
man I LOVE emma watson as a fashion icon. (and I'm not even really that into harry potter). great post! I was bound to love this no matter because my boyfriend's a brit. hehe they do have some style!
ItsClaudia on May 25
I have a Union Jacked Heart!
lizzified on May 25
thanks for the article! love brit chic and esp alexander McQueen :)
crystaldots on May 24

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