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Updated on May 13, 2011
forever 21 dress - forever 21 necklace
Forever-21-dress-forever-21-necklace Forever-21-dress-forever-21-necklace
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moniczka_fashionista 's Thoughts:

So as all of you know I left chictopia almost a year ago. I have had a lot happen to me in the past year. I’m almost done getting my masters, I met angiekje and pink_champagne :) which I will say they are the sweetest girls ever :) My fiance and I broke up back in January. It was hard and I went through a very rough few months but I decided to stop being upset and drinking everyday of my life and start doing something good with my life. I used it as a learning experience and my face was buried in my books this semester along with getting a new full time job FINALLY!!! Also I’ve learned that being an independent woman is actually good and fun. My ex and I have recently become friends because we do have a god daughter so we have to be at least nice to eachother. Anyway, I’m doing so much better now and now I have to be strong for my family because of something that happened to my little brother so I’ll try to post outfits but who knows maybe this will be the first one for a few months haha. I just wanted all of you to know as well angiekje and pink_champagne told me I was always nice on here and always rooted for everyone, just so you know I think all of you ladies and gents out there are fabulous and even if you don’t make it to the style gallery it still doesn’t mean people like me don’t appreciate looking at your own individual styles :)

p.s. if anyone is evvveerrrrr having any problems and need someone to talk to please don’t hesitate to talk to me, I’ve been through hell and back and I didn’t have anyone so I know how it is to need someone’s support. I’m here for ya’ll!!!

Comments (7)

4everUSMC on February 11
Gorgeous color...Subtle and romantic...Lovely!~Cin
folle_femme on May 31
Glad to see you again here and I'm so sorry you went thru such a rough period, I know too how it is to be alone and try to overcome everything! Hope you're feeling better! Gorgeous look btw, I really, really love this dress!
4everUSMC on February 11
Wow...beautiful comment!
DropAnvils on May 26
love this dress!!!!
angiekje on May 17
I want to talk :p I am sick of being an independent woman :s ANYHOW I LOVE your dress!!!! What a nice background btw, great sunglasses, great smile ;), love the purse and wow the shoes (I love gold and anything shiny) I love your styling of the dress with that necklace!! I do hope you'll post more often :) maybe like me: once and a while ^^ I posted on sunday and probably tomorrow
goldencor on May 14
Nice dress!
youmakemyday on May 13
missed you in here. Yoo look amazing!!!! great dress!
ilovekrissy on May 13
yey! finally you're back monica:) I am so happy.. You're such a strong woman:) you look great! love the dress and am looking forward to your new posts:)
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