Great Gatsby: Lead Female Literary Fashion!

Updated on May 06, 2011

Comments (21)

anonymours on December 31
what a nice post
Ari_Ari on November 25
so classical
Watch_Birds_Flying on September 06
My favourite book! Can't wait to see this film and more importantly, the costumes.
Shasie on August 04
I'm so excited for this movie!! Yay I love leo!
meeshhh on May 26
love this article
Chocosioco on May 24
interesting article
Rockstardina on May 18
Can't wait to see the costumes from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby...and the effects on the fashion world...Ultra Femme!
kiki_sandoval on May 18
so pretty
jehanprouvaire on May 17
this dress is completely gorgeous dear!! i am completely ADDICTED to Pride and Prejudice, so much that I uploaded looks inspired by the book and movie!! If anybody of you has time please check them out!! After I posted them I couldn't believe I saw this post!! Marvellous idea!! And I believe the movie was as good as the book!!
ash1590 on May 14
great article
rebeccajane on May 13
Great post! I can't wait to see this movie not only because I love the books but also because I am excited to see the costume design.
Anit_fashionbook on May 10
great gatsby is a must!
lizzified on May 10
great article!
ItsClaudia on May 10
mimoji on May 09
I don't mind her being wicked, I LOVE The Great Gatsby. It's the only book I ever enjoyed picking apart for symbolism, and it made me realize that I could actually enjoy reading books.
katiecosette on May 09
love the article! the 20s was such and interesting time for fashion. i love the hats especially. i love the shout out to eliza bennett, too. i adore jane austen! elizabeth had a simple style, but totally classic.
AllisonDaniels on May 09
It's like she took these thoughts out of my head, put them in a pensieve, and then wrote a blog about them. Love this so much.
F4SHI0N on May 09
Daisy is quite annoying indeed!
JanelleEfe on May 09
we just read and watched the great gatsby in my english class....I absolutely abhor daisy's character. she is utterly heartless. I'm not trying to troll, but i'd have liked to see a woman featured that promotes the loveliness we chictopians cherish outside AND inside. other than that, very nice post :)
F4SHI0N on May 09
i read it like a month ago in english too!
angelluv203 on May 09
Wow same here ..... what state are u n, if u dnt mind me asking?
chicchica_bonita on May 09
Elizabeth Bennet=win.
JyaDi on May 09
agreed. :)
vintagegirly on May 08
Love this style!

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