Back to Basics: 4 Wardrobe Essentials

Updated on May 05, 2011

Comments (20)

Harumi818 on September 22
whats PLD?
shennie87 on August 09
I love the button down and the jean. They are my go-to when I need something quick to wear or for a relaxing day.
teribi on June 02
hey! i'm wearing a button down today! awesome!
Squarectomy on May 13
I have still yet to find the PERFECT button down.
irisanddaniel on May 12
Loving basics right now! Definitely the easiest way to stay chic and classic. :) Thanks for featuring us!
hellovickyz on May 10
I loved this article en the 1st PLD!
chicchica_bonita on May 07
pld is very!
bkgurl36 on May 07
very classic
iirriissssyy on May 07
I love this article!
lemuria on May 07
I love this kind of articles :) 4 essentials : check!
blueskywarning on May 06
yes! I really have no basics, and had no idea where start. This helps soooo much! (:
crystaldots on May 06
i like basics, sometimes, it definitely draws your attention towards the person rather than just the outfit. : D oh yah, i had to delete my recent post and reupload it, so i am not able to keep your comment! don't think that i deleted your comment ^^. thanks! : D
EveyHoneysuckle on May 06
I need a great pair of jeans. I can only depend on my jeggings for so long haha :)
JyaDi on May 05
oh wow i love the wide-legged jean bell bottoms. so retro
thiswouldbeher on May 05
i liked this article ;) nice job, its perfect for the incoming season<3
angelluv203 on May 05
these tips..... nice to know
LeenzieM on May 05
The girl in the first picture is relaly beautiful. Also GREAT post. Pieces that ever girl needs :)
katiecosette on May 05
Great article! I totally agree about the "PLD". I love black, but I love colors, too!
catiebeatty on May 05
Another great article :) button downs are my go to, especially in classic oxford blue!
jessierebecca on May 05
check, check, check, and check! Excellent post! i love the navy dress

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