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Updated on Nov 14, 2008
H&M dress - Colette Malouf necklace - Betseyville
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pairedparrots 's Thoughts:

today’s the grand launch of a blog me and my friend, paul (see post with rasta necklace from south africa) will be collaborating on.

so not that my day’s dressy in the least, but i decided to celebrate silently through my outfit for this lovely occasion. our whole concept will revolve obviously around our insane, passion for style, but also our friendship and keeping in touch while we’re on opposite coasts of the country. he’s still got some more time left in the city we both went to school for, and i graduated this past summer so i’m back where we’re from. we’re crazy analytical and he’s hilarious, so expect a mixture of deep observations and humor + some delicious fabulous fun in terms of exploring fashion.

today, i’m grabbing lunch with my mom (remember: i always like to “snazz” it up for outings with the fam), dropping some ish off at a consignment store to get rid of stuff that just simply needs to be rid of, sending a package through ups, and various other miscellaneous errands.

it’ll be interesting to see what people will think of this somewhat way-too-black&dressy-for-the-day look. it’s like a secret…they have no idea that i’m having a little exclusive blog-launch party with myself. god, i’m cool.

p.s. check out the necklace..isn’t it sweet? my sister got it from one of her appointments. perks of having her in the magazine industry.

p.p.s. i got the shoes for $40 at a macy’s sale and they’re so comfortable. scope out the perforated material and patent leather…like a sporty gladiator heel. the dress is velvet which gives the whole ensemble that fancy feel…so many texturessss.

don’t fret, i didn’t forget the new blog’s link. i’ll be posting it later today after all the duh-tails are perfected.

Comments (4)

anonymours on January 13
very nice
1234565 on January 02
lovely photo
angelgo03 on November 15
love the whole look!
joannaladrido on November 14
classic and clean and totally posh! i love the shoes dearest! seriously! soooo fab!
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