The ballad of a dove

Updated on Apr 26, 2011
black gladiator heels Mango shoes - black bow detail custom made hat - turquoise
Black-gladiator-heels-mango-shoes-black-bow-detail-custom-made-hat-turquoise Black-gladiator-heels-mango-shoes-black-bow-detail-custom-made-hat-green-sil Black-gladiator-heels-mango-shoes-black-bow-detail-custom-made-hat-green-sil Black-gladiator-heels-mango-shoes-black-bow-detail-custom-made-hat-green-sil Black-gladiator-heels-mango-shoes-black-bow-detail-custom-made-hat-turquoise
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone.=)

Forgive me for another all black outfit. The story will be in Aphrodite’s lair as i dont want to depress you.=) All i can say is i was mourning.

The outfit was just thrown together really, i really just had to do an all black. It was a day of crying (which started at 7 in the morning) and Diddy knew there is no way he can cheer me up. He didnt even try really, he knew crying wa sthe only thing i was left to do. He simply wanted me to stop for a while so he took me out for brunch then tea but it didnt work. I still ended up finishing a whole box of tissue (provided by the tea place and they thought we’re divorcing or something!!) but at least i wasn’t crying like a baby. Anyway, so yes, that’s what i wore to celebrate the life of young girl and to show the gods (Hades) that this is not fair. But anyway, i promised i wont talk about it.=)

You know the hat? yes? =) Bag and shoes too?=) Top is my latest favourite top as it is Chloe inspired so i am going back to the store and get the other two colors.=) I wont have to eat scrambled eggs too to get them which is great!=) They’re affordable, simple and sexy and sophisticated and yes, very versatile that you will see it(them) more in the future.=) There’s just one thing not good about it, Diddy doesnt like looking at my side view because he says i am as thin as a paper with this top so i said fine, i’ll wear it with one of my baggiest trousers!!=) My favourite (we like that word!) trousers right now. Cropped and baggy. I have a few baggy/palazzo ones but i only have about 4 cropped ones so they’re special. I mentioned about that a few posts ago i think.=) I got them from YSL but they had to wait for me in the stock room for a couple of weeks until i got paid. Again, another advantage of liking things that nobody does!! =) Chanel did a lace version of them last summer and i was head over heels inlove with them but no luck.=( So when i saw these (with about $30 in my bag!), you can imagine me dropping on the floor, unable to breathe and desperate for some super powers (the power to be invisible and just run out with the pants…and hanger, yes.=) No really, i do wish that, many times!!! It’d be perfect if anything you’re holding becomes invisible too! Oh i’d grab the gold clover necklace too!!! =) So yes.=) These are my new pet trousers. Had to hang them where i can always see them for months and couldnt wear them because i’m not ready. I know that’s weird. I’m not good at wearing new things right away. The crazy love has to die down a little bit before i can have the courage to wear them out. You know that feeling of saving them for a special day? I have a lot of pissed off clothes because of that silly attitude. There are some i can wear straight from the fitting room but the real special ones? Oh no, they have to sit and wait and get bored! =) I told you, i hear voices when i’m getting ready. =) Scarf is by Miu Miu. One of the first to be crossed out in my short SS11 wish list. And like these trousers, it’s been hanging there for months together with other fruits.=)

Anyway, i hope you like the outfit.=)

To K… I.A.S.S…

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (41)

mariashyvae on May 09
love ittt!!!
TheLoulette on April 29
You, my friend, are a strange shopper! I usually wear at least one new thing I've bought right there in the store! :) Love the pants, and really sorry for your loss (going over to your blog to read it). Diddy sounds amazing, lucky you! :)
KeaSamone on April 28
Working those pants, girl.
Shasie on April 28
Love the cut and style of these pants. Uber Chic! +1
CaraJ on April 28
gorgeous, so very very chic!
ZaneZanite on April 28
the pants are gorgeous and the scarf is amazing, love the hat too
WallflowerVintage on April 28
The blue fruit makes the outfit! Love your style!
Kimsta on April 28
classy look, pretty lady! the hat is beautiful on you - as usual. perfect one to hide underneath ;) the pants are really cool along with this tight shirt. hope you feel better right now. xx
sininanimikay on April 28
I love it, love it, love it!
BadTasteToast on April 28
Wow, such a pretty hat! I love the vintage feel it adds to your beautiful lady-like outfit! Elegant and chic!
INDIRA_S on April 27
you look beautiful , very chic :
TamQuoia on April 27
Hope you feel better. Life is like a strawberry. The seeds are one the outside. That...worked better in my head....You look dazzling =)
christina_p on April 27
so sad to hear this:( you look beautiful, the outfit is amazing!
luzdelmarsb on April 27
So chic
Lucyss on April 27
so fab!!!!! love the hat and your pants!!!!!!!! +1:)
jenuang on April 27
so chic!
BeTheSunshine on April 27
i love
WeMoveVintage on April 27
soo gorgeous!!! love your pants!!!!
Annachiara on April 27
WOW!!!! you're a dream :D Beautifulllll :D
NanaHoshino on April 27
CHIC!!! love the hat. so classy<3
diajengma on April 27
love this outfit! you look stunning and sophisticated! love the apple print on your scarf. and i hope everything is okay dear
cityofbugs on April 27
this is so classy, i hope everything is okay :) xx
Lyosha on April 27
you look great! I really love your apple scarf and your hat is gorgeous! +1 P.S. all black looks perfect on you
Yanie on April 27
so glamorous! you look amazing!
Fatimmy on April 27
Chic pants!
theclassicsilhouette on April 27
love this! so classy! :)
lovestheday on April 27
awwww Aphrodite...are you always that amazing.... ????? perfect like always, super want your pants :)
goddesss on April 27
wow this is so classy dear.. i adore the hat and the silhouette of your outfit.. definitely chic voted!!! ;)
nix on April 27
love the all black ensemble! hope you feel better soon dear :)
CzarinaAnonuevo on April 27
the HAT is ADORABLE!!! CHIC ensemble too!!! voted!!!
Sweetfashionsweet on April 26
wow~~~the hat!!! i really want it!! the scarf brights up the whole ourfit! amazing
miaamos on April 26
never go wrong with black, it always goessssss-LOVE IT!!!!!! gorgeous lady look!!!!!!KISSESSSS
FairyColors on April 26
ohh my, that's wonderful put together, dear!! you're sooo classy, elegant and feminine!! l adore the retro vibe of your gorgeous hat and purse!! those pants are to die for :D +1xx
ilovekrissy on April 26
love the hat and pants dear :) and the orange lip looks good on you!!!
chyrelg on April 26
this is so classic and chic. you can't go wrong with black. :)
gwynethbg on April 26
very unique ensemble! chic voted! :)
maryiangge on April 26
classic chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want your pants!!!!!!!!
40sClassic on April 26
Those pants are to die it.
heyitscrichel on April 26
wow! you look absolutely perfect with those wide leg pants! love them!^_^ the hat is just simply amazing! purse and gladiators are awesome! and whatever the reason of you feeling sad, hope you feel better soon! enjoyed reading this blog! esp those voices you're hearing whenever you get ready! lol! well, hope you have a great week gorgeous Aphrodite! and p.s. you're not paper thin, you're just hot!
City2City on April 26
Hope you're ok, love the shoes so niiice n awesome hat u look great! +1
Necca on April 26
Don't be sad!!!! :< I hope whatever is making you so upset would just gtfo already. We are all here for you. You look magnificent as always by the way. Keep your chin up! You are strong and beautiful.
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