Updated on Nov 13, 2008
jacket - shirt - Michael Kors jeans - Comme des Garons for H&M shoes
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popartlove 's Thoughts:

I didn’t sleep last night (but stupidly I waited for my ‘housemate’ to leave for work) and headed down to Elements (Kowloon Station) H&M. I swear to god, on the website, it said the store opens at 11, so I got there at 10:20, thinking I’d have forty minutes to wait outside. OH NO, the store opened 20 minutes earlier and everything was gone by the time I got there, except.. mm the dress and a very normal-looking trench coat. There weren’t that many people there, which totally didn’t make sense! I WAS ANNOYED AS HELLLLL and so, I called my friends who 1) was in his lecture 2) was at the gym, working out. lol.
I was going to binge on loads and loads of icecreams, but before that I went to the Salvation Army store, hoping to do some thrift shopping. Bad idea, HK Salvation Army sucks big-time – there’s nothing worth looking at. I was annoyed once again and was going to buy myself a pair of Doc Martens combat boots, since I didn’t spend any money on Comme des Garçons for H&M stuff. I didn’t even get to touch the polkadot bags!
Since I was sort of in the walking distance to another H&M branch, in Mongkok, I walked and walked. I was very surprised to find some people still wandering around the store with the Comme des Garçons polkadot shirts and stuff… there was hope! I went through but I couldn’t find anything (except the unisex fragrance) that I was hoping to get to begin with.
Surprisingly, some of the shop assistants were Europeans.. and you don’t see that, ever, here. Perhaps they came all the way from Sweden? Anyway, they were super nice to talk to and one guy promised to look for the items of clothing I was looking for, if there are any lying around in the store and the fitting rooms. He passed some other stuff for me to try on for the time being.
Later another guy told me some new stuff are coming in at 3.30.. so I waited! But the truck was late, hence the tagging took time, therefore it took extra half hour, probably. We only got the polkadot cardigans in the new shipment, in three colours. Girls there went APESHIT over those cardigans. They grabbed anything they could, multiple in different colours… SUPER GREEDY!!
But anyway, I spent the whole day wandering around and waiting forever, and ended up getting three items at the end of the day. I actually got hold of one of the navy polkadot cardigans when the other girls went crazy and very nasty over. I’m glad people didn’t pull my hair out.
I also got the pair of pants I wanted to get.. but I don’t know if I’m supposed to wear it VERY loose.. I got a size or two smaller than what I’d usually get, but it still fits as high waisted pants.
+ the unisex fragrance.

I wanted those polkadot shoes but they were a size too small and I knew I would die if I walked around for over an hour.

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Comments (13)

heelsandcigarettes on January 17
Luuuve the high-waisted pants!
hippiehoppie on November 14
gawd... im so jealous that you went to the opening. i really can't say anything else. hahahaha.
popartlove on November 17
hahahah i can't say much except i was VERY tired by the end of the day. it was definitely an experience though!
Minimaliste on November 13
I was debating checking it out but decided that I didn't really want to get crushed in the crowd. i definitely love your jacket!
popartlove on November 17
thank you! totally not from h&m though! haha
suibug on November 13
i'm sure it was mayhem there! hope it'll stock up soon~ cute outfit!
popartlove on November 17
yeahh it was pretty crazy at times. thank you : )
megz29_29 on November 13
awesome jacket, i love this outfit! very rock 'n' roll.
popartlove on November 14
thank youuuu!! i've had that jacket for years, and i never wore it until last summer. now i wear it with everything : )
BadTasteToast on November 13
oh my god people are crazy! Somehow I'm happy being too broke to afford the comme des garcons stuff... by the way I love your rocker outfit! :)
popartlove on November 14
hahah yeah now i'm super broke for the month and will be living off crackers and whatever that's left in my kitchen! &&thank youuuu!
fleshbot on November 13
Nice shoes especially :D
popartlove on November 14
ahhhh i know... i wish they had my size : (
glamourstains on November 13
I lovvvve this outfit!
cheezyBABE on November 13
you are rocks :D
ninjaneko on November 13
wah. i miss h&m....look at those happy people :(
anggina on November 13
love the t-shirt!!i should really get a metallica t-shirt!!
popartlove on November 13
thank you! yeahh me too, love ittt : )
joannaladrido on November 13
awesome pants!
fayeangelica on November 13
The pants you got are seriously awesome! I freaking love them! Lucky lucky lucky!
popartlove on November 14
thank you! got them just by luck.... it's a little loose around the waist if it's supposed to be a high waisted pants.. still, glad i got it!
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