Kate Middleton: Fashion Icon or Hyped Royalty

Updated on Apr 24, 2011

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lemuria on May 11
I don't think so! look at her shoes, horrible ..
iconick on May 10
TheCrayolaEffect on May 10
Overhyped -- NEXT!
Stephy_Cat on May 10
I find it kind of creepy that people compare Kate to Princess Diana seeing as she's married to Diana's son. I think Kate may become a style icon over time. Her wedding dress was quite beautiful and elegant.
iamliezyl on May 10
kate has style!
Yanie on May 09
She has fashion sense, but not that much to be an icon though. :)
Squarectomy on May 04
Her style seems sort of cookie cutter. :/ nice, but not wow.
messdress on May 02
She just wearing a right dress in the right moment and wearing in right place...
OHSOladylike on April 27
she's a bit on the shy side it seems and I think that characteristic resounds in her outfits. nothing too loud or noisy, or in your face - no real statement in many of her outfits. actually some of her choices in my opinion are a little boring and seeing as how she has made some good choices in certain pieces (note the feathered shoes above) i expect more from her. she'll grow into an icon though
chicchica_bonita on April 27
she's a great woman, but no better than any other average girl on the street. honestly, i'm sorry but it's all hype. she doesn't dress like anything special...not enough to be considered an icon...
CandyflossCurls on April 27
She's beautiful, intelligent and she's going to make a wonderful princess. Elegant and chic, it's about time women like Kate graced the cover of magazines rather than celebrities without any class!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on April 27
She`s cute and clever girl and got it quickly how should royality be dressed. And she definitely will be a style icon she simply has no choice. But I believe she got a huge attention to her now because of Diana and that story behind her. love the way Kate dresses...Royal blue from now will always be associated to me with Kate MIddleton
estefanieee on April 27
I enjoy the way she dresses. Its lovely and elegant.
ItsClaudia on April 26
I like her...she's a normal girl..
ukiuki88 on April 25
not particularly inspired by how she dresses, but in some photos she really polished and well put together, i would say, understated chic. i wish people would stop trying to compare her with princess diana and just let her be her own person and style.
pandaphilia on April 25
wow she really likes blue. i wish she dressed a little more her age but she does look like a lady
Blueiis on April 25
love the post
Embellishgirl on April 25
I think she is being primed to be a princess. She is a beautiful girl, but no one can ever replace Princess Diana. She had presence without even trying. She was a true icon in every sense of the word.
annieerch on April 25
i think she dresses okay, but i wouldn't call her a fashion icon.
leilahkay on April 25
She's gorgeous. I love her classy looks. They may all look the same at times, but I don't expect her to do anything different. I like her as is haha
boredstephanie on April 25
I think Kate dresses nicely but isn't really a fashion icon. She really isn't bringing anything new to the table, I've seen these looks a million times. The only thing I would say that makes her unique is her hats but thats because people usually don't wear hats on a normal basis. Also, I'm kind of sick of people comparing ehr to Princess Diana! can we let the girl have her OWN moment??
angiekje on April 25
agree... I think it must be exhausting to be her...
patlaenz on April 25
I agree,not blown away with her style she wears classy pieces,she s very beautiful so thats a plus!!!great article
katiecosette on April 24
Even though Kate's fashion isn't over-the-top, I do think she always looks gorgeous and immaculate. In my opinion, you can be a style icon without being a Lady Gaga. Kate's style is easy to wear, making her an icon for the everyday woman.
angiekje on April 25
I wasn't aiming for the Lady-Gaga icons out there and I wasn't saying that she doesn't look perfect... I just don't think that the status of being a princess is one that can be combined with the status of being a style icon... sure she will always dress great, like she does, but in my opinion she is not even aiming to be a style icon... she just wants to be a good ambassador of her country, like she should...
catiebeatty on April 24
Great article! You are a wonderful writer :) I think she is such a lovely girl and like her elegant, yet low-key style. It's interesting to read your take on it. Puts my thoughts into words :)
angiekje on April 25
thanks :) I do like her style though... but I don't really see the style icon in it... there is nothing new here, it is timeless classy chic I guess?
Kimberellie on April 24
I like her style. Though I like women with "daring, free personalities" in terms of style, it's more classically and traditionally dressed women that I take more of my inspiration from. And she is definitely chic and classic.
Pink_Champagne on April 24
THANK YOU, ANGIE! Ever since the Kate Middleton hype (nay, even before that when she was featured in the celebrity streetstyle section in Teen Vogue) I have thought that she was WAY overrated. Like countless other girls her age, she wears her fair share of cute little dresses (often awkwardly topped with a over the top hat that does not coincide asthetically with her super-straight modern hairstyle), but she's certainly not the fashionista that Princess Diana was. I know that Princess Diana was a belle of the 80's, so obviously that fact would make her clothes cool and retro to us today, but even in the context of her generation she possessed a unique sense of style, especially considering the fact that she was a political-royal figure and was expcted to be more conservative. Normal people who dressed just like Kate would not be getting the same hype; it's just because she's a princess. Which I think is kind of unfair. People should be considered style icons because of just that: their style. Not their family position or wealthiness or fame.
angiekje on April 25
:) thank you Hope :)
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on April 25
100% AGREE! :)
crystaldots on April 24
yah, i do think that it's more hyped due to the fact that prince william is well... prince and the son of Princess Diana! Haha. But, she has her own style, she's more the low key type, I think.
JyaDi on April 24
i really like her style, it's very appealing and simple
maryiangge on April 24
love her style! great article angie twitlove!
KaraSmith on April 24
so true. her style is good, but not too daring. Diana will always shin the brightest in my eyes.
Mimi_Walker on April 24
I love her style ..so i think she's a fashion icon
Reybeltane on April 24
I totally agree that kate's an icon! it's awesome that a stylish girl like one of us is going to end up a princess!
Style_Journey on April 24
wow, GREAT article, dear!!! l love Kate's classy style!! so beautiful and just perfect for a royal british princess!! HAPPY EASTER, sweetie!! <33 +1 mwaah :D
Necca on April 24
I think she is very beautiful and charming, but I'm not as jazzed about her as I was Diana when I was a young girl. But the thing is, we ought to stop comparing her to Diana. She will never be like her, and it's not Kate's fault. They are their own seperate entities with two different persona's. I loved reading this Angie. Good job!
angiekje on April 25
so true :) and thanks :) (I think they will be compared forever... although Kate is not Lady Di and it is impossible for anyone to fill those shoes anyway... she will be compared forever. Thank you again :)

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