Book-Scented Fragrances in This Week's Ugly Gossip

Updated on Apr 21, 2011

Comments (15)

DimayraResto on February 26
Love Kimora.
amalia_r on September 23
thank you for this article, very useful.
anonymours on June 24
cool article
rebeccajane on April 27
Book scented perfume?? From Karl? As a librarian I feel like this is something I must have - dorky though it may sound!
crystaldots on April 24
Wow. Thanks for the 83 likes!!! If I could repay y'all... I would! ; D.
theclassicsilhouette on April 23
great article! :)
maryiangge on April 23
i had so much fun reading this! doze of gossip.
MargDz on April 23
book scented perfume? well it's worth a try a guess...
thecathag on April 23
Haha I wonder how the Book Perfume will turn out... ;) xoxo
Bombonica on April 23
loved it! it was great and fun
katiecosette on April 23
great article! i saw the video of the starburst prom dress before, so cool! reminds me of the project runway episode where the designers got all their materials at Dylan's.
thesmartdresser on April 22
woah_she did loose alot of weight!!
diajengma on April 22
love this article!
headbandit on April 22
Really?? Heels=not as many knee problems? Yesss... :D Haha, fantastic article! Always love your Ugly Gossip!
_SERENITY_ on April 22
you always have the best articles, dear!!!... and gosh, l just hate gossip!!! :( +1 take care!! <3 xx

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