Best Chictopian Quotes from the Forums!

Updated on Apr 16, 2011

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lizzified on April 25
enjoyed it! do write more articles :) love the part about AA - how true
TheLoulette on April 21
Ah! My first feature, and I'm saying something silly! Lol...oh well... This is a great article..
Catherinee on April 21
ah, thanks for featuring me! this is quite a nice post :)
bubblegum93 on April 21 Thank you so much for featuring me! You have encouraged me to share my frank and honest opinion. This is article is also amazingly well put together!
JanelleEfe on April 21
Thank ou so much!!
neonnothing on April 21
Thanks for featuring me! :)
staystitching on April 20
this is fun
heyitscrichel on April 20
a really good article! great writing too! very well done dear! =)
Chiquitaydulce on April 19
Oh Wow! thank you so much! hahahaha! Never thought something I said could be picked as a best quote! But I'm really thankful. You made my day really! This article is really cool and helpful! Love it! My favorite so far! :D
Style_Journey on April 18
really loved to read this article, dear!! that girl saying she loves her small chest size was amazing :D l have a small chest size too and l'm loving it because l can wear anything low neckline and never look vulgar :D and chiquitaysdulce is right and funny too, lol :D GREAT post!!! my fav lately<3 +1xx
glamourvixen on April 18
great post! :)
maryiangge on April 18
:) fun article!
Mesmerize87 on April 18
City2City on April 17
interesting n fun to read!!! :)
HallieDaily on April 17
It's so interesting to read this article, I read very careful in each sentence, knowing what real people real thinking, has so much fun!!

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