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Updated on Apr 14, 2011
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atotalgem 's Thoughts:

Do you scrounge around in your wallet when you get to the counter of Starbucks, trying desperately to find that loyalty card you were sure you had? Or have you ever found yourself needing a new wallet, because for some reason the one you have seems to be over flowering, with…uh…too many loyalty cards?
I sure do know how you feel.

Let’s begin with the basics.
What exactly is a ‘loyalty card’? Well. A loyalty card otherwise referred to as: a rewards card, club card, points card, advantage card, or an angel card (in the case of Victoria’s Secret) identifies you as a member of a program or ‘club’ of a store. You can find them in fashion retailers, or you might have one for your favourite café. Many stores use these clever little plastic cards to reel you in. For starters, when you own one, you feel as if you have a connection with the store. You almost feel as if your part of their exclusive team and that somehow you know them. Then, when debating whether or not to get that hot pair of heels you’ve been eyeing off, you end up turning to Tony Bianco because you’re a member and you know you’ll get those points that can go towards your next buy. So then what happens when your loyalties spilt between two stores? Suddenly your cards are piling up and now instead of shopping at Tony Bianco you have to choose between a million shoe shops you feel as if you have to be loyal to.

Who can resist getting free things from their favourite stores? It’s being rewarded for doing what you love to do most, shopping! I don’t think loyalty cards are a bad thing, but if you wouldn’t usually buy from a store, and now you do because you’re a member of their ‘club’, then consider what it is your purchasing. Perhaps you’d actually prefer to save you pennies for something else that you’d treasure a lot more.

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stylecurrent on July 07
Yes, I have entirely too many!
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