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Updated on Apr 12, 2011
heather gray jean Theyskens Theory pants
Heather-gray-jean-theyskens-theory-pants Heather-gray-jean-theyskens-theory-pants Heather-gray-jean-theyskens-theory-pants Heather-gray-jean-theyskens-theory-pants
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EllieEckert 's Thoughts:

Designer duds for an affordable price?! Count me in! That’s what many avid fashionistas were saying before the launch of Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2011 line. Cable-knit sweaters, floor length dusters, and an array of trouser pants were each seen on the runway, and what was debuted did not disappoint. Keeping colors to a minimum, each garment housed a unique shade of grey, black, red, or blue that would make any fashion fanatic crave more.

Hot for Hot Pants
Being his first runway show with the Theory brand, Oliver Theyskens had a lot to prove, and boy did he do just that. Each outfit was perfectly styled, beginning with a personal favorite, a pair of flawlessly constructed shorts paired with a cable-knit sweater and topped off with a floor sweeping grey coat, making it the perfect show-opening ensemble. Although I’m sure Anna Wintour would cringe to hear me say it, I found it extremely refreshing to see an array of hot pants and silk shorts to switch up the repetitive trouser pant sighting I’ve become so accustomed to. I know what you’re thinking. Shorts in the fall? With the proper tights the outfit looks great, and cold weather suffering is kept to a minimum.

Prancing in Pants
Aside from daring hot pants, viewers were also able to indulge in a trip back to the 70’s, where cords and faded denim washes were were taking the world (not just your parents) by storm. The merging designers brought back an assortment of skinny legged flares, be it cord or denim, adding a slight modern innovation. Not one for bringing back past trends? Not to worry. Theyskens was sure to include a variety of winter appropriate pieces, be it jeans (seen HERE )or pants offered in skinny, bootcut, baggy, and wide hybrids.

Subtly Sexy
While coveting—I mean checking out each piece of the new collection, I was instantly grouping the line into my “designer meets grunge” folder, where it quickly became a new favorite. While digging myself deeper into a collection where each piece was a “must have,” I came across a surprising development. Could my new favorite “grunge” collection be…sexy? Indeed, it is. While we saw all too many baggy boyfriend pants and oversized knits, there was also the occasional LBD (little black dress) in the mix! Paired with sheer hosiery, a subtle sexy notion was added without taking away from the overall theme of the collection.

Seeing Red
I’ve rambled on long enough about the overall feel of the Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2011 collection, but where would a designer be without beautiful models and a killer makeup artist? One trend sweeping nearly every runway was slick straight hair with accompanying dark lipstick. Always a lipstick devotee, I couldn’t help with develop a slight obsession with the plum-colored lips also seen on the Theyskens runway.

Thumbs Up Theyskens
It’s easy to say that this collection was my favorite of this years fall fashion debuts. Whether pair of hot pants, a sexy LBD, or a pair of boyfriend trousers, I couldn’t be happier with the results of the collection. All-in-all, Oliver Theyskens proved that when mixing a high-end designer with an equally amazing mass manufacturer, you not only make history, you make fashion fanatics like myself a very happy style stalker.

The brilliance doesn’t stop here!
Head on over to ELLE to check out the rest of the Theyskens’ Theory collection!

[images via ELLE ]

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