Fans Get Tattoo for Ecko in This Wk's Ugly Gossip

Updated on Apr 07, 2011

Comments (8)

Ra_Ra_Rabbit on April 11
Haha omg yet another awesome weekly gossip!
FairyColors on April 10
omg, l hate Kanye after the episode when he offended Taylor Swift by saying Beyonce had a better video!!!! he's such a jerk! :(
maryiangge on April 08
crazy ecko tattoo!
tanyabell on April 08
Maxi Pad DESIGNER? What a label lol
purplewang on April 08 gods. The Ecko tattoo...HAHAHA. Great post Crystal!
crystaldots on April 08
Thanks amethyst! Yeah I seriously had to read that article several times cause I couldn't believe it @@;;.
City2City on April 08
haha love Kanye!!!!! Thx for the sweet commenTs!!! :) xo Emma
headbandit on April 08
Haha, I heard about that maxi pad contest...the prize is awesome...but is it worth the potentially embarrassing recognition?
crystaldots on April 08
Lol I know right!
Demy22 on April 08
Aha!! Nothing better than awesome gossip! :P Interesting Lady Gaga news and jeez about Tina Fey..
crystaldots on April 08
Yeah. The video clip makes me like lady Gaga even more!

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