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Updated on Mar 29, 2011
Primark shoes - asos dress
Primark-shoes-asos-dress Primark-shoes-asos-dress Primark-shoes-asos-dress
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starryeyed 's Thoughts:

Hi there :)

I am back from my day trip to France, sorted myself out and now have enough time to post and comment before i go to sleep tonight. I will make the biggest promise to post near enough every day from now until next wednesday as i go to New York next thursday! It is slowly coming around and I can not wait. I have heard so much good stuff about there from Harriet so i know i will enjoy it, i mean, who wouldn’t?

I have so much work to do for college. It is all getting on top of me as hand in date for basically EVERYTHING is next week so i am going to catch up with everything this week. I get distracted sooo easily so i find it very difficult.

I went for a classic look here with a dress, knee high socks and brogue shoes. I adore the print on this dress and the sleeves :) I also wore my ripped spotted tights that i used in my photography project. After ripping them, and never actually getting to wear them before they had holes in, i thought ‘why not now? i love the holes!’ so yeah, i wore them but under socks as i couldn’t bring myself to wear them completely showing the holes and ladders.

Thankyou for the comments, fans etc :)
Thankyou Chictopia for being such an inspiration!!

Love nicole xx

Comments (18)

jehanprouvaire on November 28
this is stunning!! great hat and shoes!! love your tights and beautiful dress!! faved!!
ShawnJ81 on May 17
Love the look. And your stunning
KaylaMeow on April 07
very nice dress and hat ! so chic, i like the prints! <3
epithet on April 03
really awesome look - the dress is fab, especially the shoulders! the hat is needed! the shoes just finish the look of perfectly and bring a special edge with the colour!
charchelle27 on April 01
cute and sweet!
JennaStevie on March 30
The print of this dress blows me away, I looove it. It looks great with the ripped dot tights and socks!
enigmasupernova on March 30
adorable look! love thiss
Demy22 on March 30
Ok, first I want you to know that I'm more than green that you're going to NY! It's the heaven there, I wish I could go too! Have an unforgettable time! You look very beautiful! I so love this dress, the print is fab, and the belt is the perfect accessory to tone your waist! And I actually really like the holes on your tights! :D
franloiacono on March 30
Such a lovely dress :D I adore it!
Style_Journey on March 29
aww, you're as chic and feminine as always, dear!! it's so good to see you again!! really miss your posts all the time!! that dress is adorable and l loove the stocking with your wonderful brown shoes! totaly WANT them :D +1xx
bdette on March 29
Cute look!
PetitePanoply on March 29
Cute layering of socks over your tights! That dress is really nice and springy too!
Roshilalaloo on March 29
Hope you had a great time in France!!! :) I have seen that asos dress and I must say it looks gorgeous on you!! Love how you teamed it with the tights..(how adorable) and the adorable shoes :) Once again love it xx
TheBeatniq on March 29
I love the dress, and tights
MitziBlitz on March 29
Love the dress and ripped tights! The hat and socks are perfect too :D I feel your pain with everything being due next week... I am such a bad procrastinator! Good luck to you :D It will all get done, it always does!
cityofbugs on March 29
i love this! the dress looks so pretty on you, the peachy colour goes so well with your shoes! i think the hat and ripped tights really add to the outfit as well :)
folle_femme on March 29
That dress is great and love how you've styled it!
em1986 on March 29
wow i love your dress, you look so cute in those colours and the hat is also awesome xo
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