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Updated on Mar 24, 2011
black Kelsi Dagger shoes - black Macys leggings - salmon Agaci blouse - black Fo
Black-kelsi-dagger-shoes-black-macys-leggings-salmon-agaci-blouse-black-fo Black-kelsi-dagger-shoes-black-macys-leggings-salmon-agaci-blouse-black-fo Black-kelsi-dagger-shoes-black-macys-leggings-salmon-agaci-blouse-black-fo
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trinnah 's Thoughts:

The look of uncertainty on my face really says a lot in the main picture of this post. Looking back, I shouldn’t have worn “jeggings”. I should’ve just used leggings. To be honest though, I didn’t pack leggings. Therein lies the dilemma. If I had, I would have worn it instead of these pants. Granted, they make my legs look longer, but I think the look would have been a lot more casual with the leggings — even though I’m wearing the heels.

I wore this for the first day of my husband’s tournament. I was a little unsure about the heels because I hadn’t checked out what everybody else (the girls) would be wearing. My husband told me that the heels looked good, so I wore them.

I walked into the facility (University of Arlington Maverick Center) and saw all the girls wearing warm ups and t-shirts and flats. I saw a couple of girls wearing skirts with dotted tights and combat boots, but that’s to the extent of the “dressing up.” I looked at my husband, and he just smiled. He knows I like to wear heels when it’s my day off, and I shouldn’t compromise my decision simply because nobody else is wearing heels. Otherwise, I’d be wearing flats all the time and never getting the use of any of my shoes.

Back to the post, the shoes are very comfortable! I’m thinking of getting the gray ones. They’re a little pricey though, so I really have to contemplate long and hard before I decide.

It’s been back to work time. It’s always like that after a vacation, isn’t it?

I’ll try to round tonight. :) Take care!

Comments (23)

liluchious on April 02
very laidback but still gorgeous!! i love ur heels so much!!!!
charchelle27 on April 01
your hair and pumps are so adorable and you are so cute!
Mrscarlasia on March 31
Simply chic!:) You look pretty.:)
CharmC on March 30
lovely outfit... jeggings are great! and I agree with the other comments, your hair is gorgeous!
bellers on March 28
You look fab :-)
lydeeloo on March 26
love the shoes. really cute. also your husband sounds like a great guy, how true, sometimes i have to remember i feel more confident in the clothes that may seem more outrageous to others, but it makes me feel more comfortable. heels included :) love the top a lot, the color is great. xoxo
mieke on March 25
i love the shoes!!! and your hair is gorgeous! :)
Yanie on March 25
nice top and shoes dear! love your hair!
aizelinpink on March 24
love the look.. :)
Lucyss on March 24
you look adorable!!!! the heels are to die for!!!! Great top and necklace as well! +1:)
WeMoveVintage on March 24
beautiful top and shoes! you look stunning in that color
JennaStevie on March 24
Haha you look so suprised in that first picture!! Those shoes are ammmmazing, I'm glad you wear heels all the time, I have to be in a certain mood to wear mine which is silly. Also I love the colour of this top, it's so pretty on you
cityofbugs on March 24
i think the pants look fab as they are! i love the colour of the top, and the shoes are simple but perfectly classic.. fab outfit, dont worry about the other girls :D
nuhin_187 on March 24
Love this comfy look!
xanjelix on March 24
your top's color is pretty! and the shoes are just so <3
the_prez on March 24
ugh, youre so adorableeee! i love your expression in the first photoo!!! But i think this outfit is great! Very comfy.casual. But standing out fromt he crowd like this is a good thing! :DD
deathbyplatforms on March 24
you look so pretty!!!
Demy22 on March 24
WOW!! You look stunning! I actually adore thisoutfit with jeggings! They suit perfectly on your legs! Your top has a great color and fit too! And I WAAAANT WAAAAANT your shoes! They are gorgeous! WOW!! Gorgeous+comfortable= what else do you need? :D Your hair rocks too! :D
maryiangge on March 24
love this especially your hair!!!
Nadine88 on March 24
Honey, you look so beautiful!Love the top!Very chic!
enigmasupernova on March 24
everything is so fab & chic! you have the most awesome shoes ever! i like your hair, you look so gorgeous!
Lyudmila on March 24
woooow...very beautiful!!! love your shoes!!!
FairyColors on March 24
omg, you have curly hair!! :D really looks adorable on you, dear!! perfect pants and totaly sexy heels!! great color on your top and l would steal that owl necklace from you :D my owls collection needs it =)) +1xx
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