Playsuits: The Do's and Don'ts

Updated on Mar 20, 2011

Comments (8)

thesmartdresser on March 24
love the cintage vixen and festival look!
irisanddaniel on March 22
love jumpsuits! i prefer them in a more minamlist and chic style like in evening alternatives! :D
Annebeth on March 22
I love the girly vibe of playsuits but I hate having to take off my clothes when going to the bathroom :D
ohlivia on March 22
maryiangge on March 22
chictopians get it right!!! i like that!!!
TheLittlestUnicorn on March 22
this is so awesome! you did such a great job with writing and pictures, not an overload of info but just enough. I especially love the end comparison of chictopians/celebrities haha! also, very inspring-i've never done rompers but just might try one this year with your suggestions! great job!
crystaldots on March 22
That ring is awesome for Fest. Chic : D.
JyaDi on March 22
very cute!
Lyosha on March 21
lovely review

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