5 Hairstyles That Girls Love On Men!

Updated on Mar 20, 2011

Comments (16)

giveuptennesse on January 14
I absolutely despise the Biebs, however, faux hawks and specially real ones look great.
PhoenixAJ on December 09
So NOT my likes... I love faux hawks and blowouts! And military cuts absolutely make me go fo them... Buzz cut is a total YES!! But the rest of them... straight NO
thesheriff on September 16
I'm a guy and a lot of girls definitely like it when i do a faux hawk
meme123 on November 17
I love it!!!
alinaceusan on April 05
so chic!!
IHeartStilettos on March 24
I'm a sucker for Ed's hair!
crystaldots on March 23
I'd have to say. I really really like that jb look <3. <3
crystaldots on March 23
I actually like the "faux" hawk if done right. kind of like Taeyang from BigBang (Kpop group) ^^.
leilahkay on March 21
I love surfer boy hair<3 especially if it curls<3 but I like them short too :)
iamappleorchard on March 21
I adore short/buzz cuts...but Michael Cera has my heart forever.
inspirafashion on March 20
haha i love this post!! i personally hate the biebs haircut lol, just moving your head to do the flippy thing is really annoying lol. but i'd definitely say i LOVE the rolled out of bed hair, like JGL, swooon :). but also the buzz cut, of all those gorgeous basketball players lol.
kat_sunshine27 on March 20
soo true...i love all the favorite you have..and definitely not a fan of any ghetto fabulous haircuts..
eiphelmercedes on March 20
hahaha, i love the buzz one . *love love*
headbandit on March 20
I like how each of the guys you used as example have styles that match perfectly with their haircuts--Michael Cera's bedhead is so adorable geek with his graphic tees and corduroys, Zac Efron's is very "golden boy" with muscle tees and moto jackets (or maybe I'm just thinking about "17 Again," swoon..), etc. Anyways, I love this article. Definitely sending to all my guy friends! ;)
JyaDi on March 20
i love short hair. good thing i cut my bf's hair too
naomayyy on March 20
I'm a sucker for wavy hair...
EveyHoneysuckle on March 20
love this, however my boyfriend will never be able to rock any of these looks. Tis self concious about face. XP however, he looks great with his pseudo-bieb cut haha

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