Birds of a feather.

Updated on Mar 18, 2011
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Birds of a Feather

The winter is coming to an end; bears are crawling out of caves, deers are shedding their fur (and working off the “extra baggage”), and most importantly, birds are moulting. Although birds moult throughout they year, the shedded, excess feathers seemed to have landed onto the runway. Stepping into my local Claire’s, the prarie-Western look has invaded the entrance. Cowboy hats, lace, plaid, pastels, and florals, however this article is about my favorite part of the trend; feathers. Whether printed on a soft shirt, adding a delicate touch to a clutch, or even giving your heels a playful edge, feathers on piling onto the fashion scene.

Out of the Coop

Considering that it’s spring, birds are one of the few things that pop into your head. Months before this feather phenomenon, Spring 2011 RTW shows had already predicted it. Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen had birds chirping in her ears when she included two gowns in their show: one of made of white feathers, flat on the upper body up to the high collar, and an explosion of feather fringe on the bottom with a high-low slit and the other with brown and white feathers in various patterns strung together as if it was a feather wall on the bottom half of the dress. Feathers protruded from chest area forming a mock neckline.

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel was humming like a hummingbird when lined various pieces of his runway outfits with feathers. On collars, arm holes, bottom trims, and even a shirt striped with feathers. They were all neutral-coloured (which definitely matched the monochromatic garden backdrop) and accentuated the outfits rather than take all the attention.

John Galliano of Christian Dior created airy, flowy dresses and outfits that you can wear on your tropical cruise to the pool (dare I say, bird bath?). While he mainly focused on nautical inspired blazers and shorts and tacky (in a good way) psychedelic florals, his last few pieces included silk dresses made of sheer floral patterns with front cross or halter straps. What really brought these dresses up a few was the delicate touches of the bright coloured feathers, sewn on loosely and even some made to look like they’re falling off of the dress. It’s as if you’re really soaring above the crowd.

Finally, Giles Beacon of Emanuel Ungaro decided to take a leap back to the past, using feathers similar to flapper’s boas and fringe to highlight parts of the outfits. Some outfits had large feather headpieces, others had feathered clutches, and there were even feather-fringed dresses and shrugs. The actual show consisted of old-time classics, modified with cutouts and filled in with lace, mesh polka dots, and beaded pieces. While gorgeous, my eyes couldn’t leave that one white feathered dress.

Winged Bling
So I’m talking about all these feathered pieces and how glorious they are, but it’s pretty obvious those are expensive items that don’t apply to real life very well. How’s a girl supposed to get her feather fix if it’s out of pocket? How about these pieces?

If you admire the feather look, but can’t possibly wear them yourself, start off with a graphic print shirt or tote bag. It’s all the style without the bird and can generally be worn with anything. The key is looking for more neutral pieces that will make them feel easier to work with your wardrobe.
Ex: Pacsun feather tank top / Marais feather print tote / Juicy Couture feather tote

A necklace can be an easy way to get used to how a feather MAY possibly be on you. A solid feather won’t help you with that, but you won’t have to worry about it getting wet or ruffling it. A faux or real feather necklace often comes with other pieces like fringe, metal rings, or charms, yet still has the feather charm you want.
Ex: Pacsun feather necklace / Wet Seal necklace Mudd feather necklace

Headbands and earrings made of the aviary sort are meant for people who don’t mind the extra attention. Large feathered earrings will cause a person to just slightly look left towards the ear during conversation (take it as a compliment), while large feathered headbands go great with simple or even complex outfits. It’s the easiest way to class up your hair if you’re on the go, even if you have rumpled bangs, you can distract people who a peacock feather across the dome.
Ex: Lucky Brand feather earrings / AV Max feather hoops / Juicy Couture feather barrettes

Feathered clutches, however, are harder pieces to style. Some outfits just look strange with a clutch saturated in feathers, while others go well. If you’re someone whose rough with their purses and clutches (such I as), I’d advise to go with a single feather clutch or at least a darker coloured one. No need for people to see this morning’s coffee stain on beautiful white feathers. Being able to pull of a lovely clutch is instant glamour and obviously chic.
Ex: Next black feather clutch / Magid Kiss clutch

Part of the Flock

1st pic:
beware_of_my_heels a light pink feather clutch to add an extra touch of femininity to her ruffled dress and tailored blazer. It also helps to play up the contrast to the dark tights and heels.

2nd pic:
Roberta_The_Rimbaud rocks a large feathered coat over a textured black dress. To play up the rest of the outfit, she wears a bowler hat and other dark, edgy accessories such as her studded bracelets and bold rings.

3rd pic:
New comer FrivolousDreamer utilizes the other trend of florals (in both the shirt and pin), but doesn’t forget about the feathers, located on her headband in peacock form with lots of gems.

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charchelle27 on March 21
this is great!
Squarectomy on March 20
I will forever want an ostrich feathered skirt. Love Grace. ps.400x600pixels my dear.
EveyHoneysuckle on March 20
hahaha, thaaanks. (and now i know XD)
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